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  2. I will have ATC training at Stockholm Control tonight starting 18.00z. Feel free to come fly! Simultaneous training at Malmö and Göteborg so why not fly between these three cities
  3. @Jakob Bohme will be manning ESMS_TWR for some training tonight. Meanwhile, training will simultaneously also take place at ESGG_TWR so why not aim for a short hop between these two cities? Welcome!
  4. On Sunday 18th of February at 16-20z I will have online training on Tampere radar, which covers whole Finland. Traffic to/from any Finnish airport (or just transiting through the Finnish airspace) will be warmly welcomed. See you there!
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  6. How to set up towerview with vPilot, Euroscope and Prepar3d/FSX

    Okey. First have you logged in with ES? And there are planes in the area? Not that it should matter, but is proxy running in euroscope?
  7. How to set up towerview with vPilot, Euroscope and Prepar3d/FSX

    No, as i explained i see no airplanes at all, but it works when flying. ( I log in as a normal pilot to ESSA and see the airplane and livery just fine. But when i log out, start euroscope and then connect as towerview, i see no airplanes at all. )
  8. Closure of the Teamspeak server

    Hello! Board of VATSIM Scandinavia has decided to close the Teamspeak server of VATSIM Scandinavia on the 1st of March 2018. All services related with Teamspeak3 servers of VATSIM Scandinavia will therefore be closed. After 1st of March Discord server of VATSIM Scandinavia will be the only offical voice communication tool of the vACC. Discord has all the same features and voice channels for general chat and ATC Coordination as Teamspeak. More information and joining instructions for Discord here -> http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/information/team-speak-discord/ -Julius, Director
  9. How to set up towerview with vPilot, Euroscope and Prepar3d/FSX

    Okay. Do you get any aircraft showing at all? The white airbus? A lot of the older ai planes don't work with p3d v4. Read more about that on any AI site.
  10. How to set up towerview with vPilot, Euroscope and Prepar3d/FSX

    What do you mean with "valid" AI Pack? That might be the problem. I have an free AI Pack that i have tricked over from FSX, and it works fine when im flying. When i use debug command, i get " SAS111 still no livery assigned after unit movement " or something along those lines. Screw it, i will just get Ultimate Traffic or some real AI addon later this month and try with that. Thanks
  11. [17 Feb, 17-21z] Vagar Fly-In 2018

    This is today! I'll start earlier in the afternoon on EKVG_I_TWR from my Australian timezone
  12. Last week
  13. [Sun 18th Feb 18-20Z] ESGG_TWR Training

    ESOS bokat - lycka till med träningen.
  14. We invite you to fly to Stavanger aiport (ENZV) the 27th of February, as Kristian Ødegård will be put to the test on ENZV_TWR! The checkout lasts from 19 to 21 zulu. We hope you see you around, not matter what you fly! Photocredit: Andreas Lind / Avinor
  15. Give Jimmy Stigsjöö lots of traffic on his on-line training session! All kind of traffic are welcome. ESOS_CTR and ESGG_APP will be manned as well.
  16. [14 Jan 18z] ESSA_APP Training

    Training on ESSA APP tonight. CANCELLED!
  17. TopSky plugin beta poll

    Now that there's a vote for issues needing to be fixed, I'd like to have a look them. The problem is that I haven't got a clue what to look for as I haven't received any details about the issue(s). The vote may have been unintentional, but if it wasn't, the chances of anything getting fixed is pretty low until I know more about it.
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  19. Other events thread

    [3 March, 13-21z] VA-Meeting 2018 Virtual Airlines around the world! vACC Switzerland is pleased to announce the one and only original VA-Meeting 2018. We invite you to our major airport Zurich (LSZH) on 3 March 2018, to participate in the biggest virtual flight event we provide, and which might be the biggest VA event on VATSIM. Mark this date in your calendar so you won't miss it! Since 2007, this yearly event has become tradition and we are happy to offer you fully staffed airports again this year. However, not only Swiss controllers will be online. Our neighbours will support us to manage the massive traffic as well. Additionally, we will present you with partner airports you can fly to and from. You can expect full ATC coverage over the heart of Europe. If you would like to experience a congested airspace over Zurich, make sure your VA participates in this huge event. We will find an appropriate gate or stand for each of you at Switzerland’s busiest airport. Please notice that all traffic in and out of Zurich will need a slot during the event (except VFR). Visit now the event homepage and stay tuned on http://vameeting.vacc.ch! The event team looks forward to see you at the original VA-Meeting on 3 March!
  20. Having experienced a fair amount of " virutal " obstacles, it's finally time for @filip lajto man ESGG_TWR on his first online session, Monday the 12th of February from 18Z. Hence, you're than welcome to come fly in order to give Filip som traffic to deal with. Fly safe!
  21. Come join is Wednesday the 21st of february as Martin Thorsteinsson is up for his S2 checkout. we will kick the event off at 19z, with the first controllers logging on and start examination at 1930. Come get your favourite aircraft and fly in to Copenhagen, helping Martin earn his rating.
  22. Time for another S2 checkout in Copenhagen. This time Simon Lund, is up for his examination, so we encourage as many as possible to take your favourite plane and join us in Copenhagen for his checkout. CTR & APP is of course staffed as well, with vectors to final given as always NBNB: A note, it is of course FEB 13th and not JAN 13th. Typing mistake on the banner
  23. How to set up towerview with vPilot, Euroscope and Prepar3d/FSX

    Did you read the guide? VPilot, will not show up as a proxy unit. This is because you are connecting to ES as observer. Not through proxy. The part with localhost as server in vPilot is very old. Ross discontinued that option way before introducing the .towerview function. As for no aircraft, you need a valid ai pack, and ES need to be already online. You should use the debug command. Then you will see the activity starting when connecting vPilot to ES.
  24. How to set up towerview with vPilot, Euroscope and Prepar3d/FSX

    So , this thing still haunts me, and i cannot for the life of me get it to work. I got everything setup , everything works fine... EXCEPT, it doesnt show airplanes. It doesnt connect properly to the proxy. Here is what i noticed so far. Once i do .towerview in vpilot, it says im connected, but it doesnt show any nearby controllers, it doesnt show airplanes on the ground. ES DOESNT show any active proxys. If i open up ANOTHER instance of ES , which i usually do to have different views on different computers, then Active controllers pop up on vpilot, stays for about 30 seconds, then goes missing again. Still doesnt show any airplanes. and it only show one proxy in ES, which is the additional es client open. Now, i have went over the steps time and time again, and the only spot where im confused it that all places all where i google say that i must change the Vpilot to proxy server, which is also shown in a youtube video... but Vpilot doesnt have a Proxy choice under " network" . So im stuck. Hopefully someone can help me. Thanks,
  25. [Wed 7th Feb 18-20z] ESSA_TWR MAE CPT

    " Yesterday, my MA-rating seemed so far away, now it looks though like it's here to stay, oh I believe in yesterday ". Tack allihop! (Hoppas ni har överseende med Beatles-referensen)
  26. [Wed 7th Feb 18-20z] ESSA_TWR MAE CPT

  27. [Wed 7th Feb 18-20z] ESSA_TWR MAE CPT

  28. Use of Free Route Airspace

    Thanks, this was quite helpful. Alasdair
  29. [Wed 7th Feb 18-20z] ESSA_TWR MAE CPT

    Grattis Hampus!
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