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    I hope you guys will accept my humble appologises. I have not been aware of any agreement on this matter, and I have not been able to find it written down anywhere. What I have done wrong here, is that I have stepped in to event departments area of responsibility. The least thing, I could have done, was to inform Martin immedeately after my application. Let's see how this turns out, and based on these circumstances, In a situation where only Copenhagen or none of the airports are chosen, I think ENGM should be number one priority for 2018 westbound.
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    Looking back in the forum (where I do not have access anymore) there should be obvious that in cases of major events, our Event department should inform/bee informed from the first thought of the event. The coordination process regarding events was one of the long lasting task for me during my time as Director, where I was working on an SOP Event document but that was left on draft-level. Still, unless things have changed there should be an forum thread in staff forum regarding the major things, for example "Planning Calendar", where I see that there is no post regarding the planing of the CPT! This situation is not the ultimate one. Magnus
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    Guys, let's calm down. No need for hard feelings, it's just an event amongst others. More CTPs will come in the future.
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    Then just leave it then? - Apology has been made. " For the eastbound in October we will send an application for either EKCH or ENGM. " So it will either be EKCH or ENGM. But where is it mentioned that ENGM, is the chosen airport for this edition of CTP?
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    It will be an early morning for the few brave souls that decide to control!
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    It has been mentioned earlier under this topic
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    Discussion is under its way and Copenhagen might be removed from the voting process. However, for the time being vote for your favorite, regardless of it being either ENGM or EKCH.
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    Hmm, not good. This might ruin our chances. Thought this was an agreement, that we increase our chances by applying for one airport in the vacc per event.. Hope we can work this out somehow