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    It's with great pleasure that I today can announce that the Board of VATSIM Scandinavia unanimously has elected @Joonatan Porkkala as the new Director of Helsinki FIR. During the transition period our current FIR Director Julius and Joonatan will work together to make sure that the hand off goes smooth. As a result of this VATSIM Scandinavia will now need a new DPO (Data Protection Officer), which will be advertised shortly. I think I speak for the whole community when I say a very big THANK YOU to @Julius Mannermaa who has served our community extremely well for the past years, serving in the Finnish training department, Director of VATSIM Scandinavia and also now as Director of Finland/Helsinki FIR. A job well done, and we wish you the best of luck with your future endeavours! On behalf of the Board Martin Stockzell, Director
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    NOTICE TO AIRMEN WHO ARE FLYING IN OR OUT OF ENGM - OSLO GARDERMOEN Between 28 JUN 2019 and 11 AUG 2019 (EST) will RWY 01R/19L be closed due to resurfacing. In the same period a temporary departure RWY only to be used for departures during daylight will be established on TWY Tango, designated: RWY 01C/19C. For more information about the whole AIP SUP, and charts, follow this link: https://avinor.no/globalassets/_microsite/ais-portal/aip-sup/en_sup_a_2019_014_en.pdf This is the most important information regarding flying in and out of ENGM on VATSIM What will it mean to you as a pilot? The eastern runway will be closed, due to WIP. This means that controllers might simulate this closure and use a temporary runway for departure. You will be notified via controller ATIS and ENGM_ATIS on frequency or text. I don`t want to simulate this, what should I do? Nothing. You will then be assigned and cleared the western runway (01L/19R), which is used as normal. Be aware it could be some higher traffic load on the runway, because of the closure. I want to depart from the temporary runway (01C/19C). What should I do? The runway is only available for: Aircraft with aircraft code C (max wing span 36M) Operators with special permission to use the TEMP RWY. In this case SAS, NAX and WIF has approval. Departures during hours of daylight, with visibility above 3000M and cloud based above 500FT AGL If the runway is wet, the crosswind limit is set to 25 KT. If the following criteria are met, this is what you have to do and will happen: Contact the appropriate frequency for your clearance and request 01C or 19C (depending on metrological conditions) for departure. (PDC will not be available if nothing else is specified in controller ATIS) You will be assigned an OMNI-directional clearance. Follow the instructions the ATC clears you for. Departures towards NUVSA may expect a direct clearance via LILBA to NUVSA Departures towards TOR (Torp VOR) may expect a direct clearance via KUBUB to TOR Departures towards ATLAP, MASEV, OKSAT and EVTOG, may expect direct clearance towards the respective points. The holding positions will be for RWY 01C on TWY Sierra before B2, and for RWY19C on TWY Sierra before B8. (marked red in the chart below) FAQ Q: I don`t find runway 01C/19C A: This is a temporary runway established on Taxiway Tango. You will see taxiway Tango as runway 01C/19C in your scenery. Q: I was instructed to hold EASTY, what is this? A: This is a temporary intermediate holding position on TWY Sierra south of TWY Papa will be relocated approximately 100 M to the south. Most likely, this point is not marked in the scenery you`re using. Use the charts to find the point Q: I don`t want to use the western runway nor the temporary runway, can I use the eastern runway? A: Depends on the conditions and if this closure is simulated by the controller(s) who are online. The final decision is up to the respective controller to decide. Q: I don´t find B2 in my scenery. A: Due to outdated scenery from Aerosoft, B2 and T between B4 and B2 are shown as a piece of asphalt. (Picture will follow) If you have further question, don`t hesitate to ask in the thread
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    Just received a message from Michal Rok (the developer of vRoute). He has fixed the problems and everything seems to work now fine.
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    Greetings all members of VATSIM Scandinavia. For a while there has been a need to update the constitution of VATSCA to better reflect the current practices. So on behalf of the board, this is the proposed version we would like to implement. According to our current constitution the new proposal shall be available to the members, for a period of 14 days, to be able to object. Process if member like to object: Respond in this thread or by sending an email to board@vatsim-scandinavia.org using your VATSIM registered email account. State clearly that you object! Please give the reason for what you object to! Only Active ATC members have right to express their objection in this process according to our constitution 4.2.1 and 7.1. You can check your status from TAS (tas.vatsim-scandinavia.org)(Active -> True) or from our member roster (http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/information/member-roster/)(Active -> Yes). The full list of amended sections are on the last page, pointing to each section and paragraph, but to make it easier I'll paste it here as well: 2.7 Teamspeak server discontinued and replaced with Discord. 3 Finland FIR renamed to Helsinki FIR. Søndrestrøm FIR replaced with Nuuk FIR. 4.2.1 LoA removed. Period of mandatory ATC hours to remain as active ATC changed from 6 months to 12. 4.4 Small grammar change. 4.5 Wording changed due to implementation of the Data Protection Policy. 5.3 Finland FIR renamed to Helsinki FIR. Reykjavik FIR renamed CTA to better match real world operations. 5.5.1 Small grammar change. 5.5.4 New paragraph. Working description of the Data Protection Officer. 5.6 Small grammar change. 5.7 Small grammar change. 5.7.3 New procedures for appointment of executive staff to meet VATEUD criterias. 6.1 Wording changed due to removal of LoA. 7.1 Wording changed due to removal of LoA. 7.2 Wording changed due to removal of LoA. As you can see, there is mostly minute changes such as correcting some wording. But the "bigger" issues is that we propose that a member now has 12 instead of 6 month to gain 10 hours of ATC to remain as an active ATC, the complete removal of the option to request leave and an adjustment regarding appointment of the executive staff (director excluded) so that no public voting will be neccessary (more or less a demand from VATEUD). The last day to be able to object is june 24th at 23.59Z. If no objections is recieved before that the amendment should be considered approved and will be sent to VATEUD for a final approval before it's implemented. VATSIM_Scandinavia_Constitution_Proposal_2019.pdf
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    @Karl Widborg passed his tower check at Göteborg Landvetter this evening. Congratulations to the S2 rating and welcome as tower controller Karl! Also thanks to all pilots and supporting ATC joining.
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    Congratulations to Simon Lund om his successful C1 Checkout! Welcome to the big boys club, and well done!
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    I'm a bit puzzled to hear the main reason (and the only reason you present) is the administration. What is it worth keeping the standards up and what signals do you, as Director, send the members with this suggestion? What are the main reasons why controllers don't stay active? Are there other adjustments we can make, in order to keep the controllers active? Have you analyzed the training requests on refreshment training and seen that this particular change would help controllers staying active - or are we just guessing that this would be a game-changer in keeping controllers active? A lot of questions, I know, but it feels like you want to take shortcuts without thinking it through.
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    Let me just add that the rule is not necessarily there to punish those who have 9 hours in a year. But to avoid that long absent controllers simply just log in and start controlling without being up to date with the current procedures. Anyone can fool the system as Adrian says, but that would hopefully be catched by other barriers.
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    All good remarks as well. However, this is exactly the case today as well. I can login at, for example, ESND_I_TWR and sit there with 0 traffic for 10 hours and then I'm good. We really can't avoid that people does this (although I really hope that this is not the case, then perhaps this hobby isn't really for that person...) But to make a rough interpretation of your second thing with the example of a controller that put's this in to system just to remain active (which again, if you become inactive - the only thing you need to do is make contact with your local TA and either perform a refresh session or at least "prove" to the TA that you still have the appropriate knowledge) I would say that this not only is a violation against CoC C1 (perhaps even A14) but also against the gist of the constitution and a violation of 4.3.1 (Adhere to instructions regarding manning of ATC‐positions within VATSIM Scandinavia airspace.) which means that you could be subject to disciplinary action. If a controller is "caught" not having the appropriate knowledge, then I hope that this is reported to the board so that the neccessary actions can be taken, even if that action just consists of a friendly chat asking the controller to get a refresh before controlling again. The feedback email is not only there to recieve "good" reviews of controllers, but also so that we can get the "bad" stuff and make the appropriate changes to resolve it. Pretty long, boring and formal answer, I know. The short answer is that, yes, there is always a backup. Since we have the CoC AND our own (current and future) constitution to lean against when something like this happens
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    But in VATSCA to get those 10 hours, you can just log onto a very very quiet airport as a tower (no matter S2/S3/C1/C3 rating), do not do anything for 10 hours and then be qualified for that year. How would you still avoid people who does this and after lets say 2-4 years come back and do not meet the expected requirements of knownledge? Are you allowed to "remove" their active status, or do we just have to live with that unexperienced controller now? For me it do not really matter if its a 6 month or 12 month period of activity, however I atleast want any backup policy to avoid people abusing this policy like this and therefor be very inexperienced when they return to us.
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    What is the boards motivation for changing the requirement of 10 active hours per 6 months to per 12 months?
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    Very well done Karl! Congrats!
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    It sounds like a firewall/router issue where the relevant port times out. Unfortunately the EuroScope documentation is offline at the moment, but I'm sure you can find some posts about this issue for example in the main VATSIM ES forum.
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    Hello, I would like to inform everybody that there are currently some problems with booking ATC slots. vRoute seems to be broken and we are unable to add or fetch data from there. This has the unfortunate side effect of new bookings done on TAS not showing up on VATSCA front page nor in vRoute. You are, however, able to make new bookings on TAS and check that there are no overlapping bookings. I'll give an update when this has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    @Mattias Krogstad passed his C1 CPT manning Sweden Control this evening. Please, join me in congratulating Mattias to his new C1 rating! Well done!
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    Great controlling yesterday, Simon, congratulations! - Well deserved
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    Weird, I just tried to book again in vRoute and I am still getting 503. I also checked their ATC booking API and it too returns 503 so there is very little I can do at the moment. I have contacted the developer of vRoute about this and hopefully he will get back to me soon.
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    Congratulations, well done!
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    Update on this: To update our forum software we need to also update php on our server. I did a quick test and upgrading php version seemed to broke other parts of our website so I'll have to investigate this further later, hopefully next weekend.