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    What an effort, thanks to everyone! Magnus List of everyone above 100 hours service during 2016 attached! Top controllers 2016.xlsx
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    Hello all members of VATSIM Scandinavia! This is my formal notification that I have taken over Director position of VATSIM Scandinavia. We all thank @Magnus Gustafsson of his time as Director for the last two years. I am reachable on daily bases by email and of course on our TeamSpeak server when I am online. I am looking forward to work with all of you. -Julius Mannermaa, Director
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    Hello all! @Håvard Halvorsen has been appointed by Board of VATSIM Scandinavia to be the next Training Director of our vACC. During transition period I and Håvard will share the duties. And to get everything set up, Kristian Kling will brief our new TD about credentials and procedures needed for this position. Also there will be some transfer of credentials for our new Training Director. I would also like to thank @Kristian Kling for his work dring his time in this position. -Julius
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    Short time lapse video of yesterday's event as seen from Norway Control
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    Just have to come here and congratulate you all on the event. I've been unable to join the event since I joined VATSIM so this was the first event for and I can just say WOW. What a night. Re-routings, airspace closed, holds I think I had 5 planes circling beneath me at one point. Really really well done. A couple of close calls with break break climb now. Sadly I also heard a lot of people whine over the holds on the radio, for me all of them were expected as a single runway airport can only handle so much traffic. Once again, thank you so so much for organizing something of this scale in the Nordics and getting such an amount of controllers to spend their free time to handle the traffic. Pat yourselves on the back, this was amazing. Merry Christmas and I'll talk to you in the skies again!
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    @Kristian Kling has been appointed by unanimous decision by VATSIM Scandinavia board. Kristian was the only applicant for the position. During an transition Arvid Hansson and Kristian will share duties and will internally decide tasks, this to have as smooth transition as possible. Also there need to be some time for Kristian to ge credentials to platforms needed to perform his duties. With this announcement I also thank @Arvid Hansson for his work during his time in office. Magnus Director
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    For once in my career, I'm gonna post my own feedback! Mikkel Lindgren <denmark@vatsim-scandinavia.org> 04:58 (4 minutes ago) to feedback It's worldflight week! I just want to give my kudos to the swedish ATC - what you are doing right now is amazing! I'm in the Worldflight 2017 ATC team, and by far we haven't seen anything like this. 6 local controllers online at 4:30 in the morning. I take my hat of for you guys! Keep up the spirit and thanks for you efforst!!! @Hakan Schulz @Oskar Sunnanhagen @Martin Tornberg @Max August Larsson Kuhla @Thomas Ljung @Mattias Krogstad - Great job, guys!!!!! Mikkel Lindgren Director of Copenhagen FIR www.vatsim-scandinavia.org Denmark@Vatsim-Scandinavia.org
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    Hello everyone! The forum have been upgraded with some small changes, so if you got problems with some functions on the forum, please remove site-cache and it will be solved. The update applied were a very big update, but with minor changed notable to a normal user. Regards, Peter Web Services Director
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    The NEFRA project is taking another step forward allowing flights to take cross border directs between the different blocks when flights are cruising above FL285. Therefore in future flights can plan direct from Finland-Russia Border Straight to Denmark-UK border as long as the flight path stays inside the NEFRA area and the flight is flying above FL285. Flights below FL285 has to follow the rules of different blocks still and file a waypoint between the block borders. This is going to be implemented on 25.5.2017 and I recon should be used also on VATSIM. On controller side most noticeable change will be longer directs and "ghost" COPX points because there is no more waypoint filed for example between Sweden and Finland on flights using the FRA. Local rules do still apply with departure and exit points etc. So for example from Helsinki, you have to follow the departure procedure to the FRA entry point before you can take a direct. Most problems as a controller will probably raise when checking the validity of flight plan. It's good the have general idea for example of the main Scandinavian airport FRA entry and exit points. Especially for your own