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    Hello all! @Håvard Halvorsen has been appointed by Board of VATSIM Scandinavia to be the next Training Director of our vACC. During transition period I and Håvard will share the duties. And to get everything set up, Kristian Kling will brief our new TD about credentials and procedures needed for this position. Also there will be some transfer of credentials for our new Training Director. I would also like to thank @Kristian Kling for his work dring his time in this position. -Julius
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    What an evening! Here is a timelapse from ENGM Thanks @Adrian Bjerke for the capturing
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    On September 29, 2017 the FCSB-Flightgroup continued the flights in Scandinavia with a flight from Bromma to OLOU in Finland. Unfortunately we had no controllers on our departure from Bromma, but Miska ((Tampere Radar) provided great ATC soon after taking off and all the way to OLOU. There we were welcomed by Julius (EFOU_APP) and Joonatan (EFOU_TWR). Thank you Julius and Joonatan to come online at EFOU for FSCB-Flightgroup! I added some pictures of our group taken after our landing in Olou. Thank-you Vatsim Scandinavia for your support! Paul / KLM366
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    This evening the FSCB-Flightgroup did Mariehamn (EFMA) - Gotheburg (ESGG) and we enjoyed another great performance of VATSIM Scandinavia! Julius arranged our departure from EFMA, while Magnus and Hakan provided ATC along the route. On arrival at ESGG we had ATC from Thomas (ESGG_APP), Mattias (arrival) and Hampus as TWR. Our group consisted of 11 aircraft and the pilots in our group were unanimously that a BIG compliment for the ATC guys is well deserved! Thanks from all of us for making this flight as much fun as it was and we hope you enejoyed it also. Paul FSCB-Flightgroup.
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    Tomorrow, wednesday the 11th between 17-19Z, @Hampus Norrby is having his first online training session at ESSA_TWR IFR and VFR most welcome. ESSA_APP will be online as well
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    The next version of the TopSky plugin has been in development now for almost two years. Progress has been slow for various reasons, but for a long time now the only thing delaying the release has been a possible crash-causing bug in the code. I've never encountered the crash myself, and the few reports I have of it happening are months apart with so far no clue as to where the issue might be, or even if it is the plugin at fault or something else. Rather than delay the release indefinitely, I've decided to put the plugin into a public beta period, hoping that there are brave souls willing to risk getting a crash so that I could get the necessary information to fix the issue, or if enough time passes and no issues are found, consider it stable enough and release it. For testing purposes, the plugin package contains a command-line utility called ProcDump. It is used to monitor the EuroScope process, and in case of a crash write a memory dump which I can then examine to find out where the problem is in the code. While I can't prevent anyone using the plugin without ProcDump running, I can't stress enough how important it is to use it as a memory dump is most likely the only way to find out the cause for the crash if it happens, as it doesn't seem to be related to any specific action. If you're still interested in helping out, here's the download link. Installation: The beta package contains up-to-date common manual sets, a version history document listing some of the main changes and folders including files for three setups: Estonia (EE), Finland (FI) and Sweden (SE). The instructions here assume the basic controller package for the country is already installed as the beta package only contains the files specific to the beta plugin. It is possible to have both the current release version of the plugin and the beta installed at the same time, and that is the configuration I recommend as you might want to use the familiar and well-tested release version on some occasions. However, here are install instructions for both the "beta only" and "release+beta" setups: Beta-only installation: Put the procdump.exe file somewhere Copy the files in the package's PluginsBeta folder to the Plugins folder of your setup, overwriting where necessary Extract the files in the package's Settings folder to a temporary location Rename the settings files by removing the "_beta" part from each file Copy the settings files to the Settings folder of your setup, overwriting the existing files Release+beta installation: Put the procdump.exe file somewhere Create a copy of the Plugins folder of your setup and rename the copy PluginsBeta Copy the files in the package's PluginsBeta folder to the new PluginsBeta folder of your setup, overwriting where necessary Copy the files in the package's Settings folder to the Settings folder of your setup Create a copy of the profile file you normally use in EuroScope, name it as you want Edit the new profile file using a text editor as follows: Replace all occurrences of "Lists.txt" with "Lists_beta.txt" Replace all occurrences of "Symbols.txt" with "Symbols_beta.txt" Replace all occurrences of "Tags.txt" with "Tags_beta.txt" Replace all occurrences of "Plugins\TopSky.dll" with "PluginsBeta\TopSky.dll" Use: To enable the crash dump generation, the ProcDump utility must be run when using the plugin. It can be launched from the command line if necessary, but it's probably easiest to create a batch file to do it automatically. Here's how: Create a text file wherever you like, and name it appropriately, for example "ES+procdump.bat" Edit the file using a text editor to contain the following: start "" "C:\some folder\shortcut.lnk" cmd /c ""C:\another folder\procdump.exe" -e 1 -ma -w euroscope.exe "C:\yet another folder\dumps"" "C:\some folder\shortcut.lnk" is the shortcut you use to launch ES (you may need to create a new shortcut to use the new profile file if you chose the "release+beta" setup) "C:\another folder\procdump.exe" is where you put the procdump.exe file "C:\yet another folder\dumps" is the folder where you want the crash dumps to be put to. It is optional, but if specified, make sure the folder exists as ProcDump will not create it by itself (if not specified, the dump will be put in the folder the batch file is in). Then just run the batch file whenever you want to use