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    Sunday November the 26th, the swedish training staff welcomes everyone to help @Dragoljub Blagojevic earn his S2-rating at ESGG, Göteborg-Landvetter Tower. 17-19Z is the time to have in mind! Expect surrounding areas to be covered as well, and as always both IFR and VFR flights are most welcome! Since there is also an C1-checkout planned in Norway, why not a flight between our neighboring countries? Examinator: Oskar Sunnanhagen
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    <future banner to be placed here> Vatsim Scandinavia and the Swedish training staff is pleased to invite everyone to Göteborg-Landvetter Airport (ESGG) tuesday november the 16th for an checkout of @Mattias Krogstad on ESGG_APP. Expect supporting ATC as well! Come fly IFR, VFR, large airliners, small aircrafts or why not a helicopter, to really help Mattias earn his endorsement! Airport briefing, charts and other useful information can be found here. Examinator: Magnus Gustafsson
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    Jag bokar tornet. Klart du ska få någon under dig, kul å sitta nåt jag inte vanligtvis bemannar/bemannat sen S2-träningen Lycka till!
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    Henry passed his checkout tonight. Congratulations!
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    On VATSIM the transponder only has two modes: standby and Mode C. Depending on how the radar is set up we can decide what functions to simulate with each mode. The basic idea is that with the transponder in standby the controller cannot see any information about callsign, squawk code or altitude, but it's possible to circumvent this, so in our simulation of ground movement radar we can see all aircraft regardless of transponder setting. In real life most aircraft have several more modes. For example on the 737s I fly you can select: - STBY: The transponder is powered up but not transmitting or receiving - ALT OFF: The transponder transmits the Mode A code (the 4 digit transponder code) and the Mode S callsign (as entered in the FMC). - ALT ON: In addition to mode A/S the transponder transmits altitude information (mode C). - TA ONLY: In addition to mode A/S and C TCAS is activated but limited to give TAs only (no RAs) - TA/RA: Mode A/S and C, and TCAS fully active to give both TAs and RAs. The way we use it is that whenever we are moving on the airport, from requesting startup until parking on stand, we use ALT OFF. This is because most airports don't want aircraft on the ground to have Mode C activated, i.e. altitude information should not be transmitted. However, mode A/S is by ground movement radar to identify the aircraft. When entering the runway we select TA/RA so the transponder and TCAS are fully operational. The other modes would only be used in non-normal situations, for example TA ONLY would be used if we lose an engine or have to do an emergency descent and are unable to follow a climb RA.
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    Congratulations Mattias to your new S3 rating!
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    For once in my career, I'm gonna post my own feedback! Mikkel Lindgren <denmark@vatsim-scandinavia.org> 04:58 (4 minutes ago) to feedback It's worldflight week! I just want to give my kudos to the swedish ATC - what you are doing right now is amazing! I'm in the Worldflight 2017 ATC team, and by far we haven't seen anything like this. 6 local controllers online at 4:30 in the morning. I take my hat of for you guys! Keep up the spirit and thanks for you efforst!!! @Hakan Schulz @Oskar Sunnanhagen @Martin Tornberg @Max August Larsson Kuhla @Thomas Ljung @Mattias Krogstad - Great job, guys!!!!! Mikkel Lindgren Director of Copenhagen FIR www.vatsim-scandinavia.org Denmark@Vatsim-Scandinavia.org
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    This evening @Hampus Norrby is having an online training session on Stockholm-Arlanda Tower (ESSA_TWR) ESSA_APP will be online as well. You are more then welcome to fly IFR, VFR, helicopters, hot air balloons (well...) to make sure that Hampus training is moving forward!
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    I will join on ESOS for a while. Good luck with the training.
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    Congratulations Dragoljub to the new rating!
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    Jag hade mer än gärna suttit Tower om inte varit för att dygnet för närvarande endast är 24 timmar, tyvärr upptagen med annat. Lycka till!