country but preferably for other big airports as well, so you can give better service helping pilots with flight planning. Maybe we could also make up some kind of controller FRA guide which would have all the procedures needed for quick access to check if the waypoints and procedures the pilot has filed are valid. Other than that FRA should not be that big of a problem to control because the traffic levels on Vatsim are rather low. During events it might be good to remind pilots to use the ATS system though as it eases the controller workload. Here are now some links with great information any controller can have a look if they are interested. I really recommend you to have at least a quick look on these Free route Airspace in general (by eurocontrol) http://www.eurocontrol.int/articles/free-route-airspace AIP Finland AIP AIC A 6 / 2017 https://www.ais.fi/ais/aica/A/A2017/EF_CIRC_A_2017_006_en.pdf (Free route airspace operations between NEFAB FRA and DK-SE FRA from 25 MAY 2017, document can be also found from your local AIC A section in either English, local language or both.) AIP Finland ENR 3.5 Other Routes - https://www.ais.fi/ais/aip/pdf/enr/EF_ENR_3_5_EN.pdf (mandatory routings in/out of EFHK) AIP Sweden ENR 3.5 Other Routes - https://aro.lfv.se/Editorial/View/2598/ES_ENR_3_5_en (mandatory routings in/out of Stockholm TMA, Östgöta TMA, Köpenhamn/Malmö/Halmstad TMA, Göteborg TMA & Oslo/Farris TMA) AIP Norway ENR 3.5 FRA Transition Routes - https://ais.avinor.no/no/AIP/View/8/aip/EN_ENR_3_5_en.pdf#page=3 (mandatory routing for arrivals in/out ENGM, ENRY/ENTO, ENBR, ENZV & ENVA) AIP Denmark ENR 3.5 Other Routes - http://aim.naviair.dk/media/files/kgj2qu0er4c/EK_ENR_3_5_en.pdf (Same info basically as in AIP Sweden ENR 3.5 Other Routes but also arrival transition points to EKBI, EKKA and EKYT. AIP Estonia ENR 3.5 Other Routes - http://eaip.eans.ee/2017-04-27/html/eAIP/EE-ENR-3.5-en-GB.html#ENR-3.5 (mandatory routings in/out EFHK to/from Tallinn FIR)
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    Hi all, As the title might have led you to believe, I am writing to let you all know that after some careful consideration I have sent Magnus my letter of resignation and intend to step down from the Training Director position. Lately I've found it increasingly difficult to find the motivation needed to give the role the time and attention it deserves. There are a few reasons behind this, the main one being that I've found the combination of VACCSCA's shape and size, and VATEUD and all that it brings incredibly unrewarding to work with. I don't feel it's necessary to go into more detail in this message, but I think it's right that at least some light be shone upon the real reason behind my departure. For the organisation to function well, It's fundamentally important that the person in the TD seat does not see the situation from the point of view I do. I therefore strongly believe it's best for VATSIM Scandinavia that some fresh blood is brought into the Training Director's office. I want to emphasise that the views and opinions behind this decision are completely my personal thoughts. VATSIM Scandinavia has a good relationship with VATEUD and I've never had any issues working with their guys, it simply isn't right for me. Finally, I want to say that it's been great working with you in Scandinavia again. Despite the fact that my stint as TD ended up being shorter and less productive than I wanted it to be I have had a great time being here and I feel that I'm handing the department over in a good state. That is, however, far from solely my achievement. I'd like to thank the TAs I've worked with for the time they've spent working for the department, they truly are fundamental pieces of the organisation and there's no doubt the Training Department wouldn't function without them. Magnus will start the application process for my successor in the upcoming days, I shall continue with the TD duties until one has been appointed. Take care, I'll see you all around.
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    I have long thought that VATSCA logo has needed a bit of updating, as the current design is way out of fashion. It has thin lines, text and elements which renders bad onto backgrounds. It's also a very wide format, which can be challenging in different cases. The new 'era' of graphic profiling is all about minimalism, and the less-is-more principle. I wanted to create a logo which represents the whole VACC, not just 'the triangle'. I wanted it to be recognized with and without the text, and wanted it to be adaptable. So I came up with this suggestion. Each corner is naturally one of the hubs in the VACC, drawn in proportion. The logo is bold and easily readable, and can be changed to white if on a dark background. The blue is a cold-ish color, which represent our northern geographical position. It's also possible to create country-specific logos for this to represent each FIR – but I'll have to look more into that. All in all, what do you guys think?
