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  1. Wygene Chong

    [18th Apr 17-19z] BIKF_TWR S2 CPT

    Well done Kieran!
  2. Wygene Chong

    [28th Mar 17-20z] BIKF_TWR S2 CPT

    Well done Henry!
  3. Wygene Chong

    CTP Airfield Applications 2018

    If they are open to Helsinki, I wonder if the CTP team might consider giving BIKF a few slots in a future event - not as much as larger airfields because it is a smaller airport, but say 30-40 slots. As Iceland is already halfway across the Atlantic, departures could be staggered out more because they already have a head start. So you could have a departure every 5 minutes for three hours. Since the distance to North America is shorter, we could also take medium aircraft, rather than only heavies, and we could also use the East Apron and remote stands, rather than just the Terminal stands. This shouldn't affect BIRD_CTR's normal enroute participation too much but it would give our S2s and S3s something to do
  4. Wygene Chong

    [4 March 17-21z] Scandinavian Shuttle 2018

    That is one impressive bookings list Wish we could have that sort of turnout more regularly.
  5. Wygene Chong

    [17 Feb, 17-21z] Vagar Fly-In 2018

    This is today! I'll start earlier in the afternoon on EKVG_I_TWR from my Australian timezone
  6. Wygene Chong

    [17 Feb, 17-21z] Vagar Fly-In 2018

    Updated briefing link http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Guide-to-the-Faroe-Islands.pdf
  7. Wygene Chong

    Event Suggestions and Ideas for 2018

    Friday Night Ops shuttle event with Iceland and some US cities
  8. Wygene Chong

    [11th Nov 14-17z] BIKF_TWR S2 CPT

    Congratulations Jonathan!
  9. Wygene Chong

    [25th Nov 14-21z] Bridge Between Continents

    Iceland online tomorrow (Saturday) for 7 hours!
  10. Wygene Chong

    [25th Nov 14-21z] Bridge Between Continents

    What happened to the image? Happened to this post too.
  11. Wygene Chong

    Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    I like
  12. Wygene Chong

    [11th Nov 14-17z] BIKF_TWR S2 CPT

    I can't make it for 14z as I have an exam coming up but I can stay online on BIRD until 14z to attract traffic. I'll book on TAS EDIT: Good luck!
  13. Wygene Chong

    Event suggestions

    Saw Worldflight 2017 ad go up on the main vatsim forum: https://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=75007 For VATSCA, we have: 8th Nov | 1645-1915z | CYYR > BGSF 8th Nov | 2005-2215z | BGSF > BIKF 8th Nov | 2305-0125z | BIKF > EGPD 9th Nov | 0215-0420z | EGPD > ESSA 9th Nov | 0510-0730z | ESSA > LOWI As usual, they're calling for external volunteers to step in if local ATC is not online.
  14. Wygene Chong

    [25th Oct 17-20z] BIKF_APP S3 CPT

    Congrats Kobi!