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  1. [Thu 6th of april 18-19.30z] - EKCH_TWR, S2 CPT

    Congrats Frederik
  2. [4 Apr 18-20z] Copenhagen Control C1 CPT

    Thanks everyone thanks for traffic and supporting ATC
  3. [Tue 19. July 2016 1800-2000z] EKCH_TWR/APP MA checkout

    I can be standby
  4. Multi screen setup

    Vpilot v2 released, you might want to check it out @Fredrik Stromgren
  5. Multi screen setup

    Proxy connection is not an part of the current version of vpilot but will be back in v2 see: http://www1.metacraft.com/VRC/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3936
  6. [Tue 29. Mar 2016 1930-21z] S2 CPT, EKCH_TWR

    Grats Christoffer !!

    Grats Gustav
  8. [Mon 8. Feb 19-2030z] S3 Checkout, EKCH_APP

    Weeehuuu thanks for supporting atc and awesome traffic