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    SCW/BRX event for the re-release of the QWsim RJ, ESSB, ESGG, ESMS, ESNU?
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    It is intentional, to be in line with the available states in the modelled real system (don't know about COOPANS). The "start up" state is nothing fancier than the default "push" state renamed so if you want "push" instead, see the answer to the next question which is: it's all in the manual 😄 General manual chapter 7.1 tells the following about the "Ground state" tag item: "Displays the aircraft’s ground state using the plugin’s custom texts for them, including the plugin specific ground states. The displayed text for each state is adjustable using the plugin settings." The settings that control the displayed texts follow the pattern "System_State_*", they are listed in the developer manual chapter 3.5.1
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    Time flies... For those interested, beta versions of the TopSky and Ground Radar plugins are available: TopSky 2.2.1 beta 4 Ground Radar 1.2 beta 3 The changes in the TopSky plugin are relatively small, mostly just additions to data file formats. The default colorset for the COOPANS version is updated, but until Sweden changes to it next year, the old set can be activated by entering "Color_NUAC=1" in the TopSkySettings.txt file. The only major fix is related to MTCD inhibit areas causing a CTD. Unless you are using this beta version or some later one, DO NOT KEEP ANY MTCD INHIBIT AREAS ACTIVATED as the plugin may crash (Status/STS->MTCD Status->all areas must be "off"). For the Ground Radar plugin, there are more changes. The whole safety net system has been rewritten and a couple of new windows are available. Some new ground states such as "line up" are also provided but only shown by other users of this plugin. To use them, a custom tag item and a tag function must be used. Both packages contain updated parts of the manual sets as well as version history documents outlining the biggest changes since the last public releases. As far as installation goes, either copy the plugin dll (and the GR plugin data files if desired) over your existing ones, or build a new plugin folder just for the beta versions. For the Finnish setup, this package contains some new settings files that can be used with the beta plugins. The Lists.txt file includes the new ground state item and menu. The files are not to be used with the release versions of the plugins.
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    Pretty simple yet very fun and probably also a very popular idea."Vatsim Scandinavia Online Day" So all 5 capitals fully staffed at once.
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    Everyones favourite controller, Peter Toft is finally up for his toughest task yet. Proving his worth as S3 controller Therefore you are all invitied for a night of IFR & VFR flying in and out of Copenhagen, to assist Peter in proving he is fit for his rating, and join the ranks as our newest Approach controller. We will staff up from 19z, and continue until 21z. See you all there!
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    Yes @Thomas Ljung Press the "S" on top of the DEP list to edit the list. In the bottom of the list, there is "Ground status", replace tag item type with "Ground Radar plugin / Ground state" and Left button with "Ground Radar plugin / Open Ground state menu"
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    Not an airport-specific buffer as such, but runway specific ones can be defined which is essentially the same thing and more. The setting would be "Airport_Runway_Buffer_LVP", for example: [ESGG] Airport_Runway_Buffer_LVP:03:99.9 should set the buffer value to 99.9 meters from the centerline if the code behind it happens to be ok...
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    Congratulations @Jack Davie! Thank god I don't have to deal with you anymore 😂
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    Join me to congratulate our newest controller @Jack Davie for passing his S2 checkout tonight! Well done!
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    Gratulerar @Krister Larsen Välkommen!
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    Krister Larsen passed his Major Airport Endorsement at ESSA (Stockholm-Arlanda Airport) check this evening. Please, join me in congratulating Krister, well done!
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    Thanks Axel. I did some googling and I think it's something to do with European Union (EU) rules that if you are an EU airline you can fly from any point in the EU to any other point without registering an airline in every EU country. As Norway is not part of the EU, Norwegian had to pick an EU country to base its 'EU airline'; they picked Ireland (taxes probably ). This airline is IBK = 'Nordtrans'. They can then use IBK to fly point-to-point from anywhere in the EU without having to register additional bases; whereas if they used NAX they would have to get the aircraft to return to a Nordic base at the end of the day (Nordic Council). Just the lawyer in me trying to get the details right
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    NAX - NORSHUTTLE callsign is used when the flight is operated by Norwegian Air Norway. That is when the flight is based in Norway, Sweden or Denmark IBK - NORTRANS callsign is used when the flight is operated by Norwegian Air International. That is when the flight is based anywhere else than Norway, Sweden or Denmark By based I mean where the rotation starts and crew is based. For example NAX1302 and NAX1303 is a rotation from ENGM to EGKK and back to ENGM While IBK2801 is rotation from EGKK to ENGM and back to EGKK. Notice the difference that NAX flight starts from ENGM and IBK flight starts from EGKK. / Jouka