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  1. ES(r15) Crash

    Thanks! Edit: This indeed solved the problem.
  2. ES(r15) Crash

    I posted on the VATSIM ES forum in a related thread asking where to send the dump, no answer so far. Had to revert to previous version.
  3. ES(r15) Crash

    Hello guys, I just instlled ES Beta(r15) and I get crashes on connection, anyone experiencing this as well?
  4. Free scenery photo documentation

    Hello friends, I would like to work on an acurate GPL version 2 licensed (free as in freedom) scenery of EKCH, my main goal would be to make it for the free software FlightGear simulator which is not yet able to natively connect to VATSIM, however, this might still be interesting from your perspective as having all the 3D models designed for the airport, I would be able to release this for free for most major flight simulators which I happen to own(FG, XPX, FSX and possibly FS9) If you have ever spent time as Kastrup Apron or as a top position and dealt with all the scenery inconsistenices and taxiing problems, then I do not have to tell you that a free, accurate, and I hope pretty scenery would be beneficial for all communities not to mention the airport's popularity on VATSIM. What I need is simple, source photo documentation that you made and licensed under the GPL v2 or an explicit written permission by the author to use it for a GPL v2 licensed derivative project. Use of photo documentation available on the net is usually not possible to due to licenseing problems. I hope I got some of you interested! Thanks
  5. New to VATSIM - ATC - Need help getting started

    Teamspeak, sometimes Skype or screen streaming(I use OBS via twitch) if there is a need to see the screen.
  6. New to VATSIM - ATC - Need help getting started

    I am no longer active at the training department, but I am willing to spend some time with you on this if you like. I am free usually in the evenings until the 26th. Let me know
  7. Request for traffic controllers

    Asking a friendly controller directly solves this "problem" I sometimes get those messages and I see them only as a benefit. The outcome is a win-win situation where either I will inform thee pilot I am closing unconditionally at some timeframe, where he/she will not lose time flying an unmanned airspace, or I will consider extending my time online and he/she gets to fly a manned airspace. Really, communication makes the experience much more pleasurable to all sides. Use the rule of thumb : if you don't know, just ask, most of us will not bite