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  1. [18th Apr 17-19z] BIKF_TWR S2 CPT

  2. [Thu 12th April 17-19z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    Medans Axel knåpar ihop examineringsrapporten får jag väl bli den första att gratulera @Noel Spett till sin helt färska S2-rating!
  3. [Sun Apr 8th 17-19Z] S3 MAE ESSA_APP

    Riktigt bra köttat!
  4. [Sun Apr 8th 17-19Z] S3 MAE ESSA_APP

    Indeed. Fixed, thanks

  6. Vatsim Scandinavia and the Swedish training staff is pleased to invite everyone to Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ESSA) sunday april the 8th for an MAE checkout of @Mattias Krogstad on ESSA_APP. Expect supporting ATC as well! Arlanda is of course the main international airport in Sweden, and the third busiest in the nordic countries. Come fly IFR, VFR, large airliners, small aircrafts or why not a helicopter, to really help Mattias earn his endorsement! Airport briefing, charts and other useful information can be found here. Since Arlanda utilizes standard taxi routes please take a look at the charts to be sure to use the correct taxi ways, since those are not included in the taxi clearence. Initial climb is always 5000ft if not otherwise stated. These two things seem to forego a lot of pilots Examinator: @Magnus Gustafsson
  7. [25 Mar, 14-20z] Arlanda Real Time 2018

    Hi Alain. I think I know which situation you are talking about, one of the controllers became ill quite rapidly and I can only guess that you were overseen in the transfer of communication. For this I can only apologize and hope that you'll give us another chance in the future!
  8. [Thu 22nd Mar 18-20z] S2 CPT ESMS_TWR

    Bra skit!
  9. [Sun 18th Mar 17-19z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    Grattis, bra jobbat!
  10. CTP Airfield Applications 2018

    Well. If it revolves around the case of too few stands and too far distance, not really. We can't really rebuild two airports just to have them involved in an virtual event can we?
  11. CTP Airfield Applications 2018

    I agree. I also think that the current "rotation" is a quite nice and fair way to solve this. But I also agree that Iceland should be in the mix, Helsinki too, I mean it's only like 200Nm more compared to Stockholm.
  12. On March 18th, the Swedish training staff welcomes everyone to help @Anton Lindros earn his S2-rating at ESGG, Göteborg-Landvetter Tower. 17-19Z is the time to have in mind! Expect surrounding areas to be covered as well, and as always both IFR and VFR flights are most welcome! Examinator: @Martin Tornberg

  14. [Thu 1st Mar 18-20z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    I'm going to go ahead and forego Magnus by saying congrats to Jimmy on his brand new rating!
  15. [Thu 1st Mar 18-20z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    Come fly tonight!