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    Hello everyone! The forum have been upgraded with some small changes, so if you got problems with some functions on the forum, please remove site-cache and it will be solved. The update applied were a very big update, but with minor changed notable to a normal user. Regards, Peter Web Services Director
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    Here is a very informative video on a phenomenon called Controller Blind Spot, which means overlooking a close-by aircraft when scanning for conflicts. https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Controller_Blind_Spot_(SKYclip) More info: https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Blind_Spots_–_Inefficient_conflict_detection_with_closest_aircraft
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    First day of the convention is now done; here are some pictures as promised. Registration began at 9 o'clock in the morning. The convention location is Holborn Bars, an old Victorian building in Central London and it certainly is an amazing location for an event like this. The main room for the convention with people settling in for the day Welcome kits were handed out, with things like the two days' schedule, name tags and discount codes for the upcoming Aerosoft A330 and CRJ, as well as a JustFlight coupon. Ben Hunwicks giving a part of the welcome speech to the attendees The actual program began with Heathrow ATCO Michael Benson giving us an insight into the operation required to fit as many aircraft in and out of EGLL as has to be done every single day and the challenges related to it. In the picture he's explaining TBS, time based separation that is now used for arrivals to boost the overall arrivals rate. The swift pilot client team gave an update on the progress of the development. Also caused some "heated discussion" on things like the purpose of the project, development speed and features . The Simfest team giving a humour-filled presentation about their 747 simulator, the process of building it and World Flight. One of today's panel discussions, this one regarding creating innovative and novel VATSIM events. @Martin Tornberg as one of the panelists. The conference will continue tomorrow, so some more photos to be expected then .
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    Hello everybody! I am pleased to announce that @Mikkel Lindgren has been selected as new Director of Copenhagen FIR by unanimous decision of VATSIM Scandinavia Board. During transition time, Mikkel and Christian will share duties until the new FIR Director has obtained needed information and credentials for the position. I would also like to thank @Christian Frederiksen for his work during his time in office. -Julius Director
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    New beta of ES is out as of 12.08.17. Euroscope Beta 2017-08-12 build version (3.2a(r16)) Bug-fix: Random crash after connect fixed. It was introduced with r12.
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    @Henrik Sonstebo Done! @Krister Larsen Exactly same thing but I think you covered it more in depth
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    To sum it up, a few fellas - myself included, are going to start up a clubb/organisation for flightsim enthusiasts in sweden. This willl finance our efforts to create freeware addons and continue the legacy of SWD base pack. Full story is in swedish down bellow:
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    Kommer och flyger EDIT: Hoppas jag hinner efter jobbet, blir sista timman! Lycka till!
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    @Alexander Skopac is up for a refresh-session on ESSA_TWR tonight. Welcome to give him a real challenge!
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    Good day! I want to take a moment to commend the exceptional service by the following controllers who I had the pleasure of dealing with yesterday evening and today. They are as follows: Frederik Pedersen Casper Hvid Rasmussen Daniel Edvardsson Mattias Krogstad As someone new to Vatsim, they were all extremely helpful. Their professionalism and attitude were top notch! Thanks kindly for your time, Rob Drum
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    Thank you for organizing the event. It was a pleasure to fly from Helsinki to Rovaniemi with you See you next time!
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    I´m not sure if we´re talking about the same thing but I will mention it anyway. .ho Contact $radioname($1) ($atccallsign($1)) $freq($1). Goodbye! .cso Contact $radioname($1) ($atccallsign($1)), callsign only, $freq($1). Goodbye! By using these commands, you only have to type in the controller ID to the next controller in the part where I have replaced it with AR under here (which is the controller ID for ENGM_APP/ENGM_W_APP) . .ho Contact $radioname(AR) ($atccallsign($1)) $freq($1). Goodbye! And just press tab and the line should end up like this, the .cso (callsign only handoff) is done in the same way Contact Oslo Approach (ENGM_W_APP) 120.450. Goodbye! The controller ID is simple to find. At the controller list on Euroscope, you will find a 2-4 letter code before the callsign. That is the Controller ID.
