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    Hi everyone! We have some changes among the Swedes. Since Martin Stockzell has been appointed as our new Director, he will have to leave his position as Training Assistant Sweden. And I'm pleased to announce that it will be @Mattias Krogstad who will move up from Deputy TA Sweden and take over that role, and @Hakan Schulz will take over the place left by Mattias as Deputy Training Assistant Sweden. Martin will be assisting when needed in the transfer period until the credentials are sorted out.
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    Great stuff. Feels good to know that the Royal Swedish training department will keep on keeping on No, but in all seriousness. I couldn't have asked for better suited replacements! Best of luck and congrats!
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    Just for information noticed that EuroScope webpage (www.euroscope.hu) is temporarily down. However, if you need to download EuroScope offical version, or latest beta, or PublicVatsimLicence.lic (for FSD Server program) it is available at: EuroScope download from GoogleDrive
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    If you are a C1 or higher with an interest in trying new things. Please do consider to send an e-mail to the Gander Oceanic team. They would need some extra help during this Westbound event. Please send an e-mail to: a.ogden[at]vatcan.ca Thank you for your help!
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    Vatsim Scandinavia training starts with S2-level, so you have done everything right with applying for S2-training! Magnus
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    The votes are now counted and based on the result I am pleased to announce that VATSIM Scandinavia has a new Director! Please join me to to congratulate @Martin Stockzell on his appointment to the position. The resuls was confirmed by me and the Web Services Director, Mikael Harju. The results from Training Administration System are shown below. During the transition period I and Martin will share the duties and the responsibilites of the position. The newly elected Director will inform the community once he has completely taken over the position. -Julius, Director
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    Nu gillar jag förvisso sommartidskonceptet men här är la fel ställe att diskutera politik. Är mest intresserad när du vill ha mig online vanlig go Göteborgstid. Samma tidszon i Gstan som i Frölunda, @Hakan Schulz så vi bör kunna lösa detta tillsammans
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    Just det - tänkte inte så mycket på det iom att ni brukar köra från 19LT så man brukar hinna hem. Jag sitter i förhandlingar på em som kan dra ut på tiden+köer på Lundbyleden så då blir det kanske knepigare. Tänker att jag nog borde hinna hem till 18 men kommer jag 18:15 så får ni leva med det helt enkelt
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    One week to go, get your bookings in!
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    I'd be happy to support as ATC - booked Stockholm for now, however, I'm flexible if another position would be more convenient. Good luck with the training!