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  2. [Wed 18th Oct 18-1930z] S2 CPT EKCH_TWR

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  4. [Tue 31st Oct 18-20z] S3MA CPT ESSA_APP

    Från examinatorns vy, så är detta inget problem! Kandidaten har redan ESSA_TWR MAE! Magnus
  5. [Wed 18th Oct 18-1930z] S2 CPT EKCH_TWR

  6. [Wed 18th Oct 18-1930z] S2 CPT EKCH_TWR

    Thanks guys... Looking forward to be “working” with you, and get much more experience on my way to S3!
  7. [Wed 18th Oct 18-1930z] S2 CPT EKCH_TWR

    Congratulations, Daniel. Well done
  8. [Wed 18th Oct 18-1930z] S2 CPT EKCH_TWR

    Congratulations to Daniel on a pass for S2. Welcome onbord!
  9. Other events thread

    Hello pilots! Join Jordan vACC on October 20th in this RealOps event from 1200z till 1900z. Expect full ATC coverage in this occasion. Grab your charts and standby for clearance! Charts, scenery and everything you might need can be found here. For flight booking click here. NOTE: The listed 'Departure Time' in the Arrival flights is actually the 'Arrival Time' so adjust your departure accordingly. For any inquiry don't hesitate to email us at: jostaff@vatme.net Blue Skies! Maher Abaza (ID 1371840) ACCJO5 (maher.abaza@vatjo.net)
  10. Other events thread

    Hello fellow airmen, This Thursday, October 19th 2017 from 1700Z to 2000Z we'll be kicking off a new event in Estonian FIR: "Thursday in Tallinn". All our ATC positions will be manned and we welcome all traffic - IFR, VFR or overflights! Drzewiecki Design offers a very high quality version of EETN Tallinn Airport as well as the surrounding areas. There's also a freeware version of the same scenery available at the links below: FSX/P3D: http://www.drzewiecki-design.net/prodEETN_X.htm FS2004: http://www.drzewiecki-design.net/prodEETN_2014.htm X-Plane: http://www.drzewiecki-design.net/prodEETN_XP.htm For those that wish to enjoy some VFR flights around Estonia we've got some beautiful FREEWARE Photoreal Sceneries and Vector data available at the link below: FSX/P3D: http://www.lennusimu.net/ The page is currently in Estonian only but Google Chrome browser and right-click "Translate to English" should help you find your way around the site! Welcome to Estonia!
  11. [Tue 31st Oct 18-20z] S3MA CPT ESSA_APP

    Kan även boka Bromma, stort lycka till Thomas!
  12. [Tue 31st Oct 18-20z] S3MA CPT ESSA_APP

    Bokat ESOS. Stort lycka till Thomas!
  13. [Tue 31st Oct 18-20z] S3MA CPT ESSA_APP

    Kan boka tornet om så önskas? Lycka till Thomas!

  15. <future banner to be placed here> Vatsim Scandinavia and the Swedish training staff is pleased to invite everyone to Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ESSA) tuesday october 31st for an MAE checkout of @Thomas Ljung on ESSA_APP. Expect supporting ATC as well! Arlanda is of course the main international airport in Sweden, and the third busiest in the nordic countries. Come fly IFR, VFR, large airliners, small aircrafts or why not a helicopter, to really help Thomas earn his endorsement! Airport briefing, charts and other useful information can be found here. Since Arlanda utilizes standard taxi routes please take a look at the charts to be sure to use the correct taxi ways, since those are not included in the taxi clearence. Initial climb is always 5000ft if not otherwise stated. These two things seem to forego a lot of pilots Examinator: Magnus Gustafsson A very warm welcome, and PLEASE NOTE that this CPT takes place after Sweden has reverted to normal time (GMT+1) so 18Z=19 local.
  16. Jakob Arne Brønstad is up for his final mentor evaluation before the official checkout at ENOS_CTR this evening. Please feel free to join us tonight. I'd love to see a lot of traffic, to make sure Jakob has what it takes to bring home his C1 rating in a few weeks.
  17. CTP Eastbound 2017 | Timelapse ENGM

    What an evening! Here is a timelapse from ENGM Thanks @Adrian Bjerke for the capturing
  18. TAS Userlist Bug

    Please send these messages to report@rt.vatsim-scandinavia.org instead of posting them in Control tower. I am aware of this problem, that is why I inserted the top field as @Adrian Bjerke pointed out. Somehow it works sometimes and sometimes not, so it's quite hard to troubleshoot. /Peter
  19. Feedback from pilots [feedback@vatsim-scandinavia.org]

    Hello, During the CTP event currently I am under 1244751's control. Just want to say he is a fab controller: very efficient and proffesional. Thanks, Lewis IBK787 (For CTP)
  20. TAS Userlist Bug

    Use the upper field instead, you can use it for anything if its stated in one of the filters.
  21. Multiple Legs ATC Request FSCB-Flightgroup

    Thanks for flying to Göteborg and in the Scandinavian airspace.
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  23. TAS Userlist Bug

    @Peter Persson
  24. TAS Userlist Bug

    So, the userlist in TAS is quite difficult to use to search for people. Sometimes after putting in a person's name I would need to scroll through the pages, even though they're blank to find the user I'm looking for. As you can clearly see in the screenshot above, I queried for @Kobi Lecornu in this example, and I had to scroll through to page 51 just to find his entry. Seems like searching only filters out the results not matching without actually updating the query itself? COuld this design bug be fixed?
  25. Multiple Legs ATC Request FSCB-Flightgroup

    This evening the FSCB-Flightgroup did Mariehamn (EFMA) - Gotheburg (ESGG) and we enjoyed another great performance of VATSIM Scandinavia! Julius arranged our departure from EFMA, while Magnus and Hakan provided ATC along the route. On arrival at ESGG we had ATC from Thomas (ESGG_APP), Mattias (arrival) and Hampus as TWR. Our group consisted of 11 aircraft and the pilots in our group were unanimously that a BIG compliment for the ATC guys is well deserved! Thanks from all of us for making this flight as much fun as it was and we hope you enejoyed it also. Paul FSCB-Flightgroup.
  26. Hi! I received this mail from Morten Jelle at VATEUD. If anyone have the opportunity and want to help out during CTP you can contact the responsible persons as stated below.
  27. [Wed 11th Oct 17.00-19.00z] ESSA_TWR training

    I'll support on Sweden Control. Good luck with the training.
  28. [Wed 11th Oct 17.00-19.00z] ESSA_TWR training

    Yay, glad to see you getting bumped up Hampus! I´ll come fly for sure, might be a little late into your session due to work tho. Good luck!
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