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  1. [Sat 28th Jan 18-20z] S2 CPT BIKF_TWR

    Well done Kobi
  2. [19 Nov 14-22z] Bridge Between Continents

  3. Kobi Lecornu is up for his first online session on Keflavik Tower. All traffic welcome.
  4. Rickard Jonsson is up for his first online training session on Keflavik Tower [BIKF_TWR]. Please come an give him some support at Iceland's busiest airport. Both IFR and VFR will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Membership Director staff position withdrawn

    Thank you @John Branderfor all your work in VATSIM Scandinavia you are a great asset and thank you once again.
  6. [3rd Sep | 11-21z] G'day Greenland!

    Posted on Vroute. Waiting on moderator's approval
  7. [3rd Sep | 11-21z] G'day Greenland!

    See you there
  8. Cross the Pond Eastbound - voting open!

    I'm up for that. I did TWR last year and we got a bit of traffic.
  9. Cross the Pond Eastbound - voting open!

  10. [20th-21st August] BIKF_APP Triple Checkout!

    Thank you! A massive thanks to @Wygene Chong for mentoring me. Also thanks to @Magnus Gustafsson for giving up his time to examine me.
  11. [Monday 11 July | 17-19z] BIKF_TWR Checkout

    I could take APP is someone is available on BIRD_CTR to supervise me. Good Luck Kevin!
  12. [Fri 3rd June | 11-13z] BIRD_CTR

    I might be able to do BIKF_TWR depending on IRL issue's
  13. [22nd May, 13-15Z] VFR Flying Day, Roskilde to Aarhus

    @Gustav Kauman I am more than happy to talk about the basics of Flight Fundamentals and VFR Flying if you can do the ATC side of things as I fly weekly in the real world if you need any help?
  14. [Sat 23rd April | 1130-1330z] BIRD_CTR

    BIKF_TWR you have again