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    The TopSky plugin will be getting a minor update in the coming weeks or months. Feature-wise there will likely not be any major changes, mostly small fixes here and there and some additions to data file formats. The most visible change will be a completely new color set for the COOPANS version of the plugin, shown in the attached image. For the Danish old-timers, it's almost like changing back to the old DATMAS colors, for others it's going to be more of a leap to the unknown. The new set is already used in Denmark, but until Sweden adopts it as well, the "old" set will remain available as an option. This message serves as a heads-up about the coming change (I'll provide detailed information on the necessary changes to settings files when the time comes), but also as a reminder to let me know about any issues in the plugin you may have come across so they might get fixed for the next release. Unless issues come up that require major changes in the code, there will probably not be need for a beta period, I'll just release the new version once it's ready. The Ground Radar plugin will be updated as well, but it will require a period of beta testing before public release. Whether it's going to be a public or closed beta remains to be seen.
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    Let's welcome @Anton Lindros as our newest member with MAE at ESSA_TWR!
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    Härligt Anton. Välkommen till Arlanda!
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    Hurra, hurra, hurra, ha den äran!
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    Stort grattis till S2MAE ratingen Anton!
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