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  1. [Wed 8th of Nov 1930-2100z] EKCH_APP S3 checkout

    Congratulations, Ricky
  2. [Wed 18th Oct 18-1930z] S2 CPT EKCH_TWR

    Congratulations, Daniel. Well done
  3. Appointment Training Assistant Denmark [ACCSCA22]

    Great news!
  4. Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017 application

    Then just leave it then? - Apology has been made. " For the eastbound in October we will send an application for either EKCH or ENGM. " So it will either be EKCH or ENGM. But where is it mentioned that ENGM, is the chosen airport for this edition of CTP?
  5. Arlanda is in the worldflight 2017

  6. Appointment Director of Copenhagen FIR [ACCSCA3]

    Great news! - Congratulations, Mikkel Christian, once again, thanks for your work!
  7. ATC Bookings now via Vatbook

    Question: Why is it called "Book tower"? - Any meaning behind that?
  8. [Thu 6th of april 18-19.30z] - EKCH_TWR, S2 CPT

  9. [4 Apr 18-20z] Copenhagen Control C1 CPT

    Tillykke mr. Jones!
  10. [Thu 6th of april 18-19.30z] - EKCH_TWR, S2 CPT

    EKDK, will be online from 17z
  11. Kevin Liljala is manning EKCH_APP from 17-19z this Wednesday. All traffic welcome.
  12. It's now time again for Kevin Liljala to have an online session on Copenhagen Approach. Bring your wings to/from Copenhagen (or Roskilde ). Let's give him something to do, shall we?! See you on Thursday
  13. Kevin Liljala will be having his first online training on Copenhagen Approach, tomorrow. All kinds of traffic is welcome!
  14. [Thu 8th Dec 19-20.30z] EKCH_TWR S2 checkout

    Better late than never. Congratulations to Jeppe on a passed checkout. Hopefully seeing you soon for your S3 checkout
  15. [APPOINTMENT] Training Director ACCSCA2

    Good choice! Congratulations, Arvid