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  1. Henry Carlsten

    [Thu 13th Sep 17-19Z] ESSA_TWR MAE CPT

    Grattis Anton!
  2. Henry Carlsten

    [Thu 13th Sep 17-19Z] ESSA_TWR MAE CPT

    Lycka till Anton
  3. Henry Carlsten

    [Thu 30th Aug 17-19Z] ESGG_APP S3 CPT

  4. Henry Carlsten

    [Thu 12th April 17-19z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

  5. Henry Carlsten

    [Sun Apr 8th 17-19Z] S3 MAE ESSA_APP

  6. Henry Carlsten

    [Thu 22nd Mar 18-20z] S2 CPT ESMS_TWR

  7. Henry Carlsten

    [Sun 18th Mar 17-19z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

  8. Henry Carlsten

    [Wed 7th Feb 18-20z] ESSA_TWR MAE CPT

  9. Anton Lindros will have his first online session at Landvetter Tower (Thursday 11th Jan 18-20z) All kind of traffic is welcome! ESGG_APP: Henry CarlstenESGG_TWR: Anton Lindros
  10. Tomorrow (9th Jan 17-19z) Noel Spett is up for his first online session at ESGG_TWR! All kind of traffic are welcome! Supporting ATC on Sweden Control would be much appreciated: ESOS_CTR: Vacant ESGG_APP: Henry Carlsten ESGG_TWR: Noel Spett
  11. Henry Carlsten

    [Sun Dec 3rd 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Tackar alla!
  12. Henry Carlsten

    [Thu 16th Nov 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

  13. Henry Carlsten

    [Tue 31st Oct 18-20z] S3MA CPT ESSA_APP

    Grattis Thomas!
  14. Tonight I will be up for my second online training at ESMS_APP Starting around 17z Welcome!
  15. Tonight (29th August) I will have my first online training at ESMS_APP. Starting around 19.30loc (17.30z) All traffic are welcome!