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  2. Alias Exhange

    Danke Schön
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  4. Alias Exhange

    @Henrik Sonstebo Done! @Krister Larsen Exactly same thing but I think you covered it more in depth
  5. Alias Exhange

    @Jouka Ahponen If you have permissions, could you possibly move this thread into the "Control Tower" forums, as it's probably relevant for all FIRs?
  6. Alias Exhange

    I´m not sure if we´re talking about the same thing but I will mention it anyway. .ho Contact $radioname($1) ($atccallsign($1)) $freq($1). Goodbye! .cso Contact $radioname($1) ($atccallsign($1)), callsign only, $freq($1). Goodbye! By using these commands, you only have to type in the controller ID to the next controller in the part where I have replaced it with AR under here (which is the controller ID for ENGM_APP/ENGM_W_APP) . .ho Contact $radioname(AR) ($atccallsign($1)) $freq($1). Goodbye! And just press tab and the line should end up like this, the .cso (callsign only handoff) is done in the same way Contact Oslo Approach (ENGM_W_APP) 120.450. Goodbye! The controller ID is simple to find. At the controller list on Euroscope, you will find a 2-4 letter code before the callsign. That is the Controller ID.
  7. Alias Exhange

    Nice idea. My alias file is for Finland so there is not much help in Norway I guess. However looking at your alias I find there is few shortcuts to be made. Aliases are really powerful to gain information from Euroscope when given command to. For example on the handoffs you have following: ".ctwr Contact Gardermoen Tower (ENGM_TWR) on frequency 118.30, so long." While you can actually get rid of all individual handoff lines and replace them with one single line, for example ".c Contact $radioname($1) frequency $freq($1), Goodbye!" On that line I press ".c *space* and it jumps to $radioname($1) where I just have to type the short code of the station I am initiating handoff to and hit space again and it fills up the name and frequency automatically. For example: ".c *space* hktwe *space*" And it will fill up following "Contact Helsinki Tower on frequency 118.600, Goodbye!" That is just one example and there is so much more for descends, headings etc. Where the alias can get information directly from the label input controller has made. For example on descend you can first put the altitude on the label and then put in the alias and the alias will fill up with the assigned altitude from the label. In case you want to have a look on my alias file, here it is. Not saying it's complete or perfect by any means but you might be able to catch trick or two I have used alias finland.txt
  8. Alias Exhange

    I thought that we should have a thread on this forum for exchanging our alias files. In the link below is my alias file, which I have based on a file Krister made from a VATUK public alias file. What I primarily have changed from this, is adding a few nice things, such as .noob, omni deps at ENGM, and other nice functions. Also, the original one was buggy as can be coming to dual runway ops, so I fixed that. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9_jckkFeyImNWdtUnF4WHBTajg/view?usp=sharing So, does anyone else have any cool aliases that might be helpful in certain situations? Obviously the one I've included here is designed for ENGM.
  9. [19 Aug | 17-20z] Faroe Islands Escape

    You're welcome EKVG online today, with lots of ATC bookings. Looks like Sola (ENZV) will also be online, hope to see some traffic!
  10. vACCSCA partnered with scammers?

    That's lowkey what we do with our workstations at college
  11. vACCSCA partnered with scammers?

    It's called Bitcoin mining. Duh.
  12. Appointment Director of Copenhagen FIR [ACCSCA3]

    Congrats Mikkel! and thank you Christian for alle your dedication! Will not be forgotten!
  13. vACCSCA partnered with scammers?

    Woah... How does he make $1,843,207.48 in just 90 days?? I wanna be like him.
  14. Appointment Director of Copenhagen FIR [ACCSCA3]

    Congratulations Mikkel and thank you for your efforts Christian!
  15. Appointment Director of Copenhagen FIR [ACCSCA3]

    Great news! - Congratulations, Mikkel Christian, once again, thanks for your work!
  16. Appointment Director of Copenhagen FIR [ACCSCA3]

    Congratulations and good luck!
  17. Appointment Director of Copenhagen FIR [ACCSCA3]

    Congratulations, Mikkel!
  18. Hello everybody! I am pleased to announce that @Mikkel Lindgren has been selected as new Director of Copenhagen FIR by unanimous decision of VATSIM Scandinavia Board. During transition time, Mikkel and Christian will share duties until the new FIR Director has obtained needed information and credentials for the position. I would also like to thank @Christian Frederiksen for his work during his time in office. -Julius Director
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  20. [Wed 16th August, 16-18z] ESGG TWR training

    Bra jobbat, alltid skoj när det händer lite mer på " min " flygplats
  21. Other events thread

    Dear pilots! We are proud to invite you to Discover Prague The event will take place on August 26th between 14z-21z. During those hours the flight path between Tel Aviv to Prague will be covered with Full ATC services. ATC in Tel Aviv will be online between 14z-18z ATC in Prague will be online between 17z-21z The flight distance is about 1500 nm and the estimated flight time is 3.5 Hours. El Al Virtual and Travel Service Virtual is joining us too! So - you should arrive and fly! Successful and enjoyable event for everyone! Recommended route: LLBG – LKPR: PURLA H1 GITLA UW13A VELOX UR18 ALSUS UB15 VESAR UB545 MUT UL619 KFK UL610 FENER UT264 TUDBU Q26 TIXIP L602 BUDOP DCT PATAK DCT LALES L602 BNO L726 VLM LLBG Charts: http://vatil.org.il/site/airport-briefing/ LLBG freeware scenery: https://mega.nz/#!dAM2HbSB!zxLyTagx5KqxrJg6ylziZ_vh2l7ZLfIkl5dl5P4SbL8 LKPR Charts and freeware scenery: https://www.vacc-cz.org/en/airports/lkpr
  22. [19 Aug | 17-20z] Faroe Islands Escape

    Thanks Wygene!
  23. [19 Aug | 17-20z] Faroe Islands Escape

    VATSIM Scandinavia invites you to Vágar Airport in the Faroe Islands (EKVG) for some exciting AFIS procedures. Experience the dramatic scenery and fresh air of the Faroe Islands, who knows, you might even see a puffin from the cockpit! Please see the Guide to the Faroe Islands here! See you on Saturday 19th August in the Faroe Islands!
  24. ES(r15) Crash

    Thanks! Edit: This indeed solved the problem.
  25. ES(r15) Crash

    New beta of ES is out as of 12.08.17. Euroscope Beta 2017-08-12 build version (3.2a(r16)) Bug-fix: Random crash after connect fixed. It was introduced with r12.
  26. [Wed 16th August, 16-18z] ESGG TWR training

    Will come to fly in and out !
  27. On Wednesday 16th of August, @Filip Lidholm will have S2-training on Landvetter TWR (ESGG_TWR) 16.00z - 18.00z. All kind of traffic are welcome! Supporting ATC on Sweden Control would be much appreciated: ESOS_CTR: Vacant ESGG_APP: Oskar Sunnanhagen ESGG_TWR: Filip Lidholm
  28. The future of flightsimming in Sweden

    Sounds fantastic, will talk to you guys more about this!
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