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  1. Emil Holgersson

    [8 Dec 2016 17-19z] C1 CPT ESOS_CTR

  2. Emil Holgersson

    [Sun 20th Nov 17-19z] S2 MAE CPT, ESSA_TWR

    Grattis! Riktigt bra jobbat!
  3. Emil Holgersson

    [22nd March 18z] Sweden C1 CPT

    Grattis Mattias!
  4. Emil Holgersson

    [Thu 17 feb 18-20z] ESSA_TWR MA CPT

    Tack alla!
  5. Emil Holgersson

    [Sun 07.02.2016 11-13z] S2 CPT, ESGG_TWR

  6. Emil Holgersson

    [Sat. 23 Jan 14-16z] S2 Checkout ESGG_TWR

    Tackar alla!
  7. On Sunday 31th Jan 2016 18-20z: ESOS_CTR: Anyone? ESSA_APP: Oskar Sunnanhagen ESSA_TWR: Emil Holgersson ESGG_APP: Erik Wismén Training crew on duty: Daniel Edvardsson & Andreas Ineman All kind of traffic is Welcome! See you in the Skies!
  8. Emil Holgersson

    [Sat. 23 Jan 14-16z] S2 Checkout ESGG_TWR

    Tack Filip!