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  1. Mattias Green

    Constantly being logged out of the forum

    Same issue here. I think it started after Google updated Chrome.
  2. Mattias Green

    [Wed 29th Nov 18.00-20.00z] ESSA_TWR training

    Mycket bra jobbat idag Hampus.
  3. Mattias Green

    [Sun 26th Feb 18-20z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    ESGG_APP booked. Good luck with the checkout!
  4. Mattias Green

    [Thu 9th Feb 18-20z] S3 MA CPT ESSA_APP

    Esos bokat. Lycka till Martin!
  5. Mattias Green

    [Sun 29th Jan 18-20z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    ESOS booked, good luck with the checkout!
  6. Mattias Green

    [Sun 22nd Jan 17:00z - 20.30z] ESGG_APP Training

    Jag är med på ESOS.
  7. Mattias Green

    [8 Dec 2016 17-19z] C1 CPT ESOS_CTR

    Grymt Max! Perfekt start med FSS
  8. Mattias Green

    [Sat 26th Nov 17-19z] S2 MAE CPT, ESSA_TWR

    Grattis Albin!
  9. Mattias Green

    [Sun 14th Aug 17-19z] ESSA_TWR CPT

    ESOS please
  10. Mattias Green

    [Tue 12th Jul, 16.30-19.00z] ESGG_TWR

    I'll join on ESOS.
  11. Mattias Green

    VATSIM Scandinavia ATC Training Director

    Enough is enough. I've been monitoring this thread and decided to keep my cool and let the board work this out but I can no longer accept the damage this behavior from the BoG and the founders have done to our, once, flourishing VACC. I do not blame the messengers nor do I wish to disrespect any of the BoG or founders even though I feel like they have done that to our community according to CoC A1: "Members should, at all times, be courteous and respectful to one another". Even though Andreas and Florian have been asked at least five times I have not seen one single post explaining why this matter caught the attention from the highest board. From what I understand these instructions came from the BoG and founders directly and as mentioned before - rules need to be public for everyone. The VATSIM board can't just march in and micromanage decisions whenever they feel like it, especially when our constitution have been reviewed not once - but twice in the last two years. That's showing great disrespect to the whole VATSIM Scandinavia community. This is a very sad time for VATSIM Scandinavia and will be remembered for a long time. The damage this have done to our community will soon be beyond repair. I'm hereby officially resigning from all my extra duties within VATSIM Scandinavia and I will inform the relevant people in our staff-team. I will remain as an active ATC and pilot - nothing more. I will not add anything more to this discussion.
  12. Mattias Green

    [Thu 19th May 17-19z] ESSA_TWR MA CPT

    Grymt, Grattis!
  13. Mattias Green

    [Sun 15th May 12-14z] S2 ESGG_TWR

  14. Victor Creutz is up for another online training session at Arlanda Tower this Thursday. Supporting pilots and ATC is very welcome!