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  1. Thank you @Martin Loxbo for providing the background information and analysis to why there is a need to change the rule. I do not agree that my comments and questions are harsh, only that the information given by the Director was not sufficient at all. I am happy you have sorted it out and I think the proposal now seems fair. And thank you @Martin Stockzell for you clarifications as well.
  2. I'm a bit puzzled to hear the main reason (and the only reason you present) is the administration. What is it worth keeping the standards up and what signals do you, as Director, send the members with this suggestion? What are the main reasons why controllers don't stay active? Are there other adjustments we can make, in order to keep the controllers active? Have you analyzed the training requests on refreshment training and seen that this particular change would help controllers staying active - or are we just guessing that this would be a game-changer in keeping controllers active? A lot of questions, I know, but it feels like you want to take shortcuts without thinking it through.
  3. Nu gillar jag förvisso sommartidskonceptet men här är la fel ställe att diskutera politik. Är mest intresserad när du vill ha mig online vanlig go Göteborgstid. Samma tidszon i Gstan som i Frölunda, @Hakan Schulz så vi bör kunna lösa detta tillsammans
  4. Just det - tänkte inte så mycket på det iom att ni brukar köra från 19LT så man brukar hinna hem. Jag sitter i förhandlingar på em som kan dra ut på tiden+köer på Lundbyleden så då blir det kanske knepigare. Tänker att jag nog borde hinna hem till 18 men kommer jag 18:15 så får ni leva med det helt enkelt
  5. Could you create something similar for ATC? Might wanna try to leave the screen with some ten to fifteen planes in the TMA next time during an event and see the reaction.
  6. Can we manage an RTE together at the same time (i.e OSL, ARN, CPH, HEL)? Would be very interesting traffic patterns through the ACC sectors if we can pull it off. Enough pilots to make it interesting?
  7. Är ute på resa på torsdag så kan tyvärr inte stötta upp men vill passa på att önska dig lycka till!
  8. Nog bra om du skriver upp visat intresse i tråden som rör bemanning. Den finns i Sweden FIR.
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