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    Hi everyone! This is my formal notification that I am going to continue as Director of VATSIM Scandinavia for the next year. As mentioned this is announcement of the previous as required by the constitution of VATSIM Scandinavia. -Julius, Director
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    Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce that @Mattias Krogstad have been appointed as the new Deputy Training Assistant Sweden. Mattias will share duties with Martin Stockzell, and together they will make sure the training in Sweden runs smoothly. Take good care of our newest staff-member.
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    With the Scenery for Stockholm Skavsta ESKN being released today maybe an event here would something to look in to. With both Ryanair and Wizzair as well as VFR and other GA I'm sure we could attract some traffic. This could of course be combined with other regional airports for a "regional airport event" https://www.facebook.com/groups/vatsim/permalink/10159961144625602/
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    " Yesterday, my MA-rating seemed so far away, now it looks though like it's here to stay, oh I believe in yesterday ". Tack allihop! (Hoppas ni har överseende med Beatles-referensen)
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    Join me to congratulate @Hampus Norrby to an extremely well performed checkout! Magnus
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    On Sunday the 4th of February you're more than welcome to come fly in and out of Göteborg Landvetter Airport as @filip laj is manning ESGG_TWR on his first online session. Both IFR and VFR-traffic would be highly appreciated in order to give Filip a challange. Supporting ATC is of course also more than welcome! Fly safe!
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    And don't forget ORBX free scenery (!) of ESSU. Always fun with some AFIS EDIT: And as the single member of "Virtual Swedish Coast Guard" I also vouch for a Nyköping-event
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    +1 For Skavsta, maybe an all ÖKC-event, as mentioned several times, also possible to contact vRAF and invite them to Malmen as they have been doing quite some visits in Scandinavia lately!
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    Martin Dahl will have his on-line training/proficiency check on Landvetter TWR. Göteborg CTR will be open as well. All kind of traffic are welcome!
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    ESOS bokat - lycka till med träningen.
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    @Hampus Norrby is up for his Major Airport Endorsement on ESSA_TWR wednesday february 7th at 18Z Stockholm-Arlanda is of course the major airport in Sweden, serving hundreds of destinations from all over the world. Come help Hampus earn his endorsement by flying IFR or VFR from this beautiful airport. Best scenery to use if by far ORBX ESSA, with Aerosoft Mega Stockholm behind. @Martin Loxbo has also made a BGL-file that makes the standard scenery correct, so controllers don't see you taxing on the runways on their radar screen for example. Download it from here along with great info about the airport. Make sure to have your charts available! Supporting ATC will most likely be available as well! So come fly your heart out! ESOS_CTR: Håkan Schulz ESSA_APP: Thomas Ljung ESSA_TWR: Candidate ESSA_GND/DEL: BLOCKED Examinator: @Magnus Gustafsson
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    Bokat ESSA_APP. Om någon vill splitta är det ok. Ibland blir det mycket trafik på checkarna. Hampus, lycka till!
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    Give Jimmy Stigsjöö lots of traffic on his next on-line training session! All traffic are welcome. ESGG_APP and ESOS_CTR will be manned as well.
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    VATSIM-Scandinavia would like to invite you to ‘Scandinavian Shuttle 2018', which will take place 4 March 17-21z. Helsinki-Vantaa, Copenhagen Kastrup, Oslo Gardermoen and Stockholm Arlanda will all be fully staffed together with enroute coverage as well. To make your evening as enjoyable as possible, please visit our website for charts, briefing and scenery suggestions. Our controllers are looking forward to welcome you into VATSIM Scandinavia’s airspace 4 March! Charts, Briefing, Scenery
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    Thanks for reminding me about this. Apparently my file has an issue with some trees on taxiways. I received a corrected CVX (terrain) file made by Dmitriy Kozyrev (attached). I haven't had a chance to try it, but please try it out and if it works we can link to it! ESSA_ADEX_DK_CVX_FULL.bgl
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    So close to 1000 hours.
