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  2. [25th Nov 14-21z] Bridge Between Continents

    Iceland online tomorrow (Saturday) for 7 hours!
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  4. Transponder difference Sweden Finland

    On VATSIM the transponder only has two modes: standby and Mode C. Depending on how the radar is set up we can decide what functions to simulate with each mode. The basic idea is that with the transponder in standby the controller cannot see any information about callsign, squawk code or altitude, but it's possible to circumvent this, so in our simulation of ground movement radar we can see all aircraft regardless of transponder setting. In real life most aircraft have several more modes. For example on the 737s I fly you can select: - STBY: The transponder is powered up but not transmitting or receiving - ALT OFF: The transponder transmits the Mode A code (the 4 digit transponder code) and the Mode S callsign (as entered in the FMC). - ALT ON: In addition to mode A/S the transponder transmits altitude information (mode C). - TA ONLY: In addition to mode A/S and C TCAS is activated but limited to give TAs only (no RAs) - TA/RA: Mode A/S and C, and TCAS fully active to give both TAs and RAs. The way we use it is that whenever we are moving on the airport, from requesting startup until parking on stand, we use ALT OFF. This is because most airports don't want aircraft on the ground to have Mode C activated, i.e. altitude information should not be transmitted. However, mode A/S is by ground movement radar to identify the aircraft. When entering the runway we select TA/RA so the transponder and TCAS are fully operational. The other modes would only be used in non-normal situations, for example TA ONLY would be used if we lose an engine or have to do an emergency descent and are unable to follow a climb RA.
  5. Transponder difference Sweden Finland

    As @Magnus Gustafsson said, you are expected to squawk C on the ground at ESSA and ESGG. But as with most swedish standards, they are not spoken since they are fully available in the charts
  6. Transponder difference Sweden Finland

    On Helsinki Airport with squawk mode C while moving on the ground is to simulator the ground radars that cannot be simulated right now on VATSIM with the correct mode. So to have at least something illuminated we ask pilots to squawk mode C so simulate the usage of ground radar. As far as I know you can also use squawk mode C on Sweden as well but controllers doesn't really specially tell you to if you don't. In Finland we have had this habit to tell the pilot on their taxi clearance if they don't alredy have squawk mode C so pilots would maybe remember it next time and use it. So short answer. As far as I know there there is no harm done if you use squawk mode C on ground in Finland or in Sweden. / Jouka
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  8. Transponder difference Sweden Finland

    Hello Janne! What I know, you are expected to squawk mode C also in Sweden, when initiating your pushback and further movements. At least in airports with ground radar (ESSA and ESGG). What I have heard in real life, there is the differens between Finnish and Swedish ATC, that Finnish ATC acknowledges readback rather often! Magnus
  9. Other events thread

    Dear pilots! VATAdria is proud to present: LYBE - LDPL Giveaway Shuttle - 25 November, 19-21z We are sure you are familiar with ORBX Pula scenery which was released a couple of weeks ago. With kind collaboration with ORBX we are giving away 1 COPY OF ORBX PULA! All you have to do is complete a flight between LYBE and LDPL in any direction that you want and you'll be put in a raffle to win! Please, if you already own ORBX LDPL, say that you already have it when you'll be asked if you want to take a part in a giveaway. Please be prepared with latest charts (links down below)! We hope to see you in the FULLY STAFFED Adriatic skies - let's make another great evening on VATSIM! VATAdria Team CHARTS: LYBE , LDPL SCENERIES: VATAdria Scenery List
  10. Hi, I am a bit curious to know why when i fly to/from Arlanda or any other Swedish airport, it is expected that i squawk standby on ground but when i fly to/from Vantaa i am expected to squawk mode C on ground. Personally i don't mind but i am wondering why there even is a difference. Everything else except maybe that Finnish controllers acknowledge readbacks but Swedish don't is almost the same. Is this the case in the real world as well or is this only done on Vatsim? Does anyone know why there is this difference? Best Regards / Janne (SAS335)
  11. How to set up towerview with vPilot, Euroscope and Prepar3d/FSX

