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  1. CTP Eastbound 2017 | Timelapse ENGM

    Great stuff, Krister - and Adrian
  2. NAX or IBK ?

    Interesting points and good read to a more complicated matter than meets the eye Because of this I have joined virtualnorwegian haha.. not a bad outcome, I must admit See you in the skies!
  3. NAX or IBK ?

    Jouka, thanks alot for clearifying - and Hampus, nice clue :). Håvard, I will look in to the VA Thank you all for replies, very kind.. now I know!
  4. NAX or IBK ?

    Hello dear friends When flying Norwegian, should I use NAX (norshuttle) or IBK (nortrans) - and when to choose what? All input most welcome - thanks in advance - mange tak! Mvh
  5. Praise of EKCH ATC :)

    A nice - and correct - comment about the quality of DK ATC. Taken from Facebook.