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    What an evening! Here is a timelapse from ENGM Thanks @Adrian Bjerke for the capturing
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    The teamspeak server has been moved to our database server which is a bit faster The new address to our teamspeak server is: TS.VATSIM-SCANDINAVIA.ORG (or ts.vatsca.org if you want a shorter one )
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    IRL there are slot times and minimum staffing levels, so you would never see a situation like this. We don't have the ability to stop aircraft coming into our airspace, unless there is full ATC coverage for the whole route, then you could theoretically ask the previous sector to hold traffic all the way down to the departure TWR. From my point of view the two major challenges were: 1. We had the bare minimum amount of controllers to pull this off at all. We had to choose between staffing up the TMA to ensure there was a final director available, or put extra resources on the ACC level to be able to manage the holding. You see the dilemma? No DIR = even more holding. 2. I tried very hard to make sure that the first aircraft entering the hold would also be the first aircraft to leave the hold. We do not really have a fair way of dealing with this across the different TMA entry points though. We only have the capacity to work out the sequence for each holding point, at least when it's this busy. I think I did a reasonable job with this, until several pilots started coming into my sector descending without clearance. This means that they are heading straight for the hold and instead of applying the "first in the hold is at the lowest level" principle, I just had to find available levels for these aircraft. Now I would really like to "punish" these offenders, but instead I have to descend them in the hold just to keep levels in the hold free, and send them off to APP. There's simply no spare capacity to handle it in a different way. I also have a general observation that the number of text pilots is increasing, and even worse the amount of pilots who don't know the basic protocols of VATSIM communication, which is: Choose one mode of communication! There are three to choose from for pilots: Text only, Voice receive, and full Voice. Don't mix! There is no "text receive, talk on voice" (this totally screws up the voice comms for the controller, as the pilot will suddenly start talking, without hearing other transmissions). There is no "I'll use voice when I feel like it and text when I feel like it" or "I'll use voice but immediately ask on text or ask the controller to use text if I don't understand". All these "mix modes" of communication can increase controller workload tremendously, as you don't know where to find the pilot, text or voice? Does he hear me or not? Is he not replying on voice because he didn't hear, or because he suddenly decided to reply via text, so I'm waiting for him to type a short story in the chat box? Finally, file your mode of communication in the flight plan! (/T/ or /R/ or /V/ in the remarks section, or select the correct mode in the pilot client) We see a big yellow "t" to indicate text pilots. If it turns out a /V/ pilot is using text, again it gets very confusing. We all know text comms is a fact of VATSIM life, but if you are not a nervous newbie, or have hearing problems, in my opinion it's simply rude to use text only online. Don't have a decent mic? Use voice receive! (I had one "receive" pilot who was so quick replying on text that he sent his readback before I had even stopped talking! ) Don't want to wake up the kids/wife/husband/parents/dog/cat/goldfish? Get a headset for 20 bucks! Have another excuse like, "I don't want to use voice because I'm Skyping at the same time." Get outta here! (And I mean that literally! Either pay attention or log off. Period.) So @Per Kristian Jensen, it's easy to criticize ATC for not being perfect, but if all the pilots could just follow basic guidelines such as NOT descending without clearance, using text or voice as appropriate, and actually monitoring the frequency to be ready to act on instructions when given by ATC, this event would have gone MUCH more smoothly. Those are my two cents!
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    I am pleased to announce that @Oskar Sunnanhagen will be taking on the post of Training Assistant Sweden and @Martin Stockzell will be assisting him as Deputy Training Assistant. Best of luck to you! Kristian Kling, TD
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    Hi all, I would just like to inform that I have applied for Oslo-Gardermoen for Cross The Pond Eastbound 2017. This will be the only application for airfields within VATSIM-Scandinavia since we have better chance to get chosen if we focus on one airfield during the voting process.
