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  1. Juha Holopainen

    Plugin updates

    It is intentional, to be in line with the available states in the modelled real system (don't know about COOPANS). The "start up" state is nothing fancier than the default "push" state renamed so if you want "push" instead, see the answer to the next question which is: it's all in the manual 😄 General manual chapter 7.1 tells the following about the "Ground state" tag item: "Displays the aircraft’s ground state using the plugin’s custom texts for them, including the plugin specific ground states. The displayed text for each state is adjustable using the plugin settings." The settings that control the displayed texts follow the pattern "System_State_*", they are listed in the developer manual chapter 3.5.1
  2. Juha Holopainen

    Plugin updates

    Not an airport-specific buffer as such, but runway specific ones can be defined which is essentially the same thing and more. The setting would be "Airport_Runway_Buffer_LVP", for example: [ESGG] Airport_Runway_Buffer_LVP:03:99.9 should set the buffer value to 99.9 meters from the centerline if the code behind it happens to be ok...
  3. Juha Holopainen

    Plugin updates

    Time flies... For those interested, beta versions of the TopSky and Ground Radar plugins are available: TopSky 2.2.1 beta 4 Ground Radar 1.2 beta 3 The changes in the TopSky plugin are relatively small, mostly just additions to data file formats. The default colorset for the COOPANS version is updated, but until Sweden changes to it next year, the old set can be activated by entering "Color_NUAC=1" in the TopSkySettings.txt file. The only major fix is related to MTCD inhibit areas causing a CTD. Unless you are using this beta version or some later one, DO NOT KEEP ANY MTCD INHIBIT AREAS ACTIVATED as the plugin may crash (Status/STS->MTCD Status->all areas must be "off"). For the Ground Radar plugin, there are more changes. The whole safety net system has been rewritten and a couple of new windows are available. Some new ground states such as "line up" are also provided but only shown by other users of this plugin. To use them, a custom tag item and a tag function must be used. Both packages contain updated parts of the manual sets as well as version history documents outlining the biggest changes since the last public releases. As far as installation goes, either copy the plugin dll (and the GR plugin data files if desired) over your existing ones, or build a new plugin folder just for the beta versions. For the Finnish setup, this package contains some new settings files that can be used with the beta plugins. The Lists.txt file includes the new ground state item and menu. The files are not to be used with the release versions of the plugins.
  4. Juha Holopainen

    Plugin updates

    The TopSky plugin will be getting a minor update in the coming weeks or months. Feature-wise there will likely not be any major changes, mostly small fixes here and there and some additions to data file formats. The most visible change will be a completely new color set for the COOPANS version of the plugin, shown in the attached image. For the Danish old-timers, it's almost like changing back to the old DATMAS colors, for others it's going to be more of a leap to the unknown. The new set is already used in Denmark, but until Sweden adopts it as well, the "old" set will remain available as an option. This message serves as a heads-up about the coming change (I'll provide detailed information on the necessary changes to settings files when the time comes), but also as a reminder to let me know about any issues in the plugin you may have come across so they might get fixed for the next release. Unless issues come up that require major changes in the code, there will probably not be need for a beta period, I'll just release the new version once it's ready. The Ground Radar plugin will be updated as well, but it will require a period of beta testing before public release. Whether it's going to be a public or closed beta remains to be seen.
  5. Juha Holopainen

    TopSky plugin beta poll

    Version 2.2 of the TopSky plugin is now released. The release version can be downloaded from http://www.saunalahti.fi/~juholoc/EuroScope/plugins/TopSky.zip (this is the URL shown by the plugin's update check system). This package contains the plugin dll, the manual sets and the two data files that can be used with any setup (no local settings or data files). Users of the beta version can safely switch to the release version, but anyone still using the previous release version (2.1.1) should probably wait until their controller package is updated with the new version since some items in the setup may need to be adjusted to be perfectly compatible with the new plugin.
  6. Juha Holopainen

