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  1. Weird ES behaviour

    It shouldn't have anything to do with the correlation mode. Do you know where the blue line ended? It should have shown a waypoint at the end of that, that usually gives you an idea, what the problem is. I don't know it can be reproduced, but we can test it online some day, to see if it still happens, but I suspect it is an error in the NAVData available, either from the sectorfile or FSNavigator.
  2. Weird ES behaviour

    Hi Semir, Have you imported FSNavigator data into Euroscope? If not, I believe it is an error in the sectorfile.
  3. Appointment Director of Copenhagen FIR [ACCSCA3]

    Congratulations, Mikkel!
  4. [Thu 6th of april 18-19.30z] - EKCH_TWR, S2 CPT

    I'll take approach. Position will be booked tonight.