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    Join me to congratulate @Edward Kjellen and @Marcus Haraldsson on their exemplary work to convince the examiner of their skill! Congrats to both of you! Magnus
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    Hello, On Thursday, August 8th at 19:00-21:00 Local Time , @Marvin Juzwiak is up for his S2 rating check on Göteborg Landvetter Tower ( ESGG_TWR ) Examinator: @Hakan Schulz Please come give Marvin a challenge by flying to or from Landvetter, all kind of traffic welcome! Supporting ATC on Göteborg/Sweden appreciated Good luck!
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    Hello! On Saturday , September 7th at 19-21 LT , @Marvin Juzwiak is up for his S2 Major Airport Endorsment at Stockholm Arlanda Tower. Come fly in and out of Swedens capital city, all kind of traffic is welcome, aswell as supporting ATC on Sweden Examinator @Hakan Schulz Hope to see you there! GOOD LUCK MARVIN
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    This is Today! Hope to see you in Göteborg airspace!
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    New version released, v.1.2! @Kristian Oedegaard contacted me today asking on how to update after the new norwegian sector file came out. I honestly though no-one used this "addon", so I never bothered updating this thread. But since there is apparently are some people, I've now released a update compatible with new norwegian sector files etc (check changelog). If anyone using IES could just gimme a "Thanks" rating, I'd love to know how many actually use IES, so I know if I should maintain it
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    Effective today the training wheels are officially off. Join me in welcoming our new Web Services Assistants! Good to have you on board!
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    Sunday 18th of August, 17.00z - 19.00z @Henning Oden will be up for his S2 CPT at Gothenburg, Landvetter (ESGG) Tower. All pilots most welcome to fly to or from Landvetter to give Henning a real challenge during his Tower check. Why not fly an international or domestic IFR flight from or to Gothenburg or do a couple of circuits in the VFR pattern with your favourite aircraft ? Further information to prepare your flight could be found at: Goteborg Landvetter Airport Information | Charts Welcome!
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    More info has arrived! https://www.vatsim.net/news/upgrades-vatsim-infrastructure
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    Bra - du har skött dig bra när jag sett dig online. Ser fram emot att sitta med dig i framtiden!
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    @Marvin Juzwiak passed his S2 TWR check at Landvetter Tower this evening. Please, join me in congratulating Marvin to his new S2 rating! Also many thanks to all supporting ATC and all pilots that joined during the evening.
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    Hi all, Mats Edvin Aarø have decided that he will be resigning from the TA Norway position. Adrian Bjerke will come in to replace him. Also Krister Larsen have notified us that he will be leaving the Deputy TA Norway position, but will remain as Assistant Event Coordinator. This position will remain vacant for now. I wish Mats Edvin the very best of luck in his future endeavors.
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    Join me to congratulate @Erik Hockert to his brand new S2 rating!
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    Grattis, hälsar jag er båda. /Thomas - för tillfället på Hallskär i Stockholms södra ytterskärgård
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    Stort grattis @Edward Kjellen och @Marcus Haraldsson !
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    Thursday 8th of August, 17.00z - 19.00z @Marvin Juzwiak will be up for his S2 CPT at Goteborg, Landvetter (ESGG) Tower. Please come give Marvin a challenge by flying to or from Landvetter, all kinds of traffic welcome! Further information to prepare your flight could be found at: Goteborg Landvetter Airport Information | Charts Welcome!
