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  1. Norway Avinor charts - web page 404

    Impressive -- that was fast work Jouka. Can confirm: working again! Talk to you online, Helge
  2. Norway Avinor charts - web page 404

    From the Vatsim Scandinavia main page / pilots / charts / Avinor link... ... is it just me getting an "404" for https://www.ippc.no/norway_aip/current/index.html? https://ais.avinor.no/no/AIP/View/8/index.html works as expected... Kind Regards, Helge
  3. just a normal Easter weekend at ESSA (?)

    sorry... no intention whatsoever to get you into a discussion. I just saw the traffic and was impressed; this would have been enough traffic to have at least 2-3 major airports & ATC-FIRs busy. I also learned a couple of things (no parallel approaches ESSA - always wondered why not if, e.g. 19R/L would be usable, ...) Helge
  4. just a normal Easter weekend at ESSA (?)

    yeah, definition of "group"... group, noun \ˈgrüp\ 1 : two or more figures forming a complete unit [...] 2 a : a number of individuals assembled together or having common interests [Britannica] especially the "two or more" seems to fit... Did the homework now -- thanks for the details Krister! http://www.theskylounge.tv/topic/4599-projectfly-v21-launch-saturday-april-15-at-1300z-0600-pacific/ But really..., I am still not getting what "Project Fly" (https://projectfly.co.uk/about) is about to tell you the truth, given that there are virtual airlines, different military or VFR-flying groups etc.. But that's getting me off-topic... How did it go @ESSA? It looked like a HUGE + impressive event from the outside..., Helge
  5. just a normal Easter weekend at ESSA (?)

    Not sure - is someone having a party at ESSA and invited, well, everyone...?! (see attachment) I am not aware of an event... (?) Good Luck + Have Fun! Helge
  6. Swedish Radio phraseology request

    Hej Dragoljub, Martin har (tidigare) lagt ut en hel del bra information som hjälpte mig (även om jag personligen föredra Engelska...) -- just i fall du har inte hittat det själv ännu (kan finnas mer som jag har glömt...): Ha kul + Lycka Till! Helge (PS: leder kanske för långt/offf-topic/annan diskussion, men jag måste erkänna att jag har lite extra ögon på utkik när det inte pratas Engelska (eller ett språk jag förstår) rund omkring mig i luftrummet; upplevde det främst i Spanien/Frankrike...; stöda inte riktigt direkt min situation awareness känns det som...).