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  1. Martin Stockzell

    [Mon 16 Jul 17-19Z] ESMS_APP training

    Go for it!
  2. @Hampus Norrby is manning Sweden Control, sector L for a training session on monday the 16th. Come and fly IFR and VFR to some of the surrounding airports in either Sweden or Denmark that Hampus is covering!
  3. Martin Stockzell

    Appointment Web Services Director [ACCSCA11]

  4. Martin Stockzell

    [14 July, 17-20z] ESSA TWR Training

    Good luck!
  5. Martin Stockzell


  6. @Alexander Fyhn is up for his Major Airport Endorsement on ESSA_TWR thursday august the 2nd at 17Z Stockholm-Arlanda is of course the major airport in Sweden, serving hundreds of destinations from all over the world. Come help Alexander earn his endorsement by flying IFR or VFR from this beautiful airport. Best scenery to use if by far ORBX ESSA, with Aerosoft Mega Stockholm behind. @Martin Loxbo has also made a BGL-file that makes the standard scenery correct, so controllers don't see you taxing on the runways on their radar screen for example. Download it from here along with great info about the airport. Make sure to have your charts available! At least remember that initial altitude is ALWAYS 5000ft unless otherwise assigned! http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/pilots/airports/sweden/essa-stockholmarlanda/ Supporting ATC will most likely be available as well! So come fly your heart out! ESOS_CTR: Håkan Schulz ESSA_APP: Mattias Krogstad ESSA_TWR: Candidate ESSA_GND/DEL: BLOCKED Examiner: @Martin Stockzell
  7. Martin Stockzell

    [Thu 5 Jul 17-19Z] ESGG_APP training

    Affirm. Thanks, edited now!
  8. @Hampus Norrby is having his first online session tomorrow on ESGG_APP. Please come and give him his first real online challenge. Expect surrounding and supporting ATC!
  9. Martin Stockzell

    Updated ICAO_Aircraft.txt

    I have seen a couple of E290, which seems to be the "newer" ERJ 190-something
  10. Damnit, just realized that 16.30Z is 07.30 local ;(((
  11. Martin Stockzell

    [Thu 24th May 17-20z] S2 CPT EFHK_TWR

  12. Martin Stockzell

    [Thu 24th May 17-20z] S2 CPT EFHK_TWR

    Good luck Mikael! Also @Joonatan Porkkala, awesome banner! I might steal that idea, since we stopped using banners at all since the copyright issue...
  13. Martin Stockzell

    [Tue 8th May 17-19Z] ESSA_TWR Training

    Coolers. I’ll support on ESOS!
  14. Martin Stockzell

    [3rd May 18z-20z] EKCH_APP Checkout