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  1. CTP Airfield Applications 2018

    Seeing as Sangster made it for arrivals, I'd say Helsinki should be possible aswell
  2. Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017 application

    Allthough do note, there are SIX arrival fields an only 600 slots. That gives 100 Arrivals per airfield.
  3. Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017 application

    Let the planning begin.
  4. Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017 application

    How about talking with Martin BEFORE applying? As it after all IS Event Departments area of responsibility? Just seeing as you mention you should have told Martin AFTER you applied.
  5. Teamspeak server is terrible every 10 mins

    Still an issue. Something should really be done about it.
  6. just a normal Easter weekend at ESSA (?)

    In regards to text pilots and pilots not knowing what their doing... I don't really want to go there but it's the truth. The creator of this event (You know who he is) draws an immature crowd when doing stuff like this.
  7. just a normal Easter weekend at ESSA (?)

    I was only trying to divert to Oslo to refill fuel. I wasnt expecting it to get this out of hand in terms of the holdings. My point is, there were people holding for 4-5 hours, and there were others flying straight in, or doing a couple of circuts. Thats not right. And you should also be able to handle shortage of fuel during events like this when people hold, and prioritize thereafter. However, I guess this wasn't really supposed to be an event of this size and magnitude, and that the planning wasn't best. There should have been slot times out of Paris in the first place, and more enroute controll that could seperate the traffic in the beginning. Good Job anyhow
  8. just a normal Easter weekend at ESSA (?)

    It was not a in flight emergency. I specifically said I was NOT declearing an emergency. I was diverting to my alternate airport, which is something completley different than a fuel emergency.
  9. just a normal Easter weekend at ESSA (?)

    However, you guys did overall a great job
  10. just a normal Easter weekend at ESSA (?)

    This was supposed to be quite a long post, but I'll summarize my view of the event.. Lack of control in holdings, some aircrafts hold for two to four hours, others for no time at all. No information on expected hold time, and ATC did not care about how much fuel they had onboard. One to Two hours of holding is ok, but four hours of holding without any information? Denying diversions, and asking diversions to disconnect?? After two hours in holding, I got asked to disconnect when I wanted to divert to Oslo. Why and after which rule in VATSIM? Similar callsigns, and obviously bad voice servers. This is not your fault. What will allways be a challenge on events like this is people not paying attention, mixing up callsigns, stepping on eachother and beeing impatient. However, instead of spamming people with contact me messages, maybe try to contact them on frequency. Corelations, maybe during events like this, do not use realistic mode? Seemed like an issue. Runway Configuration: Why is it that during the real ops and this event, the Off Peak config is used?? Seems like the least effective approach as well?