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    Thanks, all! As Claus said, I am now officially in office. Unfortunately it's very poorly timed as I leave for Italy tomorrow and will have limited internet access until next Friday (July 1). I look forward to getting properly settled in the role upon my return, until then please direct any questions or queries to my e-mail address and I will endeavour to answer them as promptly as Italian Wi-Fi speeds will let me. I also want to thank Claus for the work he's done in the Training Department, not only as Training Director but also as Training Assistant Denmark. I certainly have big shoes to fill! Let's leave the shambolic mess that's occurred over the last couple of weeks behind us, thankfully our vACC is not to blame for it and we have nothing to be ashamed of. There are brighter times ahead!
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    What an effort, thanks to everyone! Magnus List of everyone above 100 hours service during 2016 attached! Top controllers 2016.xlsx
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    Peter, I hope the meeting will be productive. I have great respect for you personally but I agree with Loxbo's statements: you do have a good point but this is the wrong time to bring it up. Or alternatively, this is the wrong way to bring it up. You have to see how extraordinary it is for a VATSIM Governor to step in to the local community and annul a vote with very little reasoning and open an investigation into a constitution which has been approved through the chain of command many times over. I do not see how the Training Director - or any of the FIR Director positions - is different to the vACC Director, for whom we are allowed to hold valid elections. They are all executive positions in the constitution. Imagine if a VATSIM Founder suddenly read the minutes of a BoG meeting, and turned around to annul all the decisions and request a review of the BoG. It would cause an uproar. Hvis det er lettere å forstå på et nordisk språk: det må være mer diplomati. Vi har ikke gjørt noe annerledes enn tidligere. Det er ikke en nødsituasjon i Skandinavia. Å gå inn og oppheve prosessen - offentlig - mens den fortsatt er i gang er ekstraordinære og utrolig. Det kan skade vårt samfunnet mer enn valgresultatet kunne har gjørt... noen gang. Jeg håper at møtet blir produktivt og at løsningen skal finnes. Igjen, jeg respekterer deg og jobben du gjør globalt. Men jeg synes at beslutningen her er feil. Those are my thoughts and I hope you will consider them in the meeting. I will not add further to this discussion.
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    Short time lapse video of yesterday's event as seen from Norway Control
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    Just have to come here and congratulate you all on the event. I've been unable to join the event since I joined VATSIM so this was the first event for and I can just say WOW. What a night. Re-routings, airspace closed, holds I think I had 5 planes circling beneath me at one point. Really really well done. A couple of close calls with break break climb now. Sadly I also heard a lot of people whine over the holds on the radio, for me all of them were expected as a single runway airport can only handle so much traffic. Once again, thank you so so much for organizing something of this scale in the Nordics and getting such an amount of controllers to spend their free time to handle the traffic. Pat yourselves on the back, this was amazing. Merry Christmas and I'll talk to you in the skies again!
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    Hæ allir! As you might have seen already, there is now a new staff team in Iceland. Miska Jokinen will take up the challenge of FIR Director, while Oliver Hayes will take up the position Training Assistant. Til hamingju Many of you will be aware that my time has been limited since last year, and when I am online I am usually also doing other work So I am glad that there are some new hands in the cockpit to guide the plane to new lands! Takk fyrir to all the people who have got involved in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands since November 2013 when I first started. I cannot mention you all by name, but you know who you are. We have built up a nice little community on VATSIM and I am sure that Miska and Oliver will take it further with their own exciting ideas. I will stick around as a casual mentor, and if Miska wants, as an adviser to help out with document writing etc... For now, please say hi to the new team and wish them well! Gangi ykkur vel!
