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    In conjunction with FSExpo 2018 in Las Vegas next weekend, Martin Stockzell and I will open Sweden and Stockholm live from Las Vegas! To make this successful we obviously need some pilots as well. So if you have some spare time next weekend, seize the opportunity to help me and Stockzell to put Sweden and Vatsim Scandinavia on the global flight sim map! We hope to see a lot of you guys online, flying in and out of Swedish airspace!
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    Exists as of latest Beta
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    Tomorrow evening, @Jakob Bohme is manning ESGG_TWR for some online training. Feel free to join us!
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    Hi! This post follows the initial information about WF 2018 and its visit through VATSIM Scandinavia under the WF-tour. This year, the tour will visit Norway FIR and Reykjavik CTA. Unfortunately, the timeframe is not ideal for controllers in Norway FIR, especially, considering the time of the day. The ETA and ETD are listed below and all the flights in our vACC are done on Thursday, 8th of November. Most of the intentions of the post are that controllers are already now aware of the event, and we in the Event Department hopes the local controllers can attend. If we miss some ATC, there will be own Worldflight ATC. Still, I hope we can cover all positions with local ATC *Not confirmed yet The staffing threads will be published later in Norway FIR and Reykjavik CTA forums... and if we got more relevant information, it will be published under this thread
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    It's time for another checkout in Finland on Thursday the 7th of June at 17-20z (20-23 local time) when Ville Vapaaoksa takes the hot seat on Helsinki Tower to prove the examiner he's got what it takes to receive his long-awaited S2 rating and become a fully qualified Tower controller. As always, we need your help to ensure a successful checkout; you're very much welcome to fly in and out of EFHK during the examination with any aircraft, large or small, IFR or VFR, and help the examinee reach the required amount of movements for success. If you're planning a flight further out than the Helsinki area, don't worry as there will be excellent adjacent ATC available in Helsinki and throughout Finland and beyond. Thanks in advance for helping us out and welcome to Finland!
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    Hello all! @Otto Suhonen has been appointed to be the next Training Assistant Finland. During the transition period Joonatan Porkkala and Otto will share the duties while Joonatan will brief our new TA about credentials and procedures needed for this position. There will also be some transfer of credentials for our new Training Assistant. -Håvard
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    This is tonight, we hope to see you online flying in or out of Keflavik!
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