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  1. Martin Stockzell

    [Sun 11th Nov 17-20Z] ESSA_TWR+APP MAE CPT

    Bra skit! Bara resten kvar nu!
  2. Martin Stockzell


  3. Sunday November the 11th, @Krister Larsen (who already has a C1 rating) is up for his Major Airport Endorsement at ESSA (Stockholm-Arlanda Airport). Even though Krister technically is allowed to control inside Sweden, he still need to get his MAE for ESSA so come along and help him earn this! Examiner is @Hakan Schulz and he has also requested that Krister will man ESSA_APP without support from TWR, GND or DEL for the first hour. So at 18Z supporting AD-controllers are welcome to join. Come fly IFR or VFR to help Krister show what he's got! Supporting positions such as ESOS/ESMM and/or other AD are of course more then welcome to join to gain as much traffic as we can. Best of luck to Krister!
  4. Martin Stockzell

    [27 Oct, 08-17z & 28 Oct, 09-14z] Sweden Live Weekend

    Correction. The night between saturday 27 and sunday 28 EU+EES countries will revert back to normal time (GMT+1 instead of +2)
  5. Martin Stockzell

    [14 Oct, 16-20z] VATSCA & ORBX Release Event (ESNQ, ESSD, ESSV)

    @Tonis Aal, @Julius Mannermaa, @Peter Ingerslev Nielsen
  6. Martin Stockzell

    Constantly being logged out of the forum

    I posted a thread about this down in the section regarding software (for those able to see it). The reason is some sort of forum update and @Mikael Harju is working the issue
  7. Martin Stockzell

    SAS1049 emergency diversion to Kallax

    SAS83L väntar fortfarande på sin METREPORT någonstans
  8. Martin Stockzell

    [Thu 13th Sep 17-19Z] ESSA_TWR MAE CPT

    Let's welcome @Anton Lindros as our newest member with MAE at ESSA_TWR!
  9. Martin Stockzell

    [Thu 13th Sep 17-19Z] ESSA_TWR MAE CPT

    Påminnelse att detta startar om 50 minuter samt att vi gärna ser någon på ESOS. Någon hugad spekulant?
  10. Martin Stockzell

    [Thu 13th Sep 17-19Z] ESSA_TWR MAE CPT

    Har vi någon manad som kan tänka sig ESOS?
  11. Martin Stockzell


  12. @Anton Lindros is up for his Major Airport Endorsement on ESSA_TWR thursday september the 13th at 17Z Stockholm-Arlanda is of course the major airport in Sweden, serving hundreds of destinations from all over the world. Come help Anton earn his endorsement by flying IFR or VFR from this beautiful airport. Best scenery to use if by far ORBX ESSA, with Aerosoft Mega Stockholm behind. @Martin Loxbo has also made a BGL-file that makes the standard scenery correct, so controllers don't see you taxing on the runways on their radar screen for example. Download it from here along with great info about the airport. Make sure to have your charts available! At least remember that initial altitude is ALWAYS 5000ft unless otherwise assigned! http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/pilots/airports/sweden/essa-stockholmarlanda/ Supporting ATC will most likely be available as well! So come fly your heart out! ESOS_CTR: ESSA_APP: Håkan Schulz ESSA_TWR: Candidate ESSA_GND/DEL: BLOCKED Examiner: @Martin Stockzell
  13. Martin Stockzell

    [Thu 30th Aug 17-19Z] ESGG_APP S3 CPT

    Hipp hipp!
  14. Martin Stockzell


  15. Vatsim Scandinavia and the Swedish training staff is pleased to invite everyone to Göteborg-Landvetter Airport (ESGG) on thursday august the 30th for an checkout of @Hampus Norrby on ESGG_APP. Expect supporting ATC as well! Come fly IFR, VFR, large airliners, small aircrafts or why not a helicopter, to really help Hampus earn his new rating! Airport briefing, charts and other useful information can be found here. ESOS_CTR: Håkan Schulz ESGG_APP: CANDIDATE ESGG_TWR: Jimmy Stigsjöö ESGT/ESGP_TWR: Blocked initially Examinator: @Martin Tornberg