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    VATSIM Scandinavia board appoint Arvid Hansson as Training Director. During appointment process for Training Director, board received withdrawal of application for Training Director by Kristian Kling. VATSIM Scandinavia board reassembled and reached unanimous decision according to VATSIM Scandinavia constitution to appoint @Arvid Hansson to our new Training Director. @Arvid Hansson and @Claus Hemberg Joergensen will share responsibilities for Training Director during an short transition period, as there is an demanding position with much information and processes to be handled. Note: Neither Kristian Kling nor Arvid Hansson were interested in position as Deputy Training Director that have been mentioned in some other threads in this forum. Please join me in welcoming Arvid Hansson to the demanding position as Training Director and at the same time thank @Claus Hemberg Joergensen for the time as Training Director. Magnus Gustafsson Director
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    The NEFRA project is taking another step forward allowing flights to take cross border directs between the different blocks when flights are cruising above FL285. Therefore in future flights can plan direct from Finland-Russia Border Straight to Denmark-UK border as long as the flight path stays inside the NEFRA area and the flight is flying above FL285. Flights below FL285 has to follow the rules of different blocks still and file a waypoint between the block borders. This is going to be implemented on 25.5.2017 and I recon should be used also on VATSIM. On controller side most noticeable change will be longer directs and "ghost" COPX points because there is no more waypoint filed for example between Sweden and Finland on flights using the FRA. Local rules do still apply with departure and exit points etc. So for example from Helsinki, you have to follow the departure procedure to the FRA entry point before you can take a direct. Most problems as a controller will probably raise when checking the validity of flight plan. It's good the have general idea for example of the main Scandinavian airport FRA entry and exit points. Especially for your own country but preferably for other big airports as well, so you can give better service helping pilots with flight planning. Maybe we could also make up some kind of controller FRA guide which would have all the procedures needed for quick access to check if the waypoints and procedures the pilot has filed are valid. Other than that FRA should not be that big of a problem to control because the traffic levels on Vatsim are rather low. During events it might be good to remind pilots to use the ATS system though as it eases the controller workload. Here are now some links with great information any controller can have a look if they are interested. I really recommend you to have at least a quick look on these Free route Airspace in general (by eurocontrol) http://www.eurocontrol.int/articles/free-route-airspace AIP Finland AIP AIC A 6 / 2017 https://www.ais.fi/ais/aica/A/A2017/EF_CIRC_A_2017_006_en.pdf (Free route airspace operations between NEFAB FRA and DK-SE FRA from 25 MAY 2017, document can be also found from your local AIC A section in either English, local language or both.) AIP Finland ENR 3.5 Other Routes - https://www.ais.fi/ais/aip/pdf/enr/EF_ENR_3_5_EN.pdf (mandatory routings in/out of EFHK) AIP Sweden ENR 3.5 Other Routes - https://aro.lfv.se/Editorial/View/2598/ES_ENR_3_5_en (mandatory routings in/out of Stockholm TMA, Östgöta TMA, Köpenhamn/Malmö/Halmstad TMA, Göteborg TMA & Oslo/Farris TMA) AIP Norway ENR 3.5 FRA Transition Routes - https://ais.avinor.no/no/AIP/View/8/aip/EN_ENR_3_5_en.pdf#page=3 (mandatory routing for arrivals in/out ENGM, ENRY/ENTO, ENBR, ENZV & ENVA) AIP Denmark ENR 3.5 Other Routes - http://aim.naviair.dk/media/files/kgj2qu0er4c/EK_ENR_3_5_en.pdf (Same info basically as in AIP Sweden ENR 3.5 Other Routes but also arrival transition points to EKBI, EKKA and EKYT. AIP Estonia ENR 3.5 Other Routes - http://eaip.eans.ee/2017-04-27/html/eAIP/EE-ENR-3.5-en-GB.html#ENR-3.5 (mandatory routings in/out EFHK to/from Tallinn FIR)
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    I have every intention to stay in office for the second year of my period as Director! Magnus
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    What an evening! Here is a timelapse from ENGM Thanks @Adrian Bjerke for the capturing
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    IRL there are slot times and minimum staffing levels, so you would never see a situation like this. We don't have the ability to stop aircraft coming into our airspace, unless there is full ATC coverage for the whole route, then you could theoretically ask the previous sector to hold traffic all the way down to the departure TWR. From my point of view the two major challenges were: 1. We had the bare minimum amount of controllers to pull this off at all. We had to choose between staffing up the TMA to ensure there was a final director available, or put extra resources on the ACC level to be able to manage the holding. You see the dilemma? No DIR = even more holding. 2. I tried very hard to make sure that the first aircraft entering the hold would also be the first aircraft to leave the hold. We do not really have a fair way of dealing with this across the different TMA entry points though. We only have the capacity to work out the sequence for each holding point, at least when it's this busy. I think I did a reasonable job with this, until several pilots started coming into my sector descending without clearance. This means that they are heading straight for the hold and instead of applying the "first in the hold is at the lowest level" principle, I just had to find available levels for these aircraft. Now I would really like to "punish" these offenders, but instead I have to descend them in the hold just to keep levels in the hold free, and send them off to APP. There's simply no spare capacity to handle it in a different way. I also have a general observation that the number of text pilots is increasing, and even worse the amount of pilots who don't know the basic protocols of VATSIM communication, which is: Choose one mode of communication! There are three to choose from for pilots: Text only, Voice receive, and full Voice. Don't mix! There is no "text receive, talk on voice" (this totally screws up the voice comms for the controller, as the pilot will suddenly start talking, without hearing other transmissions). There is no "I'll use voice when I feel like it and text when I feel like it" or "I'll use voice but immediately ask on text or ask the controller to use text if I don't understand". All these "mix modes" of communication can increase controller workload tremendously, as you don't know where to find the pilot, text or voice? Does he hear me or not? Is he not replying on voice because he didn't hear, or because he suddenly decided to reply via text, so I'm waiting for him to type a short story in the chat box? Finally, file your mode of communication in the flight plan! (/T/ or /R/ or /V/ in the remarks section, or select the correct mode in the pilot client) We see a big yellow "t" to indicate text pilots. If it turns out a /V/ pilot is using text, again it gets very confusing. We all know text comms is a fact of VATSIM life, but if you are not a nervous newbie, or have hearing problems, in my opinion it's simply rude to use text only online. Don't have a decent mic? Use voice receive! (I had one "receive" pilot who was so quick replying on text that he sent his readback before I had even stopped talking! ) Don't want to wake up the kids/wife/husband/parents/dog/cat/goldfish? Get a headset for 20 bucks! Have another excuse like, "I don't want to use voice because I'm Skyping at the same time." Get outta here! (And I mean that literally! Either pay attention or log off. Period.) So @Per Kristian Jensen, it's easy to criticize ATC for not being perfect, but if all the pilots could just follow basic guidelines such as NOT descending without clearance, using text or voice as appropriate, and actually monitoring the frequency to be ready to act on instructions when given by ATC, this event would have gone MUCH more smoothly. Those are my two cents!