    @Henrik Sonstebo i assume that you got it fixed already, but the floating tower is caused by camera addons, for me disabling EZdok fixed it. But to use the topic , i need help since i can't get custom viewpoint to work. Getting the actual tower viewpoint is no problem, but i cant change the viewpoint to another location. I am using FSX on Windows 10, and i am currently trying to change ESGG ( Landvetter ) towerview , on which i am using RC Design Scenery. I do as it says in the guide above, i create a mission and save it. I try to open the save and it works fine. but as soon as i make the slightest change to the Coordinates on the " simvars.0 " , the saved flight no longer appears when i try to load a save ingame. Any ideas on what i am doing wrong? The current tower location on ESGG is behind the building, so i cant actually see any stands or the runway, so i just want to move it to the other side of the runway.. seems so simple, but no matter what i try it fails. Please send help
  12. Come join us on Monday December 4th, as Mads Therkildsen is up for his S3 checkout In addition to our weekly event, Mads Therkildsen is going for his S3 checkout! So take this opportunity to have two events combined, and help Mads earning his rating by flying in and out of Copenhagen. The rest of the positions are staffed up as well, with Tower, Ground and Control online as well! We hope to see as many of you there as possible.
  13. Tonight between 18 and 20z, I will be online for my 3rd session on ENOS_CTR. Traffic appreciated if you're flying to ENGM, ENTO, ENCN or just transitting the airspace . See you hopefully on the frequency tonight!
  14. Other events thread

    Hellenic vACC and vACC Switzerland are happy to present another unforgettable event on Saturday 2nd of December from 1400z - 2200z. Join us during these 8 hours as we celebrate the Athens & Zurich Citypair. Both Airports will be staffed during the entire event time, giving you the opportunity for a realistic turnaround flight. Enjoy your sundowner while cruising along the Adriatic coast and expect to approach Zurich (LSZH) from the south with great views of the Swiss Alps or look out for the breathtaking illuminated acropolis when passing abeam Athens for landing at Eleftherios Venizelos (LGAV). Get your airliner or business jet ready and let's do another memorable flight on VATSIM together! Routings LSZH - LGAV (odd levels) DEGES Z2 XEBIX UL607 ELMEM UN606 GIRIS/N0430F340+ DCT NIVAS DCT PEVAL DCT NERRA DCT PETAK DCT PINDO UL607 XORKI LGAV - LSZH (even levels) RIMAX UL613 YNN UL611 RODON DCT KOFER DCT ROTAR DCT UNTAD/N0430F280- Q333 RESIA Z50 KELIP Airport information, Scenery & Charts http://charts.vacc.ch/LSZH https://briefing.hvacc.org/
  15. [Thu 16th Nov 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

  16. [Thu 16th Nov 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Tack allihopa!
  17. [Thu 16th Nov 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Gött, grattis gubbe lilla!
  18. [Thu 16th Nov 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Gött med en till S3a!
  19. [Thu 16th Nov 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Stort grattis till nya S3-ratingen Mattias!
  20. [Thu 16th Nov 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Instämmer i gratineringarna, Mattias!!
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  22. [Thu 16th Nov 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

  23. [Thu 16th Nov 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Grattis, bra jobbat!
  24. [Thu 16th Nov 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Congrats! Knew you would make it!
  25. [Thu 16th Nov 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Congratulations Mattias to your new S3 rating!
  26. Other events thread

    Dear Pilots, under the motto "Explore New Destinations," RG Frankfurt, in cooperation with Portugal, is offering a Frankfurt (EDDF) - Lisbon (LPPT) One-Way Shuttle! As the capital of the southern European country Portugal, it represents a cultured and artistic city. That is why tourists from around the world come here, even though business trips are becoming ever more popular. The busiest airport, Humberto Delgado Lisbon, is made up of two runways, one of which, the 03/21 running 3705 meters long, is usually used both for landing and takeoffs. Frankfurt represents Germany´s busiest airport by easily managing high volumes of traffic over four runways. Departures to the South usually depart from runway 18. There are two routes: passing France and the Biskaya sea or via Switzerland, the Pyrenees and central Spain. To that effect, a flight from Frankfurt to Lisbon could be a fun experience, which is why RG Frankfurt kindly invites you to the EDDF-LPPT One-Way Shuttle on Saturday, the 25th of November, 2017. Departures will take place in Frankfurt between 1500 – 1700z, the flight time will be approximately 3 hours. We asked for ATC along the whole route and you will get fetched up at Lisbon by the Portugese team. Prepare yourselves for a few minutes delay at holdingpoints, very close separation and swift landings and partake in this event, as it is called "Explore New Destinations!" RG Frankfurt and vACC Portugal will wait for you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Routen: SOBRA Y180 NISIV UY180 DIK UN857 TOLVU UN857 GIMER UT300 PON UN872 ATLEN DCT ABUPI DCT XAMAX ANEKI Y163 HERBI Y164 OLBEN UN869 NEMOS DCT NINTU UN869 TBO UN995 PPN UN976 ARDID DCT INBOM Charts: EDDF: http://www.vacc-sag.org/airport/EDDF LPPT: http://charts.portugal-vacc.org/#LPPT
  27. [25th Nov 14-21z] Bridge Between Continents

    The problem seems to be solved now
  28. [25th Nov 14-21z] Bridge Between Continents

    Don´t know, will look on the case later today
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