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    Last weekend I visited Brooklands Museum to fly the Concorde Simulator. Last year when I was supposed to fly it the attitude and the HSI was shorted... So I couldn't fly the simulator last year. Finally one year after I was back at the Brooklands Simulator, I chose to fly the IGS rwy 13 at the old Hong Kong airport Kai-Tak. I ended up overshooting the final a bit and slightly high but it was still great fun! It's a brilliant piece of kit, so if you have some 150 GBP over, make sure to book a flight in the Brooklands Concorde Simulator, which is the very same simulator they used to train British Airways pilots in Filton. The next day me an James Coombe (friend of mine) joined a group of enthusiasts (mainly former BA Concorde staff) in Brooklands for a Champagne day at G-BBDG at Brooklands. It was a beautiful day of great experience and a lot of stories from former engineers, attendants and pilots of this magnificent aircraft. Later that day we went to a local pub close to Brooklands for a three course dinner which Fred Finn (google him...) kindly organised. On Sunday we went westbound for Filton and visited G-BOAF, the very last Concorde that landed in Filton 26 November 2003. It was brilliant to see a lady called Laurence finally meet Alpha Foxtrot again, she was a BA attendant at Concorde and was together with Les Brodie flying Alpha Foxtrot, the last flying Concorde ever landing in filton. Below you can see me attempt an approach into Kai-Tak and some pictures from our tour in Brooklands and Filton. In addition I have added a bonus clip from my approach into Gardermoen on my way to UK. I highly recommend visit you Brooklands Museum, it's a beautiful museum with a lot of interesting history. In addition you can book a flight in the Concorde Simulator, please mind that it's normally a 9 months of waiting period to get a flight. So you need to be booking the sim well in advance. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fz2036vi5yejcuu/AADs-I4uX-N8Yxuzz5YdwyDya?dl=0
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    This tutorial will show controllers how to properly set up a tower view with the FSX/Prepar3d multiplayer tower cab and not just a camera angle. The result will be something like this: Picture from ENGM on a slow morning Requirements: FSX Deluxe, FSX steam or Prepar3d Minimum vPilot v2.0.1.2 - http://vpilot.metacraft.com/Download.aspx Minimum Euroscope build version (3.2a(r12)) - http://www.euroscope.hu/installbeta/changes.html AI Model pack (WOAI, UT2, UTL, etc.) Edit 05.03.18 - BHS For Prepar3d v4 and up you require compatible AI-models. Payware Ultimate Traffic Live Freeware vPilot AI pack (google it. Private distribution) Alpha India Group has updated several of the most popular models. ORBX has a pack (all Australian registrations, but you can add your own repaints), get it here, install with FTX Central. Notepad/Notepad++ Setting up your simulator tower view: In your simulator start a multiplayer scenario as Air Traffic Controller, select your airport. (Date, time and weather are irrelevant at this stage) When you have set your preferences, DO NOT start flight/scenario. Select save scenario/flight and name it something smart. i.e. ENGM_TWR, ESSA_TWR. This way you could have multiple views predefined for different airports Exit multiplayer. From “select flight/scenario” screen, select your tower flight, load it and check that your tower cab is positioned at the correct location and altitude. If location and altitude is correct, move on to get viewing, if not continue below. To correct location and altitude go to C:\Users\*username*\Documents\FSX/Prepar3d. Or wherever you have saved your flights/scenarios. Open your ENGM_TWR.fsxml / ENGM_TWR.flt (filetype depends on simulator) or similar in notepad. Search for “Simvars.0”. In this simVars section you’ll find: Latitude= Longitude= Altitude= These are the interesting values. If your lat/lon location is wrong change it with these values. (Get tower position from AIP, google maps etc. Set the altitude to match the tower height. I use Slew to get correct altitude. (Use the same number of digits). If you put your airplane inside the tower you can read of your preferred altitude. I prefer to place my cab on the roof of the modeled tower. This is to prevent looking through the models walls, with the artifacts that could bring. For ENGM I use Altitude= +001000.00 When all data is changed, save file and exit. Setup complete Get viewing Start your simulator, load the previously created tower flight/scenario, set wanted time and weather (or use preferred weather generator). Start Euroscope. The proxy server shouldn’t be a factor for tower view, but if you want multiple instances of ES make sure the proxy is started. Start vPilot in vPilot command line type “.towerview”. vPilot should now show the message “Connected as observer”. This trough Euroscope, and is therefore not a dual connection to VATSIM. That’s it. You should now start seeing planes on your airport and in the skies around Nice to know: In vPilot type “.debug” to get a debugging window open which will show you any error messages. Typically “Model not assigned for ABC123”. In vPilot type “.aircraft” to show a window containing information about all planes loaded in the sim by vPilot. Error message “Model not assigned for ABC123” can mean several things: You do not have any aircraft matching the plane. Solution – install model and livery. At the time there might be a bug/error in Euroscope that prevents the correct packets being sent if the pilot uses FSinn as pilot client. Solution – no solution yet, awaiting Gergely. Model matching in vPilot should be automatic, but if any doubt I recommend “vmrgenerator” to generate a ruleset based on your installed models. Edit: 02.03.18 - BHS: Latest version of vmrgenerator is said not to support vPilot due to vPilot's own modelmatching.
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