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  1. Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    Sorry for beeing sceptic. The design is great! But I think it might be "too" similar to Navigraph logo. I don't say we shouldnt be considering this, just that it should be discussed if it can be related to a ripoff? Would be bad if we were hit by a copyright claim. /Peter
  2. TAS Userlist Bug

    Please send these messages to report@rt.vatsim-scandinavia.org instead of posting them in Control tower. I am aware of this problem, that is why I inserted the top field as @Adrian Bjerke pointed out. Somehow it works sometimes and sometimes not, so it's quite hard to troubleshoot. /Peter
  3. Forum updated

    Hello everyone! The forum have been upgraded with some small changes, so if you got problems with some functions on the forum, please remove site-cache and it will be solved. The update applied were a very big update, but with minor changed notable to a normal user. Regards, Peter Web Services Director
  4. vACCSCA partnered with scammers?

    Henrik, what should I do without you? Thank you for informing us and it's been removed right now. /Peter
  5. Bug in "Who is online"

    Sadly no, VatEUD pushes their content to Vatbook/Vroute, so they doesnt handle anything of it.
  6. Bug in "Who is online"

    This is retrieved from Vatbook, the one you are refering as "Vatsim Vatbook", that isnt Vatsim hosted, but yea. Answer on your question?
  7. Bug in "Who is online"

    Edited the wrong file Its fixed now.
  8. Bug in "Who is online"

    Ofcourse it can! I think i've managed to find it and fix, but unfortunately I am unable to check it, can someone check it for me? /Peter
  9. ATC Bookings now via Vatbook

    It's all according to the list here: http://api.vateud.net/frequencies/SCA
  10. ATC Bookings now via Vatbook

    Good thinking, BUT! ESOS_CTR/ESMM_CTR isnt a correct position to man, but ESOS_1_CTR is a correct position to man. So all VatEUD approved positions are available to book, since ESOS_CTR doesnt exist as a approved position, its not bookable. @Julius Mannermaa might want to correct me if I am wrong.
  11. ATC Bookings now via Vatbook

    1, yes, this is synced with the vatbook and vroute.info sites working with VatSIM. 2, This is on the roadmap, but needs alot of testing before rolling it out.
  12. ATC Bookings now via Vatbook

    I just wrote it fast last night. Will be changed to "Vatbook" tonight /P
  13. Bug in "Who is online"

    This should be fixed now! Can someone please help me with checking this if someone is logged in before 10z? You are completely correct! Vatsim don't show us the leading zero if its between 00:00 and 09:59, so we need to put it by our own! /P
  14. Teamspeak server is terrible every 10 mins

    Cannot say we are able to see anything you are experiencing, when looking at your client-info right now, you have been connected for 16 minutes, and 0% loss and a great connection with 27ms in average ping. C. Frederiksen have been connected for 3h 50m with somewhat higher ping, but not unpleasent high, and as there not any loss. /P
  15. Teamspeak server is terrible every 10 mins

    We've just fixed it, can you please check if the problem still's there? /P