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    The early morning flight SAS1049 departed Kiruna (ESNQ) at 06.06LT and starts climbing southbound for destination Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA). After approximately 16 minutes at around FL320 they experience left engine problems, decleares an emergency situation and divert for landning at Luleå-Kallax (ESPA). Unfortunately only the pilot transmission was available at the start, but later on one can follow the communication between the pilot and Kallax Tower. Quite interesting the pilot seems calm and happy, however, the tower controller is rather stressed handling this situation so early in the morning! Everything went very well and they landed safely. Link to edited pilot - ATC communications "Bra jobbat killar från 001. Vi var med er hela tiden." "Ja, tack så mycket, kom mitt i frukosten."
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    There will be a release event together with Orbx within the next few weeks at ESSV, ESNQ and ESSD. We are just finalizing the details with them.
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    As Martin said, this issue started happening after we updated our forum software. The plugin we use to login with vatsim auth isn't fully compatible with the new version which causes this to happen. I've looked at the problem a bit but haven't had success in fixing it yet. I'll let you guys know when I've managed to fix the issue.
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    SAS83L väntar fortfarande på sin METREPORT någonstans
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    Här är ett litet klipp med tillhörande text för den som är intresserad: https://youtu.be/_ao0T6VMby0 Inget märkvärdigt, ett hafsverk.
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    Hi all, I would like to inform that ED has sent in an application for Stockholm-Arlanda to participate in thie year's edition of the CTP Eastbound. Please use this topic if you want to give us feedback or suggestions.
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    You beat me to it Håkan, I'm just finishing off some editing of the same thing...
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    The TopSky plugin will be getting a minor update in the coming weeks or months. Feature-wise there will likely not be any major changes, mostly small fixes here and there and some additions to data file formats. The most visible change will be a completely new color set for the COOPANS version of the plugin, shown in the attached image. For the Danish old-timers, it's almost like changing back to the old DATMAS colors, for others it's going to be more of a leap to the unknown. The new set is already used in Denmark, but until Sweden adopts it as well, the "old" set will remain available as an option. This message serves as a heads-up about the coming change (I'll provide detailed information on the necessary changes to settings files when the time comes), but also as a reminder to let me know about any issues in the plugin you may have come across so they might get fixed for the next release. Unless issues come up that require major changes in the code, there will probably not be need for a beta period, I'll just release the new version once it's ready. The Ground Radar plugin will be updated as well, but it will require a period of beta testing before public release. Whether it's going to be a public or closed beta remains to be seen.
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    I’m happy to say that the planning has already started! 🙂 Hopefully we will announce it within a couple of weeks
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    And the winners are: Tonis Aal, 1294082 Julius Mannermaa, 1325300 Peter Nielsen, 811064 Please send me an e-mail to accsca15[at]vatsim-scandinavia.org If you don't do that it means I have to go the long way around and it will take some extra time.
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    Really nice to see events involving minor airports. Did the EKEB (living 20km from it) to EGPD with nice atc. Unfortunately Scottish control wasn't online, but EKDK kept me until descent and then Aberdeen radar took over. regards Torben
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    Currently working on with something... Stay tuned
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    Nu när det finns gött scenery. Regionalparty? 😁