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  1. [11th Nov 14-17z] BIKF_TWR S2 CPT

    Should be able to cover BIKF_APP for the duration as well as before and after. Best of luck Jonothan!
  2. [25th Oct 17-20z] BIKF_APP S3 CPT

    Thanks very much @Miska Jokinen for the training and thank you @Julius Mannermaa for examining me!
  3. [7th Jul 17-19z] S2 CPT BIKF_TWR

    Congratulations Rickard!
  4. [7th Jul 17-19z] S2 CPT BIKF_TWR

    Best of luck @Rickard Jonsson!
  5. [Wed 12th Apr 17-19z] S2 CPT, BIKF_TWR

    Congrats @Sigfus Jonsson!!
  6. [Wed 12th Apr 17-19z] S2 CPT, BIKF_TWR

    Good luck @Sigfus Jonsson! Funny how I am controlling you as I type this
  7. [Fri 24th March, 19-21z] BIKF_TWR

    Good luck to him, will either fly as tfc or be on APP, depends on what @Miska Jokinen thinks
  8. Director ACCSCA 1

    Congratulations and good luck Julius! And of course thank you Magnus, you have been fantastic!
  9. ATIS Troubles

    Anyone got a fix for the BIRK_ATIS? I know @Cameron Park and @Wygene Chong have the same issue.
  10. [Sat 28th Jan 18-20z] S2 CPT BIKF_TWR

    Thanks again all
  11. [Sat 28th Jan 18-20z] S2 CPT BIKF_TWR

    Thanks @Oliver Hayes, you got me there!
  12. Thank you to all who assisted in my S2 training and also the CPT last night!

    Special thanks to @Cameron Park who lent a helping hand during my training!

  13. [Sat 28th Jan 18-20z] S2 CPT BIKF_TWR

    Thank you @Wygene Chongand @Martin Tornberg! Also thanks to @Miska Jokinen for filling in as mentor at the last minute and organising and assessing my S2 CPT!
  14. [8 Jan 2016 17-21z] C1 CPT BIRD_CTR

    Well done Cameron! Was great working with you the other night!
  15. ATIS Troubles

    @Cameron Park I think we can all agree the Reykjavik CTA needs an update in total! The ATIS system and sound pack as well as the Euroscope sector file as a whole. But obviously there is the question of who, what and how. And the time of course.