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    New SOP's have been uploaded to our website. All students that are waiting in the queue or are under active training should read up on the new SOP Students. Any questions regarding the SOP's can be addressed to training-director@vatsim-scandinavia.org. The new SOP's can also be found here: VACCSCA SOP Mentors v2.1.pdf VACCSCA SOP Students v2.pdf
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    Time for yet another checkout in Finland! On Thursday the 14th of December at 18-21z (20-23 local), it's time for Daniel Edwards to take the hot seat on Helsinki Tower for a chance to prove the examiner he's got what it takes to become a fully qualified Tower controller. As always, we need your help to achieve this; all movements, be it IFR or VFR, are welcome and necessary for a successful checkout. The checkout is simultaneous with the weekly Helsinki in Sight event, so this is a final opportunity to do some Helsinki-Rovaniemi practice runs for Fly and See Santa next Saturday. Or why not take your favourite GA aircraft for a spin around Helsinki while enjoying the Finnish winter scenery? Everything's possible. Welcome to Helsinki!
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    Vatsim Scandinavia and the Swedish training staff is pleased to invite everyone to Göteborg-Landvetter Airport (ESGG) sunday december the 3rd for an checkout of @Henry Carlsten on Göteborg Control (ESGG_APP). Expect supporting ATC as well! Come fly IFR, VFR, large airliners, small aircrafts or why not even a helicopter, to really help Henry earn his rating! Airport briefing, charts and other useful information can be found here. Examinator: Oskar Sunnanhagen
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    I have long thought that VATSCA logo has needed a bit of updating, as the current design is way out of fashion. It has thin lines, text and elements which renders bad onto backgrounds. It's also a very wide format, which can be challenging in different cases. The new 'era' of graphic profiling is all about minimalism, and the less-is-more principle. I wanted to create a logo which represents the whole VACC, not just 'the triangle'. I wanted it to be recognized with and without the text, and wanted it to be adaptable. So I came up with this suggestion. Each corner is naturally one of the hubs in the VACC, drawn in proportion. The logo is bold and easily readable, and can be changed to white if on a dark background. The blue is a cold-ish color, which represent our northern geographical position. It's also possible to create country-specific logos for this to represent each FIR – but I'll have to look more into that. All in all, what do you guys think?
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    We are finally in December and behind the first window of the advent calendar we can already see how Santa is training Rudolph and friends again for the special night. Who knows, maybe we can get a glimpse of Santa's reindeer doing flights in the night sky over Rovaniemi during Fly And See Santa. And of course our pilots don't need to worry for reindeer strikes. Santa told me that the RCAS (Reindeer Collision Avoidance System) makes sure no reindeer will get on the path of a commercial plane even in as busy airspace as Rovaniemi during this magical event. How else do you think Santa is able to navigate across the globe in the middle of busiest travel season of the year? If you haven't already, it's time to book this event on your calendars!
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    Congratulation to Mikkel Olsen with his newly acquired S3 rating!
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    The next version of the TopSky plugin has been in development now for almost two years. Progress has been slow for various reasons, but for a long time now the only thing delaying the release has been a possible crash-causing bug in the code. I've never encountered the crash myself, and the few reports I have of it happening are months apart with so far no clue as to where the issue might be, or even if it is the plugin at fault or something else. Rather than delay the release indefinitely, I've decided to put the plugin into a public beta period, hoping that there are brave souls willing to risk getting a crash so that I could get the necessary information to fix the issue, or if enough time passes and no issues are found, consider it stable enough and release it. For testing purposes, the plugin package contains a command-line utility called ProcDump. It is used to monitor the EuroScope process, and in case of a crash write a memory dump which I can then examine to find out where the problem is in the code. While I can't prevent anyone using the plugin without ProcDump running, I can't stress enough how important it is to use it as a memory dump is most likely the only way to find out the cause for the crash if it happens, as it doesn't seem to be related to any specific action. If you're still interested in helping out, here's the download link. Installation: The beta package contains up-to-date common manual sets, a version history document listing some of the main changes and folders including files for three setups: Estonia (EE), Finland (FI) and Sweden (SE). The instructions here assume the basic controller package for the country is already installed as the beta package only contains the files specific to the beta plugin. It is possible to have both the current release version of the plugin and the beta installed at the same time, and that is the configuration I recommend as you might want to use the familiar and well-tested release version on some occasions. However, here are install instructions for both the "beta only" and "release+beta" setups: Beta-only installation: Put the procdump.exe file somewhere Copy the files in the package's PluginsBeta folder to the Plugins folder of your