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    Hi guys, Kieran has an online session as BIKF_TWR on the 20th. Come give him some traffic!
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    If they are open to Helsinki, I wonder if the CTP team might consider giving BIKF a few slots in a future event - not as much as larger airfields because it is a smaller airport, but say 30-40 slots. As Iceland is already halfway across the Atlantic, departures could be staggered out more because they already have a head start. So you could have a departure every 5 minutes for three hours. Since the distance to North America is shorter, we could also take medium aircraft, rather than only heavies, and we could also use the East Apron and remote stands, rather than just the Terminal stands. This shouldn't affect BIRD_CTR's normal enroute participation too much but it would give our S2s and S3s something to do
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    On March 22nd, the Swedish training staff welcomes everyone to help @filip laj earn his S2-rating at ESMS, Malmö Sturup Tower. 18-20Z is the time to have in mind! Expect surrounding areas to be covered as well, and as always both IFR and VFR flights are most welcome! Examinator: @Axel Westermark Good luck Filip!
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    Grattis till nya ratingen Anton - bra jobbat, såg att det var mycket trafik på Landvetter!
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    Hello! During the latest couple of weeks, I've seen some interesting tower views in some streams. So I thought why don't share them so people that are just getting started at least have some presets to go from. The ones that I will share will be almost identical to the real world except for Skavsta which is due that I could not find a source with the correct view. Both ESSA, ESMS and the ESGG tower views are made by @Max August Larsson Kuhla & help for ESSA we had @Andreas Inemanwith direct help and pictures from the real world tower. For installation remember to download the wx file too, you will change the weather but its a necessary file in order for it to work. ESSA View: ESGG Tower: ESKN Tower: ESMS Tower Feel free to upload your so this can expand to more airports ESGG TWR.fxml ESGG TWR.wx ESKN TWR.fxml ESKN TWR.wx ESMS TWR.fxml ESMS TWR.wx ESSA TWR.fxml ESSA TWR.wx
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    I think it is a real pity if EFHK couldn't be departure/arrival field for CTP. If EFHK were used that would promote great traffic flow through both Norway and Sweden and possibly Denmark and Iceland as well.