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  1. Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017 application

    This is going to be interesting...
  2. Arlanda is in the worldflight 2017

    Keflavik (BIKF) and Kangerlussuaq (BGSF) are also in Worldflight this year... hope to see lots of VATSCA controllers helping us out in Iceland and Greenland so we don't need to bring in those ATC outsiders Around 1600-1900z for Greenland and 2000-0200z for Iceland.
  3. Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017 application

    Well, I voted Oslo
  4. [Wed 13th Sep 14-16z] BIKF_TWR training

    I'll take BIRD_CTR 11-13z to attract traffic
  5. NAX or IBK ?

    Thanks Axel. I did some googling and I think it's something to do with European Union (EU) rules that if you are an EU airline you can fly from any point in the EU to any other point without registering an airline in every EU country. As Norway is not part of the EU, Norwegian had to pick an EU country to base its 'EU airline'; they picked Ireland (taxes probably ). This airline is IBK = 'Nordtrans'. They can then use IBK to fly point-to-point from anywhere in the EU without having to register additional bases; whereas if they used NAX they would have to get the aircraft to return to a Nordic base at the end of the day (Nordic Council). Just the lawyer in me trying to get the details right
  6. [AMENDMENT OF CONSTITUTION] Announcement of the proposal to members

    Not an objection, but generally the phrase used at the end is: "If the results end in a tie, the Director has the casting vote." [two votes]
  7. NAX or IBK ?

    I did not know that either, thanks Jouka
  8. [19 Aug | 17-20z] Faroe Islands Escape

    You're welcome EKVG online today, with lots of ATC bookings. Looks like Sola (ENZV) will also be online, hope to see some traffic!
  9. Appointment Director of Copenhagen FIR [ACCSCA3]

    Congratulations Mikkel and thank you for your efforts Christian!
  10. [19 Aug | 17-20z] Faroe Islands Escape

    VATSIM Scandinavia invites you to Vágar Airport in the Faroe Islands (EKVG) for some exciting AFIS procedures. Experience the dramatic scenery and fresh air of the Faroe Islands, who knows, you might even see a puffin from the cockpit! Please see the Guide to the Faroe Islands here! See you on Saturday 19th August in the Faroe Islands!
  11. [7th Jul 17-19z] S2 CPT BIKF_TWR

    Well done Rickard!
  12. [7th Jul 17-19z] S2 CPT BIKF_TWR

    I have some free time this week so I'll take BICC_FSS if that's ok?
  13. [Weds 14th June, 1130Z-1300Z] BIKF TWR

    Sorry I have an exam that night otherwise I would
  14. Bug in "Who is online"

    It still seems to be missing the leading zero (shows me online for 8 hours )
  15. Bug in "Who is online"

    Can it also be fixed for the 'Who's Online?' page? http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/whos-online/