setup, overwriting where necessary Extract the files in the package's Settings folder to a temporary location Rename the settings files by removing the "_beta" part from each file Copy the settings files to the Settings folder of your setup, overwriting the existing files Release+beta installation: Put the procdump.exe file somewhere Create a copy of the Plugins folder of your setup and rename the copy PluginsBeta Copy the files in the package's PluginsBeta folder to the new PluginsBeta folder of your setup, overwriting where necessary Copy the files in the package's Settings folder to the Settings folder of your setup Create a copy of the profile file you normally use in EuroScope, name it as you want Edit the new profile file using a text editor as follows: Replace all occurrences of "Lists.txt" with "Lists_beta.txt" Replace all occurrences of "Symbols.txt" with "Symbols_beta.txt" Replace all occurrences of "Tags.txt" with "Tags_beta.txt" Replace all occurrences of "Plugins\TopSky.dll" with "PluginsBeta\TopSky.dll" Use: To enable the crash dump generation, the ProcDump utility must be run when using the plugin. It can be launched from the command line if necessary, but it's probably easiest to create a batch file to do it automatically. Here's how: Create a text file wherever you like, and name it appropriately, for example "ES+procdump.bat" Edit the file using a text editor to contain the following: start "" "C:\some folder\shortcut.lnk" cmd /c ""C:\another folder\procdump.exe" -e 1 -ma -w euroscope.exe "C:\yet another folder\dumps"" "C:\some folder\shortcut.lnk" is the shortcut you use to launch ES (you may need to create a new shortcut to use the new profile file if you chose the "release+beta" setup) "C:\another folder\procdump.exe" is where you put the procdump.exe file "C:\yet another folder\dumps" is the folder where you want the crash dumps to be put to. It is optional, but if specified, make sure the folder exists as ProcDump will not create it by itself (if not specified, the dump will be put in the folder the batch file is in). Then just run the batch file whenever you want to use the beta plugin, it'll start both EuroScope and ProcDump for you. ProcDump will open a command prompt window when it's running, don't close it! Note that if you're running more than one instance of EuroScope at a time, the batch file can't be used to launch the second (and subsequent) instances as then the "euroscope.exe" in the command won't be enough to specify the wanted process. Launch the new EuroScope instance as you normally would, then open a command prompt window and type in the following command to attach ProcDump to the EuroScope instance: "C:\another folder\procdump.exe" -e 1 -ma -w PID "C:\yet another folder\dumps" PID is the process ID number for the correct EuroScope process. To see that, open Task Manager and see its Details page for the PID number. Note that you'll have to check the PID of the already started ES instance before you launch the next one so you know which one is the new one. A bit complicated but only necessary when using multiple ES instances and wanting to make sure a crash dump is generated if any of the instances crash. It is possible to create a memory dump file from Task Manager even without ProcDump running. Just right-click on the desired process and select "Create dump file". It will be created into a temporary folder so don't forget to move it somewhere safe before logging off or shutting down your computer. I'm not sure if this dump file provides the same information as the one produced by ProcDump, or if it can be created in all crash situations, but if it can and you've forgotten to run ProcDump, it's better than nothing so try to keep this option in mind as well. I've noticed that opening some file dialogs in EuroScope will for some reason make ProcDump think ES has crashed. It will then create the dump and terminate itself (the only way to spot this is to notice that the command prompt window is no longer displayed on the task bar...). If that happens, ProcDump can be started again and it's probably easiest to have another batch file to do that. Just create a copy of the first batch file and remove the first line from it that launches the ES shortcut. The remaining line runs ProcDump and it automatically attaches to the already running EuroScope process, it won't be necessary to start EuroScope again (which is handy if you're already controlling). It's a good idea to test everything is set up correctly regarding the crash dumps when you've done all this. Run the batch file and wait until ES has started and the plugin has loaded. Then, enter the command ".topskycrash" to the EuroScope command line. It will cause an immediate unhandled exception that crashes the plugin and EuroScope. Check that the dump file was created. If you can’t find the dump file (it's somewhat over 200MB in size and should be named "EuroScope.exe_170424_224756.dmp" for a crash on April 24th 2017 at 22:47:56 system time) where you thought it’d be or anywhere for that matter, something went wrong in the setup. Instructions: If you have any questions about the beta program or how to install and set it up, please post on this thread. I hope I got all the information right, but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't 100% correct. I'll clarify where necessary. If the plugin crashes and a dump file is available, let me know where I can download it. Even though the main objective is to find out if there is a problem in the code - and if so - fix it, please report if you find anything wrong, no matter how trivial. All these reports should be posted in a dedicated thread I'll create for this purpose in the Finland FIR subforum. That'll keep all the information in one place, and I have moderator privileges there to keep the thread tidy. Also post there if the plugin crashes regardless of whether a dump is available or not so others get an idea of what's happening.
