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  1. [18th Apr 17-19z] BIKF_TWR S2 CPT

    Congrats, Kieran!
  2. [28th Mar 17-20z] BIKF_TWR S2 CPT

  3. Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    Ahaa, I always thought it was ENGM, ESSA and EKCH.. Yes, and of course there will be a transition period of quite some time. I don't think anyone wants to spend hours upon hours converting all documents.. Perhaps only update the new documents made? That would indeed need to be taken into consideration if we were to follow Martin's idea, and update the whole graphic profile..
  4. Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    Yes, I have thought about that myself. It will have to be a rebranding campaign for all new documents, presentations etc. I have also thought about the idea of making a complete branding guide, but we'll see if that's necessary. My thoughts are that we should settle for a logo before we start working on the graphic profile. But yes, I'm very much aware that this isn't just about the logo on the website. It would in that case be a gradual change as well. We'll see where it goes!
  5. Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    Update! I saw @Daniel Lange's note about not using the space good enough, leaving a lot of whitespace. What I did is simply switch the positions of the text and logo (doesn't have to be hard!) I have also made some suggestions for the FIR specific logos. Let me know what you think! (special thanks to Finland for having a white flag, forcing me to put borders on all of them :( ) I also noticed that I had tampered with the location of Iceland in the logo, so I fixed that. The logo is a bit more pointy now, but that doesn't make any difference with the new setup, it only boxes in the text better. Also; here's a proof that it actually represents the hubs.
  6. Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    Exactly, @Adrian Bjerke! That's one of the reasons this design is good – it's so adaptable. With the old logo, you had to downscale it tremendously for it to not take so much width, which made it unreadable. While I said the logo could be by itself, I didn't mean that it should be. But for things as discord icons, it could be a good idea. I'll get to working more on it now!
  7. Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    I actually don’t think that looks too bad... I’ll fiddle around with it at work tomorrow (I’m productive I know) and see! Thanks, Daniel!
  8. Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    Sorry Peter, but I really can’t seem how the Navigraph logo is similar.. The Navigraph logo is a compass star, this isn’t anything similar to a star.. but if it’s copyright you’re worried about – there’s no need. We have justified the design already with the hubs (I’ll show you tomorrow), and it’s not like Navigraph has trademarked a compass star! But on the other side they are both simple logos, I’ll look more into what you’re saying tomorrow though.. But thank you!
  9. Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    Hmm, interesting @Daniel Lange! I honestly hadn’t thought it would look that good in the smaller version, guess it takes a bit of getting used to! Could you make a mockup of the QR sheet with your revised logo for reference?
  10. Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    I don't personally believe the height is a problem here, right now the logo is naturally "boxing in" the text. I want the logo to stand out, not the text - so that the logo can be used independent from the text. Putting it next to the text gives even more whitespace and is IMO very unnatural.. I don't believe putting this on an A4 page is a problem
  11. Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    Yes, I might have them tomorrow.
  12. I have long thought that VATSCA logo has needed a bit of updating, as the current design is way out of fashion. It has thin lines, text and elements which renders bad onto backgrounds. It's also a very wide format, which can be challenging in different cases. The new 'era' of graphic profiling is all about minimalism, and the less-is-more principle. I wanted to create a logo which represents the whole VACC, not just 'the triangle'. I wanted it to be recognized with and without the text, and wanted it to be adaptable. So I came up with this suggestion. Each corner is naturally one of the hubs in the VACC, drawn in proportion. The logo is bold and easily readable, and can be changed to white if on a dark background. The blue is a cold-ish color, which represent our northern geographical position. It's also possible to create country-specific logos for this to represent each FIR – but I'll have to look more into that. All in all, what do you guys think?
  13. Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017 application

    And from what I can tell, EGKK will get a lot of them.. hmm Edit: BUT there will be a lot of non-slot flights as well..
  14. Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017 application

    Oh my gaaaawd!!!!
  15. vACCSCA partnered with scammers?

    Woah... How does he make $1,843,207.48 in just 90 days?? I wanna be like him.