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    Here is a very informative video on a phenomenon called Controller Blind Spot, which means overlooking a close-by aircraft when scanning for conflicts. https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Controller_Blind_Spot_(SKYclip) More info: https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Blind_Spots_–_Inefficient_conflict_detection_with_closest_aircraft
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    Thank you Magnus, and thank you members of the Board for your confidence. Lately I have put a lot of energy into the the training organisation in Sweden as a Training Assistant and as a Mentor. I find it highly rewarding to be a part of the training of new ATC members and therefore I am now delighted to get this opportunity to share my enthusiasm with all of Vatsim Scandinavia. I believe that the mentors are the engine of the training department and the quality of most services across the whole vACC resides with them. I will make it my mission during my term in office to make the mentor's work as streamlined and enjoyable as possible! As for this moment I remain Training Assistant Sweden, but I am happy to announce that my successor will be made official within the next few days. Finally I would like to thank @Arvid Hansson for his service as Training Director and I hope that his expertise and commitment will remain within Vatsim Scandinavia in the future. Kristian Kling
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    Tack alla inblandade i kväll! För de som undrar hur det gick... Jo, det gick bra, nu har jag S3-MA.
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    The only Scandinavian airport this year is Stockholm, Arlanda. Please give our swedish friends a vote! http://ctp.vatsim.net/voting/
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    Having 4 Finnish controllers on the top 10 list seems amazing from FIR director point of view. Thanks a lot to all Finnish controllers in 2016 for helping to get Finland more and more active. Still remember when I started and Finland was opensky and did not have that many controllers. Those times are now behind and we can look into brighter future! Also thanks to everyone else contributing their free time on controlling on Vatsim Scandinavia positions last year. Lets try to make 2017 even more active in each country!
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    Starting at 4 November 09:00z, Arlanda together with Sweden Control will be online for 36 hours in this rare marathon event. This is an excellent opportunity for you to fly in and out of Stockholm-Arlanda regardless of what time zone you live in. Fly some local domestic hops with Norwegian or visit Arlanda with your favorite cargo aircraft, hauling cargo throughout the night. Or why not depart Arlanda in the morning on Saturday, visiting the Big Apple and head back arriving Sunday morning with ATC still being online! No matter what you decide to fly during this event, you will have excellent ATC coverage for 36 hours. We recommend you visiting the pilot briefing page and have your charts with you in the cockpit. The Swedish ATC team hope you will enjoy this event, see you online! Briefing and Sceneries | Charts
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    First day of the convention is now done; here are some pictures as promised. Registration began at 9 o'clock in the morning. The convention location is Holborn Bars, an old Victorian building in Central London and it certainly is an amazing location for an event like this. The main room for the convention with people settling in for the day Welcome kits were handed out, with things like the two days' schedule, name tags and discount codes for the upcoming Aerosoft A330 and CRJ, as well as a JustFlight coupon. Ben Hunwicks giving a part of the welcome speech to the attendees The actual program began with Heathrow ATCO Michael Benson giving us an insight into the operation required to fit as many aircraft in and out of EGLL as has to be done every single day and the challenges related to it. In the picture he's explaining TBS, time based separation that is now used for arrivals to boost the overall arrivals rate. The swift pilot client team gave an update on the progress of the development. Also caused some "heated discussion" on things like the purpose of the project, development speed and features . The Simfest team giving a humour-filled presentation about their 747 simulator, the process of building it and World Flight. One of today's panel discussions, this one regarding creating innovative and novel VATSIM events. @Martin Tornberg as one of the panelists. The conference will continue tomorrow, so some more photos to be expected then .
