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  1. Bork Johnsen

    Changes to Deputy Training Assistant Norway

    I would also like to thank Mathias for his help during his time as Deputy Training Assistant Norway, and I look very much forward to working together with Krister!
  2. Gjermund Ihlebekk is up for his S2 checkout on ENBR_TWR the 24th of May. ENBR will be staffed from 16 to 18 zulu. Fly your favorite aircraft to ENBR, and help Gjermund prove his worthiness of an S2 rating! Picture: Espen Gees
  3. Fly to ENBR the 22nd of May, and help Sebastian Andby prove his worthiness of an S3 rating! The checkout willlast from 17 to 19 zulu. We hope to see you around! Photo: Espen Gees
  4. Daniel Lange will be put to the test on ENGM_APP the 10th of May! The checkout starts at 17z, and we'll be rounding up at 19z. We hope to see you around! Photo | NORDIC Office of Architecture/Ivan Brodery
  5. We invite you to fly to Stavanger aiport (ENZV) the 27th of February, as Kristian Ødegård will be put to the test on ENZV_TWR! The checkout lasts from 19 to 21 zulu. We hope you see you around, not matter what you fly! Photocredit: Andreas Lind / Avinor
  6. Fly to ENVA on Sunday the 28th of January to help Jørgen Bolseth show he is worthy of an S2 rating! The checkout will start at 18z, and will be lasting until 20z. We hope to see you around!
  7. Bork Johnsen

    Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    I think having the perhaps soon to be old logo in older documents will work fine. Regardless of whether a document contains the old or the new logo, people will understand which vACC the logo belongs to. To prove my point, I don't see people getting confused over American Airlines flying with an old livery/logo, despite having changed their logo years ago, and I honestly find the problem with having old logos in documents to be non-existent.
  8. Bork Johnsen

    Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    I think it looks amazing! Great work! It will be interesting to see where it ends up
  9. Bork Johnsen

    vACCSCA partnered with scammers?

    It's called Bitcoin mining. Duh.
  10. Bork Johnsen

    ENBR_TWR training

    Hello pilots and controllers! William Van Aller will have his first online session at ENBR_TWR this evening, starting at 17:00z. All sorts if traffic traffic are welcome!
  11. Bork Johnsen

    [Sun 14th Aug 17-19z] ESSA_TWR CPT

  12. Bork Johnsen

    [Sun 31st Jul 17-19z] ENBR_TWR CPT

    Congratz! Well performed today and well deserved!
  13. Bork Johnsen

    [Wed 29th Jun 17-19z] ENBR_TWR CPT

    I just found out this forum thread exists Thanks to all of you!