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    Nice idea. My alias file is for Finland so there is not much help in Norway I guess. However looking at your alias I find there is few shortcuts to be made. Aliases are really powerful to gain information from Euroscope when given command to. For example on the handoffs you have following: ".ctwr Contact Gardermoen Tower (ENGM_TWR) on frequency 118.30, so long." While you can actually get rid of all individual handoff lines and replace them with one single line, for example ".c Contact $radioname($1) frequency $freq($1), Goodbye!" On that line I press ".c *space* and it jumps to $radioname($1) where I just have to type the short code of the station I am initiating handoff to and hit space again and it fills up the name and frequency automatically. For example: ".c *space* hktwe *space*" And it will fill up following "Contact Helsinki Tower on frequency 118.600, Goodbye!" That is just one example and there is so much more for descends, headings etc. Where the alias can get information directly from the label input controller has made. For example on descend you can first put the altitude on the label and then put in the alias and the alias will fill up with the assigned altitude from the label. In case you want to have a look on my alias file, here it is. Not saying it's complete or perfect by any means but you might be able to catch trick or two I have used alias finland.txt
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    Congrats Mikkel! and thank you Christian for alle your dedication! Will not be forgotten!
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    Congratulations Mikkel and thank you for your efforts Christian!
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    Great news! - Congratulations, Mikkel Christian, once again, thanks for your work!
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    Bra jobbat, alltid skoj när det händer lite mer på " min " flygplats
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    On Wednesday 16th of August, @Filip Lidholm will have S2-training on Landvetter TWR (ESGG_TWR) 16.00z - 18.00z. All kind of traffic are welcome! Supporting ATC on Sweden Control would be much appreciated: ESOS_CTR: Vacant ESGG_APP: Oskar Sunnanhagen ESGG_TWR: Filip Lidholm
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    On the 6th of August 14-20Z, VATSIM Scandinavia and Finnish controllers would like to invite and welcome pilots to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finland by flying in Finland. In this event we will invite you to fly from four different airports: Helsinki-Vantaa (EFHK), Oulu (EFOU), Rovaniemi (EFRO) and Tampere-Pirkkala (EFTP). This gives you the possibility to experience Finland like never before as we staff these four airports. And of course, Tampere Radar will be staffed to give ATC services across Finnish airspace. Before flying, we recommend that you would take a look at the airport briefings on the website of VATSIM-Scandinavia. And of course, remember to take your charts on board as well. Thanks in advance for celebrating this special occasion by taking your bird up to the Finnish skies!
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    Join me to congratulate @James Burgess for passing his S2 checkout with excellent performance!
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    Thanks for suggestion, I'm currently on holiday until 14 Aug but I will look into it when I'm back.
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    Seeing as SAS are a large operator of the CRJ900, might it be an idea for an Aerosoft CRJ/SAS appreciation event?
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    This starts tomorrow! Currently @ FL430 towards London with @Julius Mannermaa. I'll try to post some picture updates on this thread after each day, if I have the time and energy to do so Hope to see some "familiar faces" from VATSCA and from elsewhere in VATSIM as well.
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    As of today, version 1.1.2 is the current public release for the Ground Radar plugin. Anyone using version 1.1 or newer should see an update message box when starting EuroScope. The main changes of version 1.1.1 from version 1.1 are: Unique settings for each opened radar screen Possibility to have airport-specific settings pre-defined Stand assignment only possible for assumed and untracked aircraft More options for the APP Window (view rotation, prediction lines, history dots, etc.) Raw primary radar data display Possibility to hide the ground mode track label to simulate a very basic system Version 1.1.2 has just some minor fixes to 1.1.1 As this is the first time the update check feature introduced in version 1.1 is used, here's a short description about it: The update can be either: Recommended: In this case there's no deadline and the user's current version can still be used without any restrictions. Mandatory with a deadline: In this case the message box will show the deadline if it hasn't passed yet. The current version can be used until then, but it's still recommended to update without delay. Mandatory: The current version can not be used and (nearly) all plugin features will be blocked until it is updated. The same happens if a "mandatory with deadline" update is not done before the deadline. Currently the update is just recommended so any previous version can still be used, but it will at some point become mandatory to have only one "official" version around. Easier for controller training and technical support. The current version should eventually make its way to the sector file packages, but until that happens, the updated files are available at the URL specified in the update message box. The update package contains the plugin's current manual set, the plugin itself and those plugin data files that can be used globally. The update procedure is rather simple: Download the update package Copy the included plugin (dll) and data files (txt) to your plugin directory, overwriting the existing files. DO NOT delete any files.