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  1. [Thu 14th Sep 17-20z] S2 CPT EFHK_TWR

    Well done!
  2. Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017 application

    It has been mentioned earlier under this topic
  3. Multiple Legs ATC Request FSCB-Flightgroup

    The correct route is POL P17 IPSIR UP17 TIPTA UM82 RIVOT KLONN Z314 KUNEM , to join a KUNEM STAR If you could forward this, that would be great
  4. Alias Exhange

    I´m not sure if we´re talking about the same thing but I will mention it anyway. .ho Contact $radioname($1) ($atccallsign($1)) $freq($1). Goodbye! .cso Contact $radioname($1) ($atccallsign($1)), callsign only, $freq($1). Goodbye! By using these commands, you only have to type in the controller ID to the next controller in the part where I have replaced it with AR under here (which is the controller ID for ENGM_APP/ENGM_W_APP) . .ho Contact $radioname(AR) ($atccallsign($1)) $freq($1). Goodbye! And just press tab and the line should end up like this, the .cso (callsign only handoff) is done in the same way Contact Oslo Approach (ENGM_W_APP) 120.450. Goodbye! The controller ID is simple to find. At the controller list on Euroscope, you will find a 2-4 letter code before the callsign. That is the Controller ID.
  5. Front page problems

    Seems like the problem have occurred again
  6. Sunday evening @OleMartin Tofteng will be at Værnes Tower this evening! Traffic (both IFR and VFR) would be highly appreciated and we`re hoping to see you at Værnes. Scenery AoN (free) | Aerosoft Værnes X V2 (payware) Chart AIP Norway Happy flying!
  7. Event suggestions

    Scenery is now released, just few minutes ago http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/123845-trondheim-vaernes-x-v20-released/ So release event, would be verry cool!
  8. NATCON, do you use it?

    No, and the simple reason is...too complicated in ES. Vanilla Euroscope with the sectorfile works perfect! (Still a minior NATCON plugin is there too, made by Even Rognlien) Other plugins I use is; vSMR Ground Radar (modified to ENGM only), you`ll find it in FIR discussion, Norway
  9. Teamspeak Server completely down

    vatsim-scandinavia.org You will always find it here, including the rules and discord http://vatsim-scandinavia.org/information/team-speak-discord/
  10. just a normal Easter weekend at ESSA (?)

    It´s the Projectfly 2.1 launch event with groupflight from LFPG, therefore "normal day" at ESSA
  11. Event suggestions

    ENGM overload would be great in addition to Realtime, witch is later this year (I guess or hope?)
  12. Euroscope and vPilot

    It`s required to have the latest ES beta and vPilot V2 to set up the Towerview Download ES beta ( (3.2a(r12)) http://euroscope.hu/installbeta/changes.html Download vPilot v2 (direct link):http://vpilot.metacraft.com/DownloadHandler.ashx?m=0&ver=2.0.11&file=vPilot-Setup-2.0.11.exe
  13. Event suggestions

    Will there be an event in Norway the next months? I think it'd be great to have an event in Norway soon
  14. [Sun 31st Jul 17-19z] ENBR_TWR CPT

    Congratulations! Well done!