the beta plugin, it'll start both EuroScope and ProcDump for you. ProcDump will open a command prompt window when it's running, don't close it! Note that if you're running more than one instance of EuroScope at a time, the batch file can't be used to launch the second (and subsequent) instances as then the "euroscope.exe" in the command won't be enough to specify the wanted process. Launch the new EuroScope instance as you normally would, then open a command prompt window and type in the following command to attach ProcDump to the EuroScope instance: "C:\another folder\procdump.exe" -e 1 -ma -w PID "C:\yet another folder\dumps" PID is the process ID number for the correct EuroScope process. To see that, open Task Manager and see its Details page for the PID number. Note that you'll have to check the PID of the already started ES instance before you launch the next one so you know which one is the new one. A bit complicated but only necessary when using multiple ES instances and wanting to make sure a crash dump is generated if any of the instances crash. It is possible to create a memory dump file from Task Manager even without ProcDump running. Just right-click on the desired process and select "Create dump file". It will be created into a temporary folder so don't forget to move it somewhere safe before logging off or shutting down your computer. I'm not sure if this dump file provides the same information as the one produced by ProcDump, or if it can be created in all crash situations, but if it can and you've forgotten to run ProcDump, it's better than nothing so try to keep this option in mind as well. I've noticed that opening some file dialogs in EuroScope will for some reason make ProcDump think ES has crashed. It will then create the dump and terminate itself (the only way to spot this is to notice that the command prompt window is no longer displayed on the task bar...). If that happens, ProcDump can be started again and it's probably easiest to have another batch file to do that. Just create a copy of the first batch file and remove the first line from it that launches the ES shortcut. The remaining line runs ProcDump and it automatically attaches to the already running EuroScope process, it won't be necessary to start EuroScope again (which is handy if you're already controlling). It's a good idea to test everything is set up correctly regarding the crash dumps when you've done all this. Run the batch file and wait until ES has started and the plugin has loaded. Then, enter the command ".topskycrash" to the EuroScope command line. It will cause an immediate unhandled exception that crashes the plugin and EuroScope. Check that the dump file was created. If you can’t find the dump file (it's somewhat over 200MB in size and should be named "EuroScope.exe_170424_224756.dmp" for a crash on April 24th 2017 at 22:47:56 system time) where you thought it’d be or anywhere for that matter, something went wrong in the setup. Instructions: If you have any questions about the beta program or how to install and set it up, please post on this thread. I hope I got all the information right, but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't 100% correct. I'll clarify where necessary. If the plugin crashes and a dump file is available, let me know where I can download it. Even though the main objective is to find out if there is a problem in the code - and if so - fix it, please report if you find anything wrong, no matter how trivial. All these reports should be posted in a dedicated thread I'll create for this purpose in the Finland FIR subforum. That'll keep all the information in one place, and I have moderator privileges there to keep the thread tidy. Also post there if the plugin crashes regardless of whether a dump is available or not so others get an idea of what's happening.
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    Hello fellow airmen, This Thursday, October 19th 2017 from 1700Z to 2000Z we'll be kicking off a new event in Estonian FIR: "Thursday in Tallinn". All our ATC positions will be manned and we welcome all traffic - IFR, VFR or overflights! Drzewiecki Design offers a very high quality version of EETN Tallinn Airport as well as the surrounding areas. There's also a freeware version of the same scenery available at the links below: FSX/P3D: http://www.drzewiecki-design.net/prodEETN_X.htm FS2004: http://www.drzewiecki-design.net/prodEETN_2014.htm X-Plane: http://www.drzewiecki-design.net/prodEETN_XP.htm For those that wish to enjoy some VFR flights around Estonia we've got some beautiful FREEWARE Photoreal Sceneries and Vector data available at the link below: FSX/P3D: http://www.lennusimu.net/ The page is currently in Estonian only but Google Chrome browser and right-click "Translate to English" should help you find your way around the site! Welcome to Estonia!
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    I'll support on Sweden Control. Good luck with the training.
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    Yay, glad to see you getting bumped up Hampus! I´ll come fly for sure, might be a little late into your session due to work tho. Good luck!
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    Hi guys, Jonathan Fong has his final online session on Tuesday 10th. Please show up to support and get him some practice!
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    <future banner to be placed here> Sunday October the first (brr...), the swedish training staff welcomes everyone to help @Filip Lidholm earn his S2-rating at ESGG, Göteborg-Landvetter Tower. 17-19Z is the time to have in mind! Expect surrounding areas to be covered as well, and as always both IFR and VFR flights are most welcome! Examinator: Magnus Gustafsson
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    The candidate passed his checkout
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    With "scroll inactive windows" disabled, anyone should be able to scroll the menus as in previous Windows versions. With the setting enabled, the current release version of the plugin can't scroll the menus. The beta plugin can, but the code to achieve that isn't completely foolproof and the scrolling ability is occasionally lost. For anyone encountering this, it can be re-enabled by clicking on the colored square in the top left corner (left of the time value in the Global menu, that is...). The reason for this mess is that mouse wheel events aren't available for plugins so I just try to intercept the messages before they get to EuroScope.
