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  1. [11 Jan, 18-21z] ESSA_APP Training

    @Hampus Norrby will be training on ESSA_TWR as well during the same period!
  2. [9-10 June 2018] FlightSimExpo 2018 - Las Vegas

    Anyone else interested in this? A quick look at airline tickets with SAS is roughly 6000 SEK there and back. Hotel roughly $350 for the abovementioned dates.
  3. Event Suggestions and Ideas for 2018

    This! Also I would like to try out more events including several countries at once to increase the amount of traffic and also make us work together more (which is always more fun). How about a regional shuttle-type event? Focus staffing on the smaller airports. Another suggestion also in the spirit of cooperation is to have one night where we just try to staff as many positions as we can, where the focus of the event is just to have a massive online presence.
  4. [9-10 June 2018] FlightSimExpo 2018 - Las Vegas

    Sounds fun, let me know what you find in terms of flights and hotel and plans in general!
  5. TopSky plugin public beta

    @Juha Holopainen I've read and read through most of the manuals but I just can't find how to disable the lost list popping up everytime a plane touches down on a runway when no tower is online to hand the aircraft over to. This might be a suggestion to fix in an upcoming version btw.
  6. [Sun Dec 3rd 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Bra skit, grattis!
  7. This evening @Hampus Norrby is having an online training session on Stockholm-Arlanda Tower (ESSA_TWR) ESSA_APP will be online as well. You are more then welcome to fly IFR, VFR, helicopters, hot air balloons (well...) to make sure that Hampus training is moving forward!

  9. Vatsim Scandinavia and the Swedish training staff is pleased to invite everyone to Göteborg-Landvetter Airport (ESGG) sunday december the 3rd for an checkout of @Henry Carlsten on Göteborg Control (ESGG_APP). Expect supporting ATC as well! Come fly IFR, VFR, large airliners, small aircrafts or why not even a helicopter, to really help Henry earn his rating! Airport briefing, charts and other useful information can be found here. Examinator: Oskar Sunnanhagen

  11. Sunday November the 26th, the swedish training staff welcomes everyone to help @Dragoljub Blagojevic earn his S2-rating at ESGG, Göteborg-Landvetter Tower. 17-19Z is the time to have in mind! Expect surrounding areas to be covered as well, and as always both IFR and VFR flights are most welcome! Since there is also an C1-checkout planned in Norway, why not a flight between our neighboring countries? Examinator: Oskar Sunnanhagen
  12. Transponder difference Sweden Finland

    As @Magnus Gustafsson said, you are expected to squawk C on the ground at ESSA and ESGG. But as with most swedish standards, they are not spoken since they are fully available in the charts
  13. [Thu 16th Nov 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

  14. [Thu 16th Nov 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    This is due the EU-meeting. Scheduled traffic is excepted and on Vatsim all traffic is scheduled
  15. [Thu 16th Nov 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Lol korrekt