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  1. Did you ever suffer from Controller Blind Spot?

    Definitely tried this in the sim at school. Working a fairly busy approach sector, I had a quite complex situation involving 4-5 aircraft on conflicting routes, all climbing/descending through or maintaining about the same level. Only after having solved a conflict that was somewhere like 5 minutes in the future, I realised my solution actually created another, much more immediate conflict. So by focusing on one conflict, I actually missed the much closer conflict, and then suddenly had very little time to solve that. This was really a combination of high workload and a very complex traffic flow, so it's not something you will experience in every-day controlling, but when you do, it's actually super interesting. I know I learned a lot from the situation I described above.
  2. Two headsets in ES

    If you have two soundcards, it should be pretty simply setting up by using some sort of software. If not, something similar to what Aleksander suggested above will do the trick.