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    10 December from 17-23z it's time to visit Santa Claus again, as usual Vatsim-Scandinavia will staff Rovaniemi (EFRO), Luleå (ESPA) and Tromsø (ENTC) throughout the evening. Since this event attracts a fair amount of pilots we highly recommend to bring a lot of holding fuel. And it doesn't hurt to bring your favorite bevarage and candy onboard since it will most likely be a long night for you. Visit our Santa web for pilot briefing, charts and scenery suggestion to make your visit to the north as enjoyable as possible. Vatsim-Scandinavia hope you will enjoy this year's Fly and See Santa. Santa web Merry Christmas!
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    Hi all, I would just like to inform that I have applied for Oslo-Gardermoen for Cross The Pond Eastbound 2017. This will be the only application for airfields within VATSIM-Scandinavia since we have better chance to get chosen if we focus on one airfield during the voting process.
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    Here is a very informative video on a phenomenon called Controller Blind Spot, which means overlooking a close-by aircraft when scanning for conflicts. https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Controller_Blind_Spot_(SKYclip) More info: https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Blind_Spots_–_Inefficient_conflict_detection_with_closest_aircraft
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    Even after taking some time to think about it, I'm still puzzled as to what exactly it was in this situation that caused so much concern in VATSIM staff that they pushed the panic button. It is unfortunate that the board were unable to reach an unanimous decision on the matter, but rather than continuing to spend their valuable time with a deadlock situation, presenting the two qualified candidates for a vote as per our constitution just makes sense (qualified being the key word there, as either of them would - as I understand it - have been chosen had their application been the only one). Like Aleksander above, I'm also curious as to which document or documents - and which specific part/s of it - prohibit a vote like this? Listing some years (at least 2003 and 2004 have been mentioned) and various VATSIM related documents without any clarification just strikes me as odd. You probably know the documents better than most members here, and perhaps even the reasoning behind the text, so a bit more effort in trying to explain your actions and the rules behind them would probably be appreciated by many of our members. If a deputy TD position is decided to be added (I have no idea if we need one or if the position can attract applicants, it all depends on the job description), it may be best to halt the whole process until new job descriptions for both the TD and the deputy TD have been drafted. After that a new application period for both positions, and hopefully there will be applicants... If all else fails, here's my proposal to get things moving again: We go ahead and vote. The vote, instead of deciding who is chosen, is a consultative one. Once the voting ends, the board meets. They review the candidates again, taking into consideration possible new information since their last vote (such as the consultative member vote, if they so choose). Then they vote again, hopefully reaching a decision for us. If not, well, then it's time to think of a new plan.