    Updated ICAO_Aircraft.txt

    I have a file that should be up to date as of last December, although as the updating has been done manually over the years, I may have missed some changes. It did contain the ones listed above by Martin apart from the new Beluga. I added the Beluga and while I was at it, the A330-800, which was also not yet present in the December data. I was also going to advertise the TopSkyCallsigns.txt file in the Finnish sector package as a relatively up-to-date list of callsigns, but then realized I had forgotten to update it. I did the update now and the file below should be up to date as of last December as well. I'll try to remember to keep the file included in the package better updated in the future. Note that as the format is the same as in ICAO_Airlines.txt, EuroScope can be set to use the file as well. (The files are no longer attached here to avoid having to update them separately. If needed, their most recent versions can be found in the Finnish sector package)
  7. Juha Holopainen

    TopSky plugin beta poll

    Now that there's a vote for issues needing to be fixed, I'd like to have a look them. The problem is that I haven't got a clue what to look for as I haven't received any details about the issue(s). The vote may have been unintentional, but if it wasn't, the chances of anything getting fixed is pretty low until I know more about it.
  8. Juha Holopainen

    TopSky plugin beta poll

    It's now been a while without any reported issues with the beta plugin. While no news can be good news, I've set up this poll to gather at least some data to support it. Please answer the poll regardless of whether you use the beta or not so I can get an idea of how much it is being used and if there is something that still needs attention. The current development version has very few changes to the latest beta. The settings files can now contain preset window states and positions, and the main settings file can now contain callsign-specific settings (previously limited to the "SettingsLocal" file). The idea behind this change is to have all the settings provided in a controller package in the main settings file, leaving the "SettingsLocal" file for personal settings (such as window preferences). If you don't know if you're using the beta or not, check it from the EuroScope OTHER SET menu -> Plug-ins... -> see the Version number of the TopSky plugin. If it starts with "2.2b", you're using the beta. If there are issues, please bring them to my attention, either here or in the dedicated issues thread on the Finland subforum. If you're not happy to voice your concerns publicly, a private message is fine as well. If there's a specific reason you only occasionally use the beta, or have stopped using it, I'd like to hear it as well, unless it's "I don't want to use beta software". It's a perfectly valid reason, but as it doesn't tell anything about the plugin's readiness for release, I don't need to know it.
  9. Juha Holopainen

    TopSky plugin public beta

    Beta 11 is now available. The code optimization is still turned off so that any future crash dumps would contain useful information. Changes from beta 10 are fixes in the AIW system code, but more importantly, at least one cause for CTDs is also now fixed. The only changes in the beta package are the plugin dll and the excel developer guide file, as I noticed it was missing a dozen or so available settings. The code that caused CTDs was related to departure sequence numbers. Releasing beta 10 with the optimization off turned out to be a good move as I finally received crash dumps that actually pointed to the correct place in the code where the crash occurred. Thanks to @Magnus Gustafsson for the files! (and sorry for the bad code ) As I can't be sure if all the reported (and unreported) CTDs have been caused by the code that is now fixed, I'd like to know if someone has encountered an "unhandled exception" blamed on the plugin, and is absolutely sure to have NOT assigned any DSQ numbers at any point prior to the crash - even by accident. Beta 9 and 10 will continue to work until the end of the year, but if you choose to use either of them, do not assign any DSQ numbers. If you accidentally do, immediately clear them to prevent a crash at some point in the future.
  10. Juha Holopainen

    TopSky plugin public beta

    It is possible to "save" some of the plugin settings by specifying them in the plugin's settings files (TopSkySettings.txt or TopSkySettingsLocal.txt depending on whether they should be activated always or only when doing a "Sign In" with a specific callsign). Note that as those files are usually shipped with a package, you'll have to add your own settings back in every time the settings file of the package is updated. All the possible settings that can be adjusted are found in the excel file in the beta package. Currently the status of the different windows can not be set, but the length of the prediction line can (inserting "Track_PredictionLine=2" into TopSkySettings.txt will