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  1. NATCON, do you use it?

    Think I need that too when I start my Gardermoen training.. That looks awesome, very promising. Sadly I just got used to Euroscope, hopefully it is an plugin.
  2. NATCON, do you use it?

    Been following this for a while and have noticed there is a general difference in the usage. So my question for curious sake is this: Do you use the NATCON PLUGIN if/if not why? Also if you do not mind, is there any other plugins that you perfer?
  3. Teamspeak Server completely down

    What is the server address again?
  4. Training Departement?

    Will do..
  5. Training Departement?

    Thank you sir
  6. Training Departement?

    Will do sir, meanwhile where can I get the installastion manual for Euroscope? At least I can log on as an observer to familirize my self with the scope
  7. Training Departement?

    Problem is that I am doing an re-training, holding an C1 rating and booked a training request 18 of April, it is now july. Almost three months is not long compared to you sir, but I would love to see some action soon And yea, I know its worth it..
  8. Training Departement?

    Been waiting for training but have not heard anything yet. Wonder if I ever will.
  9. Training Departement?

    How does this training schedule work nowadays, long waiting period?
  10. Transition Level and Altitude Table

    Thanks, just the same as the one I just found all laminated thank god Euroscope ATIS? Seems I've been away too long, still waiting for my training since 18 of april, no words yet from the training department. But I have hopes though
  11. There was one time an old VACCSCA page hosted on what I belive is an URL that started with home.something Anway, on that page resides an excellent TA/TL/QNH table which allowed one to find the desired TL level on and airport Do anybody have this old table somewhere on a disk I can get? Thanks in advanced
  12. Hi everybody

    Edit,. seems I am member of VACCSCA
  13. Hi everybody

    Thanks Wygnee.. Will look forward to seeing you online.. Will do Magnus, thanks for the advice
  14. Hi everybody

    There have been quite some time since I was active, much due to 5 years of school but also some other personal reasons. I do want to get back in the game and have now requested a refresh training hoping to be back online. Are there many new changes and features that I need to get back into, I have not done any ATC things for quite some time, so I guess there are many new things to experience. Sure hope to get in touch with all you nice people again. Tom