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  1. Magnus Meese

    Request: Archive subforum

  2. Magnus Meese

    Returning controller

    Hi Trond, nice to see you back! You will absolutely hate ES, but there's no other way, I'm afraid. The rather convoluted manual is made in the form of a wiki-page: http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
  3. Magnus Meese

    Supersonic Weekend

    Good stuff, seems like a blast. Was the technical issue sometime in October 2017? I had a gold flight booked at that time which got cancelled (was refunded, still sad to have missed it). I live in the UK now, so I hope to get over there ASAP, just need to wait for the expected pay rise to come along in a few months.
  4. Magnus Meese

    Icelandair Cargo

    ATC doesn't assign gates, they get that information from some other airport office. They don't control where the rampies are going to be, that's not their responsibility.
  5. Magnus Meese

    New ES Beta, apr 2017

    I didn't say it was released now in any way, shape or form. The title even tells you the month But I did a search and found no trace of it being mentioned here before, so I thought maybe people would like to know!
  6. Magnus Meese

    New ES Beta, apr 2017

    A new ES Beta is out, with a few bug fixes and a crash handler(!). http://euroscope.hu/installbeta/changes.html
  7. Magnus Meese

    NATCON, do you use it?

    Are you sure it's a dual login? When you use the .towerview command in vPilot, it does connect under that callsign, but it's connected via the ES proxy. So you only have on real connection to the network, but vPilot looks as if it's online itself.
  8. Magnus Meese

    NATCON, do you use it?

    Yeah, NATCON is wonky, but what else can you expect from a system originating from the late 80's (though Avinor and other parties did update it heavily before implementing it). I used it until recently, when I found that ES vanilla is more functional for me in high traffic volume situations because it's all on-screen (with the option of a tablet TID) instead of integrated in a controller's station as it is in real life, complemented by the strips, FP system, and whatever else is available to any given sector (wx/info screens, camera views, full document suite, etc). Vanilla ES is by no means lacking in the wonkyness-department, but it's better adapted for home PC use than NATCON is. It can be used indefinately, but please note that all the maps with numbers and identifiers are subject to manual updates no longer provided by neither Anders nor me. When you use the MAP window to call up the non-indexed maps directly from the .sct, you're all good. Many of the maps will remain correct for an unkown amount of time, but don't rely on that (ENGM is still good). Anyone can of course pick up the task of updating the plugin files, go right ahead. I would like to argue that teaching a semi-official plugin to students is inadvisable, however, even more so when vanilla ES is easier to deal with (imagine that, there's a situation where ES is comparatively easy to operate). IMO, students should start out using what ever is considered the base software at any given time, only adding plugins as a part of their own controlling style/method once they've got the basics down. Not only in order to simplify things, but because understanding the basic structure and functions of the software is smarter than starting out learning a plugin layer on top of it (unless that plugin is considered part of the official/basic software, of course).
  9. Magnus Meese

    Event suggestions

    That problem reflects real life, I've heard several Mediterranean charter pilots hesitantly reply "errrroger cleared to land" when told "runway free". As long as you're able to make the pilot understand wether he'll be landing on top of someone else or not, it should be fine. And I'll have you know we got at least 5 spots with adequate wingtip clearance for 737s/A320s! We're an important international aerodrome, damnit!
  10. Magnus Meese

    NEFAB (Free route airspace)

    Hello! As of Nov 12th, NEFAB was introduced in Norway, Finland, Estonia and Latvia. This effectively means that our region is now affected by two free route airspace blocks (FAB), NEFAB and DK/SK FAB. I've just started to scratch the surface of the available info on this, but in essence I think this means that operators are free to route as they wish through either block, but still need to plan via a significant waypoint, navaid or coordinate on the borders between the two FABs. The lower limits for free routing are F285 in DK/SK, F135 in Norway and F095 in Fin/Est/Lat. The plan is to unify these two FABs next summer (2016), to allow for free routing across the entire region. Here are two screenshots representing my understanding of a possible routing between BIKF and ULOO under the current system, and post-summer 2016 (note that I'm not certain if ENOB is part of this, there's a chance you need to add a sigpoint at the western border of ENOR if routing north of ISVIG) : Current system Summer 2016 Here's an introductory article on the topic: http://www.nefab.eu/dev/view/86 Here's a chart depicting mandatory arr/dep routes to/from ENGM when free routing is used: https://www.ippc.no/norway_aip/current/aip/EN_ENR_6_3-23_en.pdf