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    Come join us Wednesday the 18th of October at 18z when S2 Candidate Daniel Dahl Andersen is trying to earn his rating as tower controller in Copenhagen. We will warm up at 1730, and the checkout will commence at 18z, lasting until 1930z. Supporting Control and Approach sectors will be online, so don't hesatate to come give Daniel some traffic to aid his road towards S2!
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    Från examinatorns vy, så är detta inget problem! Kandidaten har redan ESSA_TWR MAE! Magnus
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    <future banner to be placed here> Vatsim Scandinavia and the Swedish training staff is pleased to invite everyone to Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ESSA) tuesday october 31st for an MAE checkout of @Thomas Ljung on ESSA_APP. Expect supporting ATC as well! Arlanda is of course the main international airport in Sweden, and the third busiest in the nordic countries. Come fly IFR, VFR, large airliners, small aircrafts or why not a helicopter, to really help Thomas earn his endorsement! Airport briefing, charts and other useful information can be found here. Since Arlanda utilizes standard taxi routes please take a look at the charts to be sure to use the correct taxi ways, since those are not included in the taxi clearence. Initial climb is always 5000ft if not otherwise stated. These two things seem to forego a lot of pilots Examinator: Magnus Gustafsson A very warm welcome, and PLEASE NOTE that this CPT takes place after Sweden has reverted to normal time (GMT+1) so 18Z=19 local.
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    Congratulations to Daniel on a pass for S2. Welcome onbord!
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    Kan även boka Bromma, stort lycka till Thomas!
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    Kan boka tornet om så önskas? Lycka till Thomas!
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    Jakob Arne Brønstad is up for his final mentor evaluation before the official checkout at ENOS_CTR this evening. Please feel free to join us tonight. I'd love to see a lot of traffic, to make sure Jakob has what it takes to bring home his C1 rating in a few weeks.
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    Please send these messages to report@rt.vatsim-scandinavia.org instead of posting them in Control tower. I am aware of this problem, that is why I inserted the top field as @Adrian Bjerke pointed out. Somehow it works sometimes and sometimes not, so it's quite hard to troubleshoot. /Peter
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    Use the upper field instead, you can use it for anything if its stated in one of the filters.
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    The Czech VATSIM community commemorates the sad October 2010, when our founding member Pavel Svoboda suddenly passed away. On 12 October 2010, we lost the most passionate VACC-CZ staff member, tireless mentor, patient event coordinator, unforgettable virtual aviation promoter, and mostly our great real-life friend. VACC-CZ organizes annual meeting at Karlovy Vary from where we will provide ATC services for LKPR and LKKV. This is a non-booking event so any type of traffic is welcome at LKPR. You can simply participate by writing "Pavel Svoboda memorial flight" to remarks in your flightplan. For those who want to express memory of Pavel, you can proceed to Karlovy Vary (LKKV), make low-pass or touch-and-go procedure on active runway (because of low capacity of apron in Karlovy Vary), and continue to Praha Ruzyne (LKPR) or to your destination. File IFR flight plan to LKPR with last point of route or if departing from LKPR first point: STAY01/0010 and Remarks: STAYINFO01/ TG (for touch-and-go) or LP (for low-pass) AT LKKV RMK/Memory of Pavel Svoboda. Runway to Heaven 2017 will take place on Saturday 21st October 2017 from 14 till 22 UTC. But because our real-life meeting starts already on Friday, we will be online also on Friday 20th October in the evening while doing ATC team coordination training. You can find the event website with links to required charts and sceneries at https://rtheaven.vacc-cz.org. We are looking forward to your flight.
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    Hello all! @Lukas Agerskov has been appointed by me to be the next Training Assistant Denmark. During the transition period Mikkel Lindgren and Lukas will share the duties. And Mikkel will brief our new TA about credentials and procedures needed for this position. Also there will be some transfer of credentials for our new Training Assistant. -Håvard
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    Join me to congratulate @Filip Lidholm, our newest Student 2 in the community! Magnus
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    Congratulations @Håvard Halvorsen! Best of luck, with the position
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    Congratulations Håvard and thank you again Kristian.
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    Congratulations Håvard and good luck with your new role!
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    Excellent choice!! Congratuations @Håvard Halvorsen
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    On 25th October VATSIM Scandinavia invites you to Iceland to help our candidate to pass his S3 checkout on Keflavík approach! Please visit http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/pilots/airports/iceland/ for charts, procedures and sceneries! See you in Iceland!
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    Congratulations. Three weeks of checkouts in a row and three passes. Lets have fourth one next week as well!
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    So, the userlist in TAS is quite difficult to use to search for people. Sometimes after putting in a person's name I would need to scroll through the pages, even though they're blank to find the user I'm looking for. As you can clearly see in the screenshot above, I queried for @Kobi Lecornu in this example, and I had to scroll through to page 51 just to find his entry. Seems like searching only filters out the results not matching without actually updating the query itself? COuld this design bug be fixed?