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    Perhaps, and this is only a suggestion, the donation tab could be located in a more "suitable" spot. As for now its hidden at the bottom right, away from most of the sights. I just donated to be the first one of 2017
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    Donations VATSIM Scandinavia services are not without costs. During the years we have relied on members to contribute by donation of money or members that are able to contribute with services, either services to enhance or maintain our services or with their expertise in areas of our services, or both. Without those donations we would not be able to exist, with that fact I like to express my gratitude towards those members as Director for this community. Beside services that are donated without cost, VATSIM Scandinavia have yearly actual cost currently for our forum services of 50 US Dollar and about 25 US Dollar every second year for our web adress´s. Attached are an edited report from my "VATSIM Scandinavia PayPal account" used to receive donations. The report is edited to, follow our donations rules, where VATSIM Scandinavia will never disclose members donations. On our website frontpage you are able as member see the general state of donations gathered per year. Magnus Director VATSIM Scandinavia donations 2015 2017.xlsx
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    Now it's been online for soon two hours, so the fix works
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    Nope it was actully down for 30-60 minutes
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    Update: The server is now updated to the lasted version and I can not see any more "hickups" on the server anymore. Please let me know if this is still an issue. We have another option if this is not fixed now
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