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  1. Marius Granli

    [Sun 5th Jun 16-18z] ENZV_TWR CPT

    For all the pilots who are planning to attend the checkout tomorrow: After request from the responsibles for VATSIM Training in Norway, it has been decided to arrange one minute of silence on the frequency some time during the checkout, in the memory of an active Norwegian VATSIM member who passed away earlier this week. This will be announced on the frequency and via the text-feature of the frequency. Pleae pay attention and respect this. - The Examiner
  2. Marius Granli

    [Sun 22st May, 16-18z] ENGM_W_APP Checkout

    Checkout passed. Congratulations to Jakob with his new rating
  3. Congratulations to Christian who earned his rating tonight. A special thanks to Cameron Park who offered both VFR and IFR traffic for us so we managed to fulfil all the VATEUD requirements for the rating and to Nick for joining us on APP
  4. Congratulations to Oliver who earned his S2 rating tonight. Thanks to the pilots who came to BIKF and to Jouka and Martin for supporting ATC. I can't believe 90% of all the traffic was VFR with the following METAR: BIKF 111900Z 16011KT 9999 VCSH FEW009 SCT018CB BKN042 02/00 Q0998 But well, everybody landed safely so the examiner is happy
  5. Marius Granli

    [Thu 3. March 2016 1930-21z] S3 checkout, EKCH_APP

    Congratulations Erling
  6. Marius Granli

    [Mon 21. Dec 18-20z] S2 Checkout, BIKF_TWR

    Based on the overall performance (especially perfectly answered theory questions) I am happy to welcome Odinn to the ATC family
  7. Marius Granli

    [Wed 16.12.2015, 18-20z] ENGM_W_APP Checkout

    Congratulations to Håvard with his brand new S3+MA-rating Thanks to all the pilots who joined us tonight
  8. Marius Granli

    [Wed 16.12.2015, 18-20z] ENGM_W_APP Checkout

    Staffing oppdatert (bedre sent enn aldri). Sees på TS!
  9. Marius Granli

    Fly and See Santa 2015 debriefing

    From ENTC_APP: I had enough with taking care of Tromsø TMA, and couldn't pay attention to what happened in other sectors. After a big lack of controllers (only 4 available during the event), we had to change the staffing. Due to this, Sivert was alone on ENOS_CTR, probably the most busy position in Norway this evening. However, we decided to keep ENTC_APP active instead of splitting Oslo AoR, due the traffic in and out of ENTC (~40 arrivals and ~30 departures, based on my stats). We even tried to get ENGM_APP active to handle the Gardermoen traffic, but failed. I would like to give huge creds to Sivert for sorting this out on his own, it must have been far from easy. I think we should pay closer attention to the ENOS position in the briefing part next year, make sure to have at least two ENOS-controllers, at least ENGM_APP and hopefully ENSV_CTR as well. All of the GB traffic to ESPA/EFRO as well as traffic from several airports in Europe to ENTC including traffic from Oslo AoR goes through ENOS, one of the most challenging positions to cover. We should be better prepared next year. In Tromsø, we used runway 01, so all traffic except from ENAT/ENSB traffic came straight in against the active runway. We used holdings and tried to get most of the pilots on a kind of downwind (we sequenced them to the middle of the TMA approx and then back), followed by speed restrictions on the base. Martin worked hard on ENBD to keep the traffic flow inbound manageable. All in all it worked good enough, but the traffic quantity varied a lot, from 1 to 10 pilots in the TMA. I think, unless the wind makes it impossible, we should try to use runway 19, because of the sequencing to the ILS (see attached illustration, red lines = runway 01, yellow lines = runway 19, green lines = approx airway track with todays tactics [we didn't do exactly like shown, but that was at least the basic idea]). This allows us to sort all/most out on a downwind from opinion, and less work for CTR and APP. We will also avoid that aircrafts must backtrack to gate (they will backtrack for departure, but since we have less departures than arrivals, I still think this is smart) (see second picture with the ground movement area) and we will be able to send them tighter on the ILS. This will also allow us a smoother sequencing for outbound traffic, many of the pilots yesterday had strange departure routes from Tromsø. Very well done by Vegard on TWR who managed to take all safely down even with tight separation A note to self: Try to establish maximum 8 NM out from runway treshold to avoid "running out of LLZ". As you can see from the minimum safe vectoring altitudes, this is not very easy All in all, I would like to give you fellow controllers huge creds for sorting out all the traffic in such a very good way The pilots were happy, only one pilot on my freq. got pissed off after overshooting the ILS five times and then logged off.
  10. Marius Granli

    [Sun 13.12.2015 11-13z] ENGM_W_APP Checkout

    Congratulations to Wygene with the brand new endorsement upgrade. Thanks to all supporting ATC. Welcome to Norway, Wygene
  11. Hello everyone! On Sunday, time 11-13z, Wygene Chong is up for his combined ENGM_W_TWR / ENGM_W_APP endorsement checkout. The candidate will control the APP and the TWR position alone. ENGM_W_TWR might be opened on examiners request. Please mind the time, the candidate lives in Australia Staffing: ENGM_W_TWR: On examiners request (standby vacant) ENGM_W_APP: Wygene Chong ENGM_X_APP: Reidar Fredrik Frydenlund ENOS_CTR: Vacant Hope to see you online for a "morning flight" Wygene, gooooood luck
  12. Ding, dang... DONG! Wednesday 16.12.2015 from 18-20z, Håvard Halvorsen is up for his S3 + Major Airport Endorsement rating on Oslo Gardermoen Approach. All kinds of traffic are welcome to fly during the checkout, to help Håvard earn his rating. Supporting ATC: ENGM_W_APP: Håvard Halvorsen ENGM_D_APP: Only on examiners request ENGM_W_TWR: Vegard Hauan ENGM_W_GND: Erling Torstensen ENGM_DEL: ENOS_CTR: Reidar Fredrik Frydenlund / Marius Granli Please sign up for supporting ATC either here or in the «Norway-forum».
  13. Marius Granli

    [Sun 1 Nov 2015 14-16z] S3 CPT, ESGG_APP

    Gratulerer :-)
  14. Marius Granli

    [Wed 28.10.2015 1930-21z] BIKF_TWR CPT

    Overall a very good performance by Sander. Congratulations!