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  1. Christian Frederiksen

    Feedback from pilots [feedback@vatsim-scandinavia.org]

    Good day! I want to take a moment to commend the exceptional service by the following controllers who I had the pleasure of dealing with yesterday evening and today. They are as follows: Frederik Pedersen Casper Hvid Rasmussen Daniel Edvardsson Mattias Krogstad As someone new to Vatsim, they were all extremely helpful. Their professionalism and attitude were top notch! Thanks kindly for your time, Rob Drum
  2. Christian Frederiksen


    Bejamin Eibye is manning the Tower in Kastrup between 20:00 and 22:00 local time. 18z-20z. VFR and IFR traffic are welcome.
  3. Christian Frederiksen

    Teamspeak server is terrible every 10 mins

    I had a spike of 1600ms yesterday for a couple of seconds, then it went down to normal again.
  4. Christian Frederiksen


    Benjamin Eibye is doing his second online session tonight between 20:00lt and 22:00lt. VFR and IFR traffic is welcome.
  5. Christian Frederiksen

    Teamspeak server is terrible every 10 mins

    Still the same issues. 'hickups', bad connection...
  6. Christian Frederiksen

    Teamspeak server is terrible every 10 mins

    It's not just TeamSpeak. The forums and the website are unstable aswell.
  7. Christian Frederiksen

    Per Birck visits Copenhagen FIR teamspeak

    Our very own real life controller Per Birck visits Copenhagen FIR teamspeak to chat about VATSIM controlling. Mainly for Danish controllers.
  8. Christian Frederiksen

    Teamspeak server down

    I've tried feeding it with frikadeller, but no reaction..
  9. Christian Frederiksen

    [Tue 19. July 2016 1800-2000z] EKCH_TWR/APP MA checkout

  10. Christian Frederiksen

    SVA Fly-in - Request for controllers...

    Well, EKCH will do our best atleast
  11. Christian Frederiksen

    [Tue 12. July 2016 1800-1930z] S2 CPT, EKCH_TWR

  12. Christian Frederiksen

    [Thu 14. July 2016 1830-2030z] C1 CPT, EKDK_CTR

    I was told that the checkout would last until 20z, but could drag out to 20:30z - so I just booked to 20z, so if it drags out it's just bonus!
  13. Christian Frederiksen

    2016 half way mark, some statistics ATC services