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  1. Scrolling in CFL list in ES

    This thread surely needs a boost. Some with Win10 have the ability to scroll, some doesn't. I know that it perhaps isn't as realistic for us swedish users, but in this case I really don't care. I have ALWAYS scrolled so now I zoom in and out almost every time I change, for example, a CFL. This annoys the hell out of me
  2. Training Director [ACCSCA2]

    Sorry to see you leave! Hopefully your successor can keep up the good progress of the training department!
  3. Vatsim Scandinavia, and Sweden FIR, invites all virtual pilots to help @Eddie Josefsson earn his S3 rating at Göteborg Control. Göteborg-Landvetter (ESGG) is Swedens second largest international airport with around 7 million passengers per year, serving roughly 100 destinations. So come fly IFR or VFR to really give Eddie the challenge he needs!Expect surrounding areas to be covered with ATC as well.Examinator: Magnus Gustafsson
  4. [25 Jun 16-18:30z] ESOS C1 CPT

    Grymt köttat!
  5. [Thu 22nd June 17-19z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Gott! Grattis!
  6. [Thu 22nd June 17-19z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Just a reminder that this is tonight! Welcome!
  7. @Erik Wismen is looking to get back in to the game and has a refresh session planned for next wednesday. If you are up for it, please join in an fly to/from ESSA! ESSA_APP will be online as well, hopefully even some ACC coverage!
  8. [Wed 21th June, 17-19z] ESSA_TWR refresh

    Unfortunatly cancelled until further notice (new thread will be announcing that date!)
  9. [Wed 21th June, 17-19z] ESSA_TWR refresh

    This is now this wednesday. Pilots and surrounding ATC welcome! Pilots: PLEASE do read the free and readily available charts, since much of the information not provided in clearences and so forth are acctually in the charts (initial climb, taxi routes and so on) http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/pilots/airports/sweden/essa-stockholmarlanda/ Although I don't think that the afcad-fix for standard scenery is applicable to P3Dv4 (I have not tested this myself, so please let me know!)

  11. [Wed 21th June, 17-19z] ESSA_TWR refresh

    Cancelled due to sickness (mancold ftl ) New date: Next week, same time!
  12. Monday June 5th between 17.00-19.00Z @Alexander Fyhn is up for his S2 checkout at his home airport of Malmö Airport (ESMS) which by the locals goes by the name of "Sturup". Sturup is Swedens fourth largest airport, that has seen a drastically lowered passenger amount since the opening of Kastrup (EKCH) just 50km away. Still, it regulary sees traffic from SAS, Norwegian, BRA and Wizz Air and roughly 15 more, with around 2 million passengers per year. Come fly IFR or VFR, and expect surrounding ATC to be online to help out as well! Charts and pilot briefs as always available at the website: http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/pilots/airports/sweden/esms-malmo/ SPECIAL NOTE: Since Alexander has choosen ESMS for his checkout this is somewhat of an historic event. Most of the S2 checkouts takes place at ESGG due to it beeing the second largest airport. So I really encourage you all to come and fly. There are good freeware sceneries out there! Vatsim Scandinavia and Sweden FIR wishes everyone welcome! Examinator: Magnus Gustafsson
  13. [Mon 5th Jun 17-19z] S2 CPT ESMS_TWR


  15. Event suggestions

    4-6am Z? Shiiiit
  16. Vatsim Scandinavia, and Sweden FIR, invites all virtual pilots to help @Hampus Norrby earn his S2 rating at Landvetter Tower. Göteborg-Landvetter (ESGG) is Swedens second largest international airport with around 7 million passengers per year, serving roughly 100 destinations. So come fly IFR or VFR to really give Hampus the challenge he needs! Expect surrounding areas to be covered with ATC as well. Examinator: Kristian Kling
  17. [Thu 25th May 17-19z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    Good work! Welcome to the team

  19. During Arlanda Online day. @Hampus Norrby will be manning ESGG_TWR throughout the night. @Emil Holgersson will be manning ESGG_APP as well!
  20. just a normal Easter weekend at ESSA (?)

    This is of course a topic that I would like to have explained to me from someone who acctually believes it But sure, Arlandas biggest problem is not the lack of available runways or movements per hour. It's the lack of stands. It doesn't matter if you have 5 runways with parallel approaches if they can't park anywhere
  21. just a normal Easter weekend at ESSA (?)

    Short answer, when 99% of the traffic is arriving the peak/off peak configuration isn't really that important. Since ESSA doesn't allow for parallel approaches it wouldn't have made things a whole lot more effective. Also note that during the time of the event RL ops changed runway configuration 4 times (because of variating winds) but we only made one change (from arriving 26, departing 19R, to arriving 19R, departing 08 right turn out). We could also turn this argument around. If the pilots flying acctually studied the free and available charts a bit more, holding for once would have been more effective if the pilots acctually flew the hold as published... Same with vacating the rwy. If you know that there is minimum separation on final, you dont select auto brake 1 and idle reverse and just cruise to the end of the runway. You slam on the brakes, vacating ASAP to give the next guy the best chance of landing as well... 4hrs hold just seems unresonable, but even though there is a sort of queue system, sometimes other factors makes it so that traffic lower in the queue gets released before you. That's just how it is, and how it works IRL. Of course 2hrs hold is also a lot, and a number I can imagine if you were one of the 100+ planes that got stuck in the worst of it. But it's just simple math. The airport can only handle X amount of movement per hour and if you have 50 aircraft in different holds, the math says that you will be there for a while Thanks for the feedback though! We appreciate it and use it for debriefings and to improve training for future controllers! And also, thanks for flying!
  22. Teamspeak server is terrible every 10 mins

    This is a problem that is consistent. The server lags terribly from time to time, and it seems the webpage and other services are also affected. This creates moments when people connected are totally unable to speak to each other. The voice server seems not to be affected though....
  23. Next saturday, the 8th of april, @Hampus Norrby is manning ESGG_TWR on his first online session. Come fly IFR or VFR to help Hampus with his training. Supporting ATC always welcome as well!
  24. @Emil Holgersson is manning ESGG_APP on thursday during Arlanda Online Day, between 17-19z (19-21 CEST)Come fly IFR and VFR to give Emil something to work with!
  25. @Eddie Josefsson is manning ESGG_APP tomorrow, wednesday march 29th between 16-19z (18-21 CEST) Come fly IFR and VFR to give Eddie something to work with!