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    Hi Florian, First of all thanks for thoroughly explaining your decision. What I want to talk here anyways is the VATSIM Scandinavia constitution and the way we may change it. So first of all I think we need to agree on two main things: Firstly we need to agree that the current VATSIM Scandinavia constitution was approved by VATSIM authorities and secondly we need to agree on the very basic rule of the law in general, which is latin 'Lex retro non agit ' or in other words 'A law does not apply retroactively'. Since the first thing doesn't really requite much discussion I will focus on the second point only. So let's start with an easy example, so we're sure we're all on the same page here. Let's assume a situation that in a given country in a year 2014 legal approved alcohol content in blood for a car driver was 0,5‰, but then at the beginning of a year 2015 it was lowered to 0,2‰. The driver was stopped by a police on 31st Dec 2014 and the alcohol test reveled an alcohol content in drivers blood was 0,4‰. So can he be hold guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol ? I wouldn't say so, because at that very moment it was still legal. Moving from previous example to the situation we are having over here I must say we have working and approved constitution, that is set of our laws that we have to adhere to. If the constitution says that if the board haven't reached unanimous decision then the election must be held then they indeed must be held. And since it all happened before VATEUD decided to get involved then the election must be held, the same way you can't sentence the driver in the example above. If we think that the law is not sensible we ought to change it, but only in a way that is allowed by regulations. We can't say that from now on we'll ignore part of the constitution just because we don't like it. In the constitution point 7.4 it's clearly stated how any amendments to the constitution shall be handled: What I'm saying here is that the law quoted above is made in order to prevent anyone from making any valid changes that may affect our community, without the community's approval. The proper way of changing constitution is to 1) propose a change, 2) propose amendment to the constitution, 3) amend the constitution 4) adhere to the new law that is in force. Although I can't say that the decision made by VATEUD is harmful to the community or the training system, I must say that the situation was handled with no regards to the VATSIM Scandinavia constitution approved by VATSIM authorities and this is the thing that I do not like to see. Allowing any changes to the VATSIM Scandinavia constitution in this way may threaten the integrity of our community in the future. We all have the constitution, rules and laws to follow, and by 'we all' I also mean VATSIM highest authorities. If you set or approve rules then be sure to follow them too as any other VATSIM member.
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    Peter, as you know very well our constitution requires us to have a public vote in these circumstances. VATEUD has had no objection to the constitution, so for you to come on here and criticise the election is quite extraordinary. As you also know we are very open to input from higher levels of VATSIM government, and amendments to our constitution can always be discussed and practices revised, but interfering with this process when it's already been put in motion just strikes me as unprofessional and not constructive.
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    Hi all, Like 3 weeks ago (ESSA Real time event), thanks a lot for the excellent planning and guidance during EKCH Real Time! Normally I avoid big fly-ins because most of the time they result in long holdings and delayed departures. 15-20 min holdings are fine, 30+ gets annoying very rapidly, at least for me. But the real time ESSA/EKCH flyins were just great, because of great ATC and also because of the real time schedule used. This regulates the traffic to/from the airport very efficiently. Yesterday I arrived around 19:00 CET and I was in a string of 7 for approach on 04L. No holdings just excellent controlling. I think we all landed with 5nm separation, I could see actually the aircraft in front of my turning of the runway, it was just a great experience. Egbert Scandinavian VA
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    It was about time to get this done. Thanks for everyone controlling and flying for the event. It was once again very successful! Enjoy! / Jouka
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    The only Scandinavian airport this year is Stockholm, Arlanda. Please give our swedish friends a vote! http://ctp.vatsim.net/voting/
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    Do you sometimes struggle to get your FMC to perform the flight as you intend? Well, you are not alone. It happens in reallife too, see below (!)
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    This announcement written here as John Brander otherwise can´t respond! Times are changing and with that also VATSIM Scandinavia staff structure. For and longer period it has become obvious that Membership Director daily tasks are not there anymore as it was before VATSIM SSO and automatic calculation of online hours for VATSIM Scandinavia members. One of our most long lasting staff members Membership Director @John Brander has left the chair and no one will fill that one. Many are the hours that he has checked new members signing in, in our forum to verify that they are using their real name in VATSIM registers and the right email account are used. Not even think of the manual task to check each VATSIM Scandinavia ATC manually that they provide 10 hours of service / 6 months. With this said, I like to forward to @John Brander a big "thank you" from VATSIM Scandinavia. Side note: The email adress "member@vatsim-scandinavia.org" is still active and are handled by Director. Magnus
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    Asking a friendly controller directly solves this "problem" I sometimes get those messages and I see them only as a benefit. The outcome is a win-win situation where either I will inform thee pilot I am closing unconditionally at some timeframe, where he/she will not lose time flying an unmanned airspace, or I will consider extending my time online and he/she gets to fly a manned airspace. Really, communication makes the experience much more pleasurable to all sides. Use the rule of thumb : if you don't know, just ask, most of us will not bite
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    Winter is coming, Christmas is getting closer and it's time for our annual visit to Lappland and Santa Claus again. 12th December from 17-23z, Vatsim-Scandinavia will light up Rovaniemi (EFRO), Luleå-Kallax (ESPA), Tromsø (ENTC) and wants to welcome all pilots to join in for the Christmas spirit. You might be aware that this event attracts quite a few pilots, therefore we highly recommend you to bring plenty of holding fuel, a lot of Christmas candy and your favorite hot beverage. It will be a long night for all of us. http://santa.vatsim-scandinavia.org/ Please take an extra look at our Santa web for briefing, charts and scenery suggestions to make it as smooth as possible. And also make sure you are confident in holding patterns and instructions, because we can guarantee a lot of holdings. Vatsim-Scandinavia hope you will enjoy this year's Fly And See Santa. Merry Christmas!