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    Hi! This post follows the initial information about WF 2018 and its visit through VATSIM Scandinavia under the WF-tour. This year, the tour will visit Norway FIR and Reykjavik CTA. Unfortunately, the timeframe is not ideal for controllers in Norway FIR, especially, considering the time of the day. The ETA and ETD are listed below and all the flights in our vACC are done on Thursday, 8th of November. Most of the intentions of the post are that controllers are already now aware of the event, and we in the Event Department hopes the local controllers can attend. If we miss some ATC, there will be own Worldflight ATC. Still, I hope we can cover all positions with local ATC *Not confirmed yet The staffing threads will be published later in Norway FIR and Reykjavik CTA forums... and if we got more relevant information, it will be published under this thread
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