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  1. Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    I think having the perhaps soon to be old logo in older documents will work fine. Regardless of whether a document contains the old or the new logo, people will understand which vACC the logo belongs to. To prove my point, I don't see people getting confused over American Airlines flying with an old livery/logo, despite having changed their logo years ago, and I honestly find the problem with having old logos in documents to be non-existent.
  2. Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    I think it looks amazing! Great work! It will be interesting to see where it ends up
  3. vACCSCA partnered with scammers?

    It's called Bitcoin mining. Duh.
  4. ENBR_TWR training

    Hello pilots and controllers! William Van Aller will have his first online session at ENBR_TWR this evening, starting at 17:00z. All sorts if traffic traffic are welcome!
  5. [Sun 14th Aug 17-19z] ESSA_TWR CPT

  6. [Sun 31st Jul 17-19z] ENBR_TWR CPT

    Congratz! Well performed today and well deserved!
  7. [Wed 29th Jun 17-19z] ENBR_TWR CPT

    I just found out this forum thread exists Thanks to all of you!