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    Hi all, there will be some online training this Sunday at ESMM_L. Traffic to and from ESMS are most welcome!
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    Also worth mentioning that some of our airports was among the most visited airports on VATSIM in 2018 as well! ENGM on 12th place, EKCH on 14th place and ESSA on 23rd place.
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    It's time for Martin Tornberg's C3 CPT at Sweden Control on Friday 22 Feb, 18-20z. In order to make this examination a success we need traffic spread out all over Swedish airspace, from Stockholm-Arlanda to the smaller regional airfields to make the check-out a challenge. We encourage you to bring your charts with you to make it as smooth as possible. See you on Friday evening in Swedish airspace for the C3 CPT. Briefing | Charts
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    Supporterar på ESOS. Lycka till med träningen!
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    Yes, it's really happening! VATEUD & VATME are proud to announce the first-of-the-kind event connecting the two divisions!' You will be presented with a unique day of full ATC from Europe's 4 airports: EIDW - Dublin Airport EHAM - Amsterdam Airport Schipol ESSA - Stockholm Arlanda Airport LIRF - Rome Fiumicino Airport All the way to the Middle East with: HECA - Cairo Intl. Airport OJAI - Queen Alia intl. Airport OMDB - Dubai Intl. Airport OTHH - Hamad Intl. Airport Do not miss out on the Flight Booking as slots are limited! Departures will be ongoing for 2 hours (1000z - 1200z). Airport briefing documents: https://vats.im/CTLBriefing (they'll be uploaded as soon as they get finished). You can expect to receive the routing in your email as soon as we make them available, providing you have booked a slot.
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    Agreed, both here and in training and event forum
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    Hi all, A couple of days ago, Bork Johnsen let us know that he will be resigning from the TA Norway position. He will remain in his position until February 24th. Whilst we work on finding someone who can take over the role on a permanent basis, Krister Larsen will be covering as he is currently working as Deputy TA Norway. I will also help out when it's needed. I wish Bork the very best of luck in his future endeavors.