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    Tackar! Var stressigt! Nu ska jag lägga all min fokus på att slutföra umeå för er grabbar ;)! Det närmar sig!
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    Congrats Drago! Welcome to the team!
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    Join me to congratulate @Dragoljub Blagojevic, to his S2-rating!
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    Kan det inte vara bra att boka också...?
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    Hello Janne! What I know, you are expected to squawk mode C also in Sweden, when initiating your pushback and further movements. At least in airports with ground radar (ESSA and ESGG). What I have heard in real life, there is the differens between Finnish and Swedish ATC, that Finnish ATC acknowledges readback rather often! Magnus
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    Stort grattis till nya S3-ratingen Mattias!
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    Instämmer i gratineringarna, Mattias!!
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    Congrats! Knew you would make it!
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    This is due the EU-meeting. Scheduled traffic is excepted and on Vatsim all traffic is scheduled
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    Stockholm? Oj jäklar, då tror jag att jag har tränat fel S3 på Göteborg ska det väll ändå vara @Martin Stockzell
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    Hehe Typical Scandinavian people who says 110% all the time LOVE IT But yeah I could try to pitch my ideas to @Mats Edvin Aaro and maybe he could make some more ideas? If your not too hung up on the 5-hubs idea that is
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    I have no say here, but I think it's genius. Though most people won't know the idea behind, it still looks great. As for updating documents, real world companies change their logos, names etc., but it doesn't mean you have to change every old document. You're not even supposed to change a document once issued. It remains as an evidence of history. It's not like the logo's being changed because it's wrong, just updated.
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    Don't see the resemblence to Navigraph too much. If anything, it might resemble Jeppesen's logo. Even if that one is three layers.
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    First off: The idea that the logo is similar to the Navigraph logo is fairly subjective. The logo itself is abstract to some extent, and one can either see it as it is probably meant, a compass fitting all the Scandinavian countries, or as a paper plane or whatever. However, I don't think we will get in trouble with Navigraph for using this logo. If that was the case, Microsoft would get in trouble with Navigraph for their WordArt of a compass, which is way more similar to Navigraph's logo than the initial draft here. Second off: I elected to use the word "draft" about this "suggestion" in the last paragraph. I don't see this as a final suggestion to Board whatsoever. This is a public brainstorming process to end up with the best draft for a suggestion in the end, before actually submitting the suggestion for Board. Obviously suggestions shall not be presented in such a manner, on the public forums, that'd be unprofessional and would attack Board's integrity as an organisational organ. However, Board may take this positively. With such posts being made on the forums, Board may prepare for having to process such suggestions, without suddenly getting a suggestion in their laps, with no warning. Our graphical profile is way outdated, and we need a way to attract new members and to appear professional in all of VATSIM's branches. And again, this is merely a brainstorming process. Public brainstorming processes are the best way of figuring out what's best in the end, as well as what's the most popular in a community. I would encourage all members: normal mebers; staff; or board, to participate in this process with their thoughts.