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  1. [5 Jan 2016 18-20z] C1 CPT EFES_CTR

    Well done @Julius Mannermaa!!!
  2. [Thu 8th Dec 18-21z] S2 CPT, EFHK_E_TWR

    Congrats, well done Henri!
  3. [Thu 1st Dec 18-21z] S2 CPT, EFHK_E_TWR

    Congrats Lauri!
  4. [Thu 17th Nov 18-21z] S2 CPT, EFHK_E_TWR

    Congrats Elias!
  5. [Sat 27th Aug 17-20z] S2 CPT, EFHK_E_TWR

    Congrats, Janne!
  6. [Thu 18th Aug 17-20z] S3 CPT, EFHK_W_APP

    Well done Julius! Congratulations!
  7. [23rd June, 17-20z]Finland C1 CPT

    Well done my man, Miska!
  8. [Thu 9th Jun 17-20z] S2 CPT, EFHK_E_TWR

    Congratulations Otto!
  9. [Thu 26th May 17-20z] S2 CPT, EFHK_E_TWR

    Thank you all! Special thanks to Miska Jokinen for excellent mentoring.