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  1. Morten Jelle

    Letter of apology to VAT Scandinavia

    Tom, I believe we all enjoy the hobby and have a strong passion for the simulation, network and community. We are many people in this community - and just like in the real world, some people can just not get along with all. This is not an embarrasment at all - this is how people are. One of the keys is, that when you are wrong - you are able to see it. When you mess up, you are able to apologize for it - whatever it is. I hope you finish your training soon and I hope you find your right spot in the community as well. I am sure many of us, will accept your apology (if it is necessary). I haven’t personally been involved in anything, you describe above, hence I don’t know if there even is a need for an apology. If there is, I hope you and the people involved, will get a long soon and be able to enjoy the fun together!
  2. Morten Jelle

    VATBOOK not working

    The VATBOOK servers seems to be down as vRoute is coming up with an SQL error as well.
  3. Morten Jelle

    [21st Feb 1830-20z] EKCH_TWR S2 CPT

  4. Morten Jelle

    Italy event tonight

    Following e-mail has been send out today: We are looking for some C1-controllers, able to help out in Italy tonight on this short notice.
  5. Morten Jelle

    VATEUD web services temporarily unavailable

    I have to admit, I personally disagree with you, in all the points. Also the total costs for running VATSIM is hardly to find, since it is based on free services and a lot of people spending their servers they have already, maybe for other purposes too. It has never been a problem running it like this, so why change it?
  6. Morten Jelle

    VATEUD web services temporarily unavailable

    You need to contact @Julius Mannermaa as he is the director. Magnus is not anymore. So either him or the IT guys, should know the stuff..
  7. Morten Jelle

    VATEUD web services temporarily unavailable

    Sponsorships means advertising - VATSIM has been without such things for a very long time (at least the 10 years I have been a member here), and I believe it shall continue that way. We are lucky enough, to have a good amount of people who donates, if they want to. You are not required to donate, and if you want you can do it - if you don't that is fine as well. I don't think it is the time now, to do a change to that setup.
  8. Morten Jelle

    VATEUD web services temporarily unavailable

    Currently there is no setup for this - and the bills have been paid, shortly after this e-mail was send out. There were details in this e-mail, if people wanted to donate helping paying the bill, and a lot of people did that. So for now, we are good - but we will setup a donation system, like we have here in Scandinavia, so we can get the expenses covered.
  9. Morten Jelle

    VATEUD web services temporarily unavailable

    The services are running - just not the website. The project was started - yes, but on a slow basis. It was not any server crash, or non-paid contracter. The following e-mail was send out to the staff of the vACCs inside the EUD division: As I said above this quote, the services (API) is running - only the website is missing and it is being worked on. The bill has been paid, by various donators, so all that is fine now. If I look at the backend system right now, the content is almost there - so we are not far away. Florian is coordinating everything, so I can't give any estimates on, when the website will be back up.
  10. Morten Jelle

    VATEUD web services temporarily unavailable

    I have not received any further information. I will talk to Florian, and get back to you. I know that people needs information - but also respect that, this is being done in our spare time.. It seems that people require more and more, and that will definately not help on the situation. I'll get back when I have some news..
  11. Morten Jelle

    Weird ES behaviour

    It shouldn't have anything to do with the correlation mode. Do you know where the blue line ended? It should have shown a waypoint at the end of that, that usually gives you an idea, what the problem is. I don't know it can be reproduced, but we can test it online some day, to see if it still happens, but I suspect it is an error in the NAVData available, either from the sectorfile or FSNavigator.
  12. Morten Jelle

    Weird ES behaviour

    Hi Semir, Have you imported FSNavigator data into Euroscope? If not, I believe it is an error in the sectorfile.
  13. Morten Jelle

    [Thu 6th of april 18-19.30z] - EKCH_TWR, S2 CPT

    I'll take approach. Position will be booked tonight.