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  1. Front page problems

    Minor Author issue All pages that run php code has to be authored by an admin. Today we did some changes to previous admins, and forgot to edit the author on all pages. Author on all pages that was affected has been changed to Peter now Should be working fine.

    The teamspeak server has been moved to our database server which is a bit faster The new address to our teamspeak server is: TS.VATSIM-SCANDINAVIA.ORG (or ts.vatsca.org if you want a shorter one )
  3. Teamspeak server is terrible every 10 mins

    I will move the teamspeak server in a couple of days and see if that helps the issue
  4. Teamspeak Server completely down

    Now it's been online for soon two hours, so the fix works
  5. Teamspeak Server completely down

    No, after the update we get a mysql database error. So I'm looking into a fix. But it halts after about 30 minutes. So it takes 30 minutes to see if my fix worked. I'l get back to you
  6. Teamspeak server is terrible every 10 mins

    Update: The server is now updated to the lasted version and I can not see any more "hickups" on the server anymore. Please let me know if this is still an issue. We have another option if this is not fixed now
  7. Donations report from Director

  8. Teamspeak server is terrible every 10 mins

    I'm tagging @Peter Persson. Btw Peter, I've checked the load, and TS and mariaDB spikes every 2 minutes or so. not sure what the reason is.
  9. Suggestion: Way to see controlling hours

    This link does the same work: https://stats.vatsim.net/conn_details_time.php?id=YOURCIDHERE&timeframe=6_months It calculates for you
  10. Teamspeak server down

    Everything is working again We'l have to make some automation on teamspeak so it doesn't halt everytime the server reboots ><
  11. Teamspeak server down

    Up again, the server was rebooted this morning because we had some problems
  12. [Sun 31st Jul 17-19z] ENBR_TWR CPT

    Passed, congratulations
  13. Adrian has his second online training on Monday the 11th of July, between 1730 and 1930 zulu. Both IFR and VFR are welcome! See you on 119.400
  14. VATSIM Scandinavia ATC Training Director

    Just a note from me about that: I would actually love the deputy position The possibility to inflict so much with the training, able to help so many people, make sure everything is running smoothly, and most important of all.... No responsibility Deputy is not a bad thing in my opinion. Claus did a great job, yes! But he worked too much with this, much more then we could expect from one guy. I'l post something for you all that I posted in the Board forum: And people, the decision is already made. The sooner we can accept it, the sooner we can move forward I have had some nights now where I've woken up literally pissed and angry with some people for butting in and destroying something we have worked hard for to build. But you all should know, we will have to change the constitution again, and this time we have learned a lot so we wont make the same mistake again. First, i thought this is outrages to deny us the right to be a democracy. But after a week, when looking at some different ways of solving how we proceed from here, I see a few solutions that might actually work even better The organization we have in VATSIM Scandinavia right now is an "outdated" kind, so we can modernize the organization without it having affecting anyone. I really hope we can just get this TD business over with (in some way or another), and then over the summer start a thread on the forum to discuss and throw balls together to come up with good ways to "comply" with the regulation set by VATSIM and still be a good community for the members Also I would suggest asking the two candidates if anyone of them would like the "job" as deputy training director. I would want it if I had the time
  15. Discord server up and running!

    No Unless the whole world starts using Discord and teamspeak dies out (but that could be years ahead). Just my preference to use discord over TS