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    Too far for me to travel, but maybe not for most VATSCA members VATSIM is holding a convention in London on 28th-30th July which will involve socialising and events about ATC and flying all day long. All the details here: https://connexion.vatsim.net/
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    As of today, version 1.1.2 is the current public release for the Ground Radar plugin. Anyone using version 1.1 or newer should see an update message box when starting EuroScope. The main changes of version 1.1.1 from version 1.1 are: Unique settings for each opened radar screen Possibility to have airport-specific settings pre-defined Stand assignment only possible for assumed and untracked aircraft More options for the APP Window (view rotation, prediction lines, history dots, etc.) Raw primary radar data display Possibility to hide the ground mode track label to simulate a very basic system Version 1.1.2 has just some minor fixes to 1.1.1 As this is the first time the update check feature introduced in version 1.1 is used, here's a short description about it: The update can be either: Recommended: In this case there's no deadline and the user's current version can still be used without any restrictions. Mandatory with a deadline: In this case the message box will show the deadline if it hasn't passed yet. The current version can be used until then, but it's still recommended to update without delay. Mandatory: The current version can not be used and (nearly) all plugin features will be blocked until it is updated. The same happens if a "mandatory with deadline" update is not done before the deadline. Currently the update is just recommended so any previous version can still be used, but it will at some point become mandatory to have only one "official" version around. Easier for controller training and technical support. The current version should eventually make its way to the sector file packages, but until that happens, the updated files are available at the URL specified in the update message box. The update package contains the plugin's current manual set, the plugin itself and those plugin data files that can be used globally. The update procedure is rather simple: Download the update package Copy the included plugin (dll) and data files (txt) to your plugin directory, overwriting the existing files. DO NOT delete any files.
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    Not a controller myself YET but lets face it, many of us have been on the other side of the mike while the controller had a handful!
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    The announcement thread seems to be blocked for reply from ordinary members, so I just would like to say: Big thanks to @Magnus Gustafsson for all your efforts as VATSIM Scandinavia Director during these two years! And also warm welcome and congratulations to @Julius Mannermaa . Whish you all the best and good luck in your new role!
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    Hi All, I'm happy to announce that Mathias Johnsen will be joining the Training Department as the Deputy Training Assistant Norway. This position is similar to what the TA ENGM role used to be, but Mathias will be helping Håvard manage training throughout Norway. Mathias is currently a web services administrator, and having held several staff positions (including Director) in the past he should be a familiar face to most of the community. Training in Norway is already running at an incredible pace and I have no doubts efficiency will increase even further with Mathias joining the team! The training-norway@ e-mail alias is shared between Håvard and Mathias and all enquiries regarding training in Norway shall continue to be sent to that address. Thanks for stepping up, Mathias!
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    According to the constitution, under 4.3.2 all members of Vatsim Scandinavia has the right to [...] Propose suggestions for change. These should be addressed to the Director or another person in the board, and labeled "formal proposal". So if this is something you would like I would encourage you to make a formal proposal to the director (@Julius Mannermaa)
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    This is starting tomorrow at 09z, we hope to see you flying in and out of Arlanda!
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    Yesterday evening (Friday October 20) the FSCB-Flightgroup was again a very happy flightgroup thanks to the wonderful support from VATSIM Scandinavia. We departed from ESGG for a flight to EDDT and we had Oskar as ESGG-GND, Alexander in the TWR, Mattais did APP and AXEL gave ESOS-CTR. All positions filled with friendly and professional ATC ! We had 11 aircraft in our group, but everything was handled very smoothly. FSCB-Flightgroup thanks all of you for your great service ! Till next time. Paul KLM366
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    On September 29, 2017 the FCSB-Flightgroup continued the flights in Scandinavia with a flight from Bromma to OLOU in Finland. Unfortunately we had no controllers on our departure from Bromma, but Miska ((Tampere Radar) provided great ATC soon after taking off and all the way to OLOU. There we were welcomed by Julius (EFOU_APP) and Joonatan (EFOU_TWR). Thank you Julius and Joonatan to come online at EFOU for FSCB-Flightgroup! I added some pictures of our group taken after our landing in Olou. Thank-you Vatsim Scandinavia for your support! Paul / KLM366
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    NAX - NORSHUTTLE callsign is used when the flight is operated by Norwegian Air Norway. That is when the flight is based in Norway, Sweden or Denmark IBK - NORTRANS callsign is used when the flight is operated by Norwegian Air International. That is when the flight is based anywhere else than Norway, Sweden or Denmark By based I mean where the rotation starts and crew is based. For example NAX1302 and NAX1303 is a rotation from ENGM to EGKK and back to ENGM While IBK2801 is rotation from EGKK to ENGM and back to EGKK. Notice the difference that NAX flight starts from ENGM and IBK flight starts from EGKK. / Jouka
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    Monday June 5th between 17.00-19.00Z @Alexander Fyhn is up for his S2 checkout at his home airport of Malmö Airport (ESMS) which by the locals goes by the name of "Sturup". Sturup is Swedens fourth largest airport, that has seen a drastically lowered passenger amount since the opening of Kastrup (EKCH) just 50km away. Still, it regulary sees traffic from SAS, Norwegian, BRA and Wizz Air and roughly 15 more, with around 2 million passengers per year. Come fly IFR or VFR, and expect surrounding ATC to be online to help out as well! Charts and pilot briefs as always available at the website: http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/pilots/airports/sweden/esms-malmo/ SPECIAL NOTE: Since Alexander has choosen ESMS for his checkout this is somewhat of an historic event. Most of the S2 checkouts takes place at ESGG due to it beeing the second largest airport. So I really encourage you all to come and fly. There are good freeware sceneries out there! Vatsim Scandinavia and Sweden FIR wishes everyone welcome! Examinator: Magnus Gustafsson
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    This is indeed a great tool, well done! I was wondering about a small thing though. With so many position bookable, would it be an idea to first have a drop down menu to select FIR first, so you don't have to scroll through endless positions first? It is fine on a PC where you can just type the position, but from mobile devices it takes some time to find the position.
