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  1. Janne Louhi

    [Thu 4th Jan 18-21z] S3 CPT EFHK_APP

    Thanks to everyone who helped out, including the supporting ATC in Finland ( @Miska Jokinen, @Daniel Edwards, @Julius Mannermaa) and neighbouring countries (EETT, ESOS) but also the pilots who made the checkout a real success. Having Tallinn Control online also helped a lot when it came to coordination of arriving aircraft. I was quite delighted with the amount of traffic. During the two-hour checkout period there were over twenty movements. I think there was not a single silent minute on the frequency – not to exaggerate. What surprised me was that that there wasn’t a single text pilot even though there were a lot of movements. I, of course, occasionally had to type a few corrections, but nevertheless having the pilots on voice made the traffic flow a bit smoother and easier to manage. From time to time it was quite hectic, for instance, to have a go-around aircraft and at the same time a couple of other aircraft flying not only in queues but also coming in from different directions at the same time. I’m glad and relieved that there was more than enough traffic. My S2 checkout in comparison was deserted in terms of traffic and it had to be finished in Sweatbox. This one, on the other hand, was a real challenge and a great chance to practice my controlling skills which is something that I really appreciate! Once again, thanks to @Jouka Ahponen for the mentoring me and @Joonatan Porkkala for hosting the checkout!
  2. Janne Louhi

    [Sat 27th Aug 17-20z] S2 CPT, EFHK_E_TWR

    Thanks for holding the SweatBox scenario. The workload was heavy, probably something I will never experience online. It was still good fun and it really pushed me to my limits. In the first place it felt very sad and unfortunate that we had one or two planes during the initial online checkout of 3 hours, but I am glad having passed the CPT now. Thanks to Jouka Ahponen and Miska Jokinen for the splendid training. Miska's superb accents really brightened up the CPT and made me cheerful for a while. Also thank you Joonatan for hosting the checkout.