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  1. [7th April, 17-20z] North Sea Triangle

    Despite the lack of booking - the UK Airspace was manned all the way, so I had a very good trip from EKBI to EGNM. Full atc coverage from Billund to Leed, and a fair amount of traffic around Leeds. A nice event not going to one of the major airports for a change. More of those events please :-) regards Torben
  2. [7th April, 17-20z] North Sea Triangle

    Looks to be a nice event - but I wonder why no controller has booked Leeds Twr or APP? regards Torben
  3. Suggestion for ATC chart

    Thank you Adrian - excatly what I was looking for. Greetings Torben
  4. Suggestion for ATC chart

    Thank you, Henry - nice to know. But it is more the VATSIM sectors, which is my interest, as they not always are identical to real world sectors. On Vatsim real world sectors are often merged into fewer sectors. Finland is no different - it's very seldom all the sectors shown on your map are manned, so a general VATSCA map would be nice. Thanks Torben
  5. Suggestion for ATC chart

    Hi all While charts are easily available from real world sources (AIPs/Eurocontrol), I sometimes get a little lost as to which VATSIM ATC sector covers which areas. A sector such as EKDK is not difficult to grasp, but when more sectors are open, it might get a little tricky as to which controller to contact. As VATSCA several years ago changed callsigns and started using numbers in the sector name it became a challenge to the pilots to guess, which controller covered which sector. In the UK I can find a chart showing me the sectors (https://vatsim.uk/area-sectors/) but I haven't found such a chart for SCA or indeed many other countries. While Scandinavia is not the biggest challenge for me (ex-enroute controller VATSCA), I think many pilots could use such a chart. I know I could use one when flying in Germany (all those pesky Langen radar sectors :-[ ). The controllers have them (at least as sectors on Euroscope), but pilots don't. Just a suggestion, Torben
  6. [6 May 17z-] Arctic Shuttle

    Thank you for your effort in making an event in an area not often used for this. I did a 2-leg flight (BIKF-BGSF + BGSF-CYYC) as my trusty B738 was too heavy for the entire trip in one leg. It would have been nice to have BGSF manned as well, but this is a minor issue. However CZEG_CTR was not manned during the entire event - more on an on-off basis. Looking on vroute I noticed that no booking was found for CZEG_CTR at all!! From 2030z to 2150z no atc at all in CZEG. After 2150z I got atc for the rest of my flight, only CTR though - no app, twr or gnd. Hopefully in the future more atc is found in Canada. But everything starts small and grows from there. Having said that I wouldn't call it an event based on the scarse atc provided by VATCAN. yours Torben