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    VATSIM-Scandinavia and VATCAN would like to welcome all pilots to something different, an Arctic Shuttle from BIKF to CYYC. Take your favorite aircraft for an exciting flight across the beautiful and vast nature in the north on Saturday 6 May. Icelandic controllers will be online from 17z to facilitate departures out from Keflavik (BIKF). Then the pilots will enjoy enroute coverage from Iceland all the way to Calgary where the Canadian controllers will greet you upon arrival. To make your crossing from Iceland to Canada as enjoyable as possible we highly recommend to visit our prilot briefing which covers everything from Oceanic clearances to arrival procedures in Calgary. Briefing: BIKF, CYYC Route suggestion: BIKF-CYYC: SORIR DCT 66N030W 67N040W 68N050W 68N060W DCT CANEL NCAC YMM J517 CACHO Q882 DUDNI BIRKO3 BIKF-CYYC: RALOV DCT 65N030W 66N040W 67N050W DCT DARUB NCAD 090D DCT 60N100W DCT YKJ DCT YWV DCT PIKLA BIRKO3 Note: Due to adverse winds and weather the routes mentioned above is not necessarily the most fuel efficient.
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    Join me in congratulating @Mattias Krogstad who passed a very demanding checkout this evening. Have fun with ESSA Mattias!
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    Stockholm-Arlanda is now confirmed for participation in this year's CTP Westbound.
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    Well done everyone, especially Julius who we now know is totally crazy
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    Congratulations everyone! Julius have dedicated alot of time for Vatsim last year, 2 hours and 10 minutes every day on average.
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    Controller name is not mentioned but it should be @Kobi Lecornu that have shown his performance
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    The checkouts continue in Helsinki when it's Lauri Liimatainen's turn to take the stage on Helsinki Tower on the 1st of December at 18-21z (20-23lt) and prove that he's got the skills to become a fully qualified tower controller. To do so he needs your help – any traffic, no matter IFR or VFR is welcome and much needed to help Lauri with his checkout. You can also expect excellent ATC coverage around Lauri thanks to the Helsinki in Sight event that occurs simultaneously with the checkout, so it's the perfect time for some flying – some sightseeing around Helsinki with your Cessna or perhaps something bigger, it's all possible. Welcome to Helsinki! Joonatan
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    <future banner to be placed here> Vatsim Scandinavia and the Swedish training staff is pleased to invite everyone to Göteborg-Landvetter Airport (ESGG) tuesday november the 16th for an checkout of @Mattias Krogstad on ESGG_APP. Expect supporting ATC as well! Come fly IFR, VFR, large airliners, small aircrafts or why not a helicopter, to really help Mattias earn his endorsement! Airport briefing, charts and other useful information can be found here. Examinator: Magnus Gustafsson
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    Jag bokar tornet. Klart du ska få någon under dig, kul å sitta nåt jag inte vanligtvis bemannar/bemannat sen S2-träningen Lycka till!
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    The next version of the TopSky plugin has been in development now for almost two years. Progress has been slow for various reasons, but for a long time now the only thing delaying the release has been a possible crash-causing bug in the code. I've never encountered the crash myself, and the few reports I have of it happening are months apart with so far no clue as to where the issue might be, or even if it is the plugin at fault or something else. Rather than delay the release indefinitely, I've decided to put the plugin into a public beta period, hoping that there are brave souls willing to risk getting a crash so that I could get the necessary information to fix the issue, or if enough time passes and no issues are found, consider it stable enough and release it. For testing purposes, the plugin package contains a command-line utility called ProcDump. It is used to monitor the EuroScope process, and in case of a crash write a memory dump which I can then examine to find out where the problem is in the code. While I can't prevent anyone using the plugin without ProcDump running, I can't stress enough how important it is to use it as a memory dump is most likely the only way to find out the cause for the crash if it happens, as it doesn't seem to be related to any specific action. If you're still interested in helping out, here's the download link. Installation: The beta package contains up-to-date common manual sets, a version history document listing some of the main changes and folders including files for three setups: Estonia (EE), Finland (FI) and Sweden (SE). The instructions here assume the basic controller package for the country is already installed as the beta package only contains the files specific to the beta plugin. It is possible to have both the current release version of the plugin and the beta installed at the same time, and that is the configuration I recommend as you might want to use the familiar and well-tested release version on some occasions. However, here are install instructions for both the "beta only" and "release+beta" setups: Beta-only installation: Put the procdump.exe file somewhere Copy the files in the package's PluginsBeta folder to the Plugins folder of your setup, overwriting where necessary Extract the files in the package's Settings folder to a temporary location Rename the settings files by removing the "_beta" part from each file Copy the settings files to the Settings folder of your setup, overwriting the existing files Release+beta installation: Put the procdump.exe file somewhere Create a copy of the Plugins folder of your setup and rename the copy PluginsBeta Copy the files in the package's PluginsBeta folder to the new PluginsBeta folder of your setup, overwriting where necessary Copy the files in the package's Settings folder to the Settings folder of your setup Create a copy of the profile file you normally use in EuroScope, name it as you want Edit the new profile file using a text editor as follows: Replace all occurrences of "Lists.txt" with "Lists_beta.txt" Replace all occurrences of "Symbols.txt" with "Symbols_beta.txt" Replace all occurrences of "Tags.txt" with "Tags_beta.txt" Replace all occurrences of "Plugins\TopSky.dll" with "PluginsBeta\TopSky.dll" Use: To enable the crash dump generation, the ProcDump utility must be run when using the plugin. It can be launched from the command line if necessary, but it's probably easiest to create a batch file to do it automatically. Here's how: Create a text file wherever you like, and name it appropriately, for example "ES+procdump.bat" Edit the file using a text editor to contain the following: start "" "C:\some folder\shortcut.lnk" cmd /c ""C:\another folder\procdump.exe" -e 1 -ma -w euroscope.exe "C:\yet another folder\dumps"" "C:\some folder\shortcut.lnk" is the shortcut you use to launch ES (you may need to create a new shortcut to use the new profile file if you chose the "release+beta" setup) "C:\another folder\procdump.exe" is where you put the procdump.exe file "C:\yet another folder\dumps" is the folder where you want the crash dumps to be put to. It is optional, but if specified, make sure the folder exists as ProcDump will not create it by itself (if not specified, the dump will be put in the folder the batch file is in). Then just run the batch file whenever you want to use the beta plugin, it'll start both EuroScope and ProcDump for you. ProcDump will open a command prompt window when it's running, don't close it! Note that if you're running more than one instance of EuroScope at a time, the batch file can't be used to launch the second (and subsequent) instances as then the "euroscope.exe" in the command won't be enough to specify the wanted process. Launch the new EuroScope instance as you normally would, then open a command prompt window and type in the following command to attach ProcDump to the EuroScope instance: "C:\another folder\procdump.exe" -e 1 -ma -w PID "C:\yet another folder\dumps" PID is the process ID number for the correct EuroScope process. To see that, open Task Manager and see its Details page for the PID number. Note that you'll have to check the PID of the already started ES instance before you launch the next one so you know which one is the new one. A bit complicated but only necessary when using multiple ES instances and wanting to make sure a crash dump is generated if any of the instances crash. It is possible to create a memory dump file from Task Manager even without ProcDump running. Just right-click on the desired process and select "Create dump file". It will be created into a temporary folder so don't forget to move it somewhere safe before logging off or shutting down your computer. I'm not sure if this dump file provides the same information as the one produced by ProcDump, or if it can be created in all crash situations, but if it can and you've forgotten to run ProcDump, it's better than nothing so try to keep this option in mind as well. I've noticed that opening some file dialogs in EuroScope will for some reason make ProcDump think ES has crashed. It will then create the dump and terminate itself (the only way to spot this is to notice that the command prompt window is no longer displayed on the task bar...). If that happens, ProcDump can be started again and it's probably easiest to have another batch file to do that. Just create a copy of the first batch file and remove the first line from it that launches the ES shortcut. The remaining line runs ProcDump and it automatically attaches to the already running EuroScope process, it won't be necessary to start EuroScope again (which is handy if you're already controlling). It's a good idea to test everything is set up correctly regarding the crash dumps when you've done all this. Run the batch file and wait until ES has started and the plugin has loaded. Then, enter the command ".topskycrash" to the EuroScope command line. It will cause an immediate unhandled exception that crashes the plugin and EuroScope. Check that the dump file was created. If you can’t find the dump file (it's somewhat over 200MB in size and should be named "EuroScope.exe_170424_224756.dmp" for a crash on April 24th 2017 at 22:47:56 system time) where you thought it’d be or anywhere for that matter, something went wrong in the setup. Instructions: If you have any questions about the beta program or how to install and set it up, please post on this thread. I hope I got all the information right, but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't 100% correct. I'll clarify where necessary. If the plugin crashes and a dump file is available, let me know where I can download it. Even though the main objective is to find out if there is a problem in the code - and if so - fix it, please report if you find anything wrong, no matter how trivial. All these reports should be posted in a dedicated thread I'll create for this purpose in the Finland FIR subforum. That'll keep all the information in one place, and I have moderator privileges there to keep the thread tidy. Also post there if the plugin crashes regardless of whether a dump is available or not so others get an idea of what's happening.
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    Hello everybody! @Krister Larsen has been selected to be the next Assistant Event Coordinator of VATSIM Scandinavia! He will be working alongside with our Event Coordinator @Martin Tornberg in Event Department, creating events all around the vACC. I would also like to thank @Aleksander Storma for his time in the position. -Julius
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    Looking back in the forum (where I do not have access anymore) there should be obvious that in cases of major events, our Event department should inform/bee informed from the first thought of the event. The coordination process regarding events was one of the long lasting task for me during my time as Director, where I was working on an SOP Event document but that was left on draft-level. Still, unless things have changed there should be an forum thread in staff forum regarding the major things, for example "Planning Calendar", where I see that there is no post regarding the planing of the CPT! This situation is not the ultimate one. Magnus
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    One of our dear friend and fellow virtual aviator Thomas Polden have sadly passed away and is now forever at cruise up in the blue sky, mile high. He was an enthusiastic and friendly virtual pilot on the VATSIM network and will truly be missed. In order to remember and honor our fellow aviator and friend we would like to invite everyone for one last day of flying on Thomas’ favorite city pair and ending at his home airport at 5 Feb. The plan is to depart out of Heathrow (EGLL) and fly to Oslo-Gardermoen (ENGM) which was one of his favorite routes. And after that we are heading for one last leg back to his home airport Evenes (ENEV). Recommended departure time from EGLL is 14 to 15z and landing at ENEV later that evening around 20 to 21z. Scenery | Charts We hope to see you online on 5 Feb. Rest in peace Thomas Polden.
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    Scandinavian shuttle will take place somewhere in March.
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    On the 18th of December, Victor Creutz is up for his S3 checkout on Göteborg Control! We invite you to fly in or out of ESGG, ESGP or ESGT to give Victor a worthy challenge! Surrounding ATC support requested.