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  1. NAX or IBK ?

    Norwegians Copenhagen-Stockholm service use IBK. IBK3902-3903 for example. Just FYI
  2. [Sun 10th Apr 17-19z] S2 ESGG_TWR

    Har bokat ESSA_TWR för ikväll
  3. [Sun 10th Apr 17-19z] S2 ESGG_TWR

    Jag har C1-pass på em o sen upptagen kväll, tyvärr...
  4. [9th April 17Z] S3 MA ESSA_APP

  5. [Thu 17 feb 18-20z] ESSA_TWR MA CPT

    @Martin Werner, Det står en tid i rubrik och en annan på beskrivning, vilken gäller?
  6. [Thu 17 feb 18-20z] ESSA_TWR MA CPT

    I'm able TMC
  7. Eddie Josefsson will have one of his final online sessions at Arlanda tomorrow Thursday. Welcome with all kinds of traffic between 19-21z
  8. On Sunday the 17th will @Eddie Josefsson take his first online session at ESSA TWR. I will man APP if necessarry, but supporting ATC is appreciated. Booking will come later tonight or tomorrow. Hope many of you can join in and help Eddie get his S2MA-rating! ESOS_CTR: ESSA_APP: (Andreas Ineman if needed, help appreciated) ESSA_TWR: Eddie Josefsson
  9. Two headsets in ES

    I mean when they are at the same computer as me of course
  10. Two headsets in ES

    Hi! Is it somehow possible two use two headsets in euroscope? So you have like an operator/observer kind of setup? Have a few friends who would like to see how we work as ATC. Regards Andreas Ineman
  11. External USB sound card

    Yea, the problem for me aswell is the combojack, not the soundcard in the computer
  12. External USB sound card

    Thanks! Assume I don't need a high end one for ES purposes? see a price range from 5-50$. Thinking of closer to 50 since the cheap ones tend to break according to reviews...
  13. External USB sound card

    Have now found out why my mic isn't working. I have a Razer Blackshark headset. It uses a single combo 3,5 mm jack, but has a splitter provided if you have two inputs on your computer. Since my laptop only have one combojack, it can't recognize the mic. https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1001623/ Tried to plug in the splitter with only mic in, worked like a charm. Nothing wrong with the headset. So now to the question again. Would an external USB sound card solve this?
  14. External USB sound card

    I have listened to myself on the freq sometimes, in certain situations I only heared some kind of noise. Other times it's fine. So is it worth to try an USB soundcard or will I be dissapointed?
  15. External USB sound card

    Forgot to mention that on my desktop it worked perfectly, rarely any complaints. I think that generally onboard sound cards on a laptop are not that high of quality. Together with the old technique used in ES it can have an effect. It's a Razer Blackshark headset, don't know if it goes under the cheap category, bought it for around 150-200$. All settings are correct, however I have a very limited variety of settings to choose from