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    Great effort everybody! And happy controlling year 2018! List of everybody who controlled over 100 hours in 2017 attached. VATSCA-TopControllers2017.xlsx -Julius
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    I will have ATC training at Stockholm Control tonight starting 18.00z. Feel free to come fly! Simultaneous training at Malmö and Göteborg so why not fly between these three cities
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    This tutorial will show controllers how to properly set up a tower view with the FSX/Prepar3d multiplayer tower cab and not just a camera angle. The result will be something like this: Picture from ENGM on a slow morning Requirements: FSX Deluxe, FSX steam or Prepar3d Minimum vPilot v2.0.1.2 - http://vpilot.metacraft.com/Download.aspx Minimum Euroscope build version (3.2a(r12)) - http://www.euroscope.hu/installbeta/changes.html AI Model pack (WOAI, UT2, UTL, etc.) Notepad/Notepad++ Setting up your simulator tower view: In your simulator start a multiplayer scenario as Air Traffic Controller, select your airport. (Date, time and weather are irrelevant at this stage) When you have set your preferences, DO NOT start flight/scenario. Select save scenario/flight and name it something smart. i.e. ENGM_TWR, ESSA_TWR. This way you could have multiple views predefined for different airports Exit multiplayer. From “select flight/scenario” screen, select your tower flight, load it and check that your tower cab is positioned at the correct location and altitude. If location and altitude is correct, move on to get viewing, if not continue below. To correct location and altitude go to C:\Users\*username*\Documents\FSX/Prepar3d. Or wherever you have saved your flights/scenarios. Open your ENGM_TWR.fsxml / ENGM_TWR.flt (filetype depends on simulator) or similar in notepad. Search for “Simvars.0”. In this simVars section you’ll find: Latitude= Longitude= Altitude= These are the interesting values. If your lat/lon location is wrong change it with these values. (Get tower position from AIP, google maps etc. Set the altitude to match the tower height. I use Slew to get correct altitude. (Use the same number of digits). If you put your airplane inside the tower you can read of your preferred altitude. I prefer to place my cab on the roof of the modeled tower. This is to prevent looking through the models walls, with the artifacts that could bring. For ENGM I use Altitude= +001000.00 When all data is changed, save file and exit. Setup complete Get viewing Start your simulator, load the previously created tower flight/scenario, set wanted time and weather (or use preferred weather generator). Start Euroscope. The proxy server shouldn’t be a factor for tower view, but if you want multiple instances of ES make sure the proxy is started. Start vPilot in vPilot command line type “.towerview”. vPilot should now show the message “Connected as observer”. This trough Euroscope, and is therefore not a dual connection to VATSIM. That’s it. You should now start seeing planes on your airport and in the skies around Nice to know: In vPilot type “.debug” to get a debugging window open which will show you any error messages. Typically “Model not assigned for ABC123”. In vPilot type “.aircraft” to show a window containing information about all planes loaded in the sim by vPilot. Error message “Model not assigned for ABC123” can mean several things: You do not have any aircraft matching the plane. Solution – install model and livery. At the time there might be a bug/error in Euroscope that prevents the correct packets being sent if the pilot uses FSinn as pilot client. Solution – no solution yet, awaiting Gergely. Model matching in vPilot should be automatic, but if any doubt I recommend “vmrgenerator” to generate a ruleset based on your installed models.
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    Give Jimmy Stigsjöö lots of traffic on his on-line training session! All kind of traffic are welcome. ESOS_CTR and ESGG_APP will be manned as well.
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    Having experienced a fair amount of " virutal " obstacles, it's finally time for @filip lajto man ESGG_TWR on his first online session, Monday the 12th of February from 18Z. Hence, you're than welcome to come fly in order to give Filip som traffic to deal with. Fly safe!
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    Grattis till nya ratingen Hampus!
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    I will send them an e-mail and suggest DKR N872 SVD instead.
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    10 March 16-20z, Vatsim-Scandinavia is hosting Helsinki Overload 2018. Take your favorite aircraft for a spin in and out of Helsinki-Vantaa airport and let the controllers sweat. It doesn’t matter if it’s VFR or IFR. Heavy or Light. It’s the number of pilots that counts! Remember to have your charts with you and visit our webpage for pilot briefing and scenery suggestions. We hope to see you on the scopes 10 March! Charts, briefing and scenery suggestions Note: If you own Aerosoft EFHK Scenery, it should work for P3D v4 as well.
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    Following e-mail has been send out today: We are looking for some C1-controllers, able to help out in Italy tonight on this short notice.
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    25 Feb from 15-21z Oslo-Gardermoen will be fully staffed for a real time event. Book your favorite flight from the schedules and enjoy an immersive and fun day of flying in and out of Gardermoen. Remember to have a look on the briefing page and make sure to have your charts with you in the cockpit, that will ensure a smooth flight into or out of the airport. All flights show off-block times and the arrival flights into ENGM has approximate landing time included. Bookings | Briefing | Charts Credit: Espen Solli
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    Congratulations Kevin, well done!
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    Load the scenario, then change the settings. For weather as long as you are using a weather engine like Active sky or similar this takes control of the weather directly.
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    @Niklas Orheim is having another session at ENGM_APP on Wednesday 24th January from 17 to 19z.
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    There will be a training session tomorrow, Tuesday at Stockholm Control.
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    Where is the party tonight? It´s at ENOS! Thursday, the 15th of February, Harald Kvangarsnes will prove that he is worth a C1 rating upgrade. If you´re planning to fly within the ENOS airspace, you're very welcome. Give Harald a challenge by flying in the area around Oslo between 19 and 21z. Norway identifies you, and hopes to see you at the party!
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    Where is the party tonight? It´s at ENOS! Thursday, the 15th of February, Harald Kvangarsnes will prove that he is worth a C1 rating upgrade. If you´re planning to fly within the ENOS airspace, you're very welcome. Give Harald a challenge by flying in the area around Oslo between 19 and 21z. Norway identifies you, and hopes to see you at the party!
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    Where is the party tonight? It´s at ENOS! Sunday, the 4th of February, Henrik Sønstebø will prove that he is worth a C1 rating upgrade. If you´re planning to fly within the ENOS airspace, you're very welcome. Give Henrik a challenge by flying in the area around Oslo between 1830 and 20z. Norway identifies you, and hopes to see you at the party!
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    We may not be quite sure about the weather forecast for this sunday evening, but we are quite sure, that things will get really sweaty for out colleague Ondrej Penicka, as he will be passing his controller practical test at Brno (LKTB). So, let’s give this small city a massive load of traffic and help Ondrej prove that he fully deserves his Tower rating. On Sunday 12th November from 19z you can expect fully staffed LKPR & LKTB. We are looking forward to see you in the skies.
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    Czech Online Day will take place every Sunday between 19-21 UTC at LKAA FIR. You can expect full ATC coverage at Prague LKPR. Freeware LKPR scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D and X-Plane as well as charts and NOTAMS are available at http://vacc-cz.org. Moreover, payware Mega Airport Prague scenery from Aerosoft is available. All pilots are kindly welcome!