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  1. [Thu 4th Jan 18-21z] S3 CPT EFHK_APP

    Congrats Janne! Great turn out today.
  2. [28 Sep 17-20z] EFES C1 CPT

  3. [Thu 3rd Aug 17-20z] S2 CPT EFHK_TWR

    Congrats James
  4. [Tue 18th June, 0900-1130z] EFHK_TWR training

    Uhhh, Tuesday or Sunday 18th (today)?
  5. [Tue 16th May, 1630-1830z] EFHK_TWR training

    Oh, so its over already
  6. [Tue 16th May, 1630-1830z] EFHK_TWR training

    @Otto Suhonen Do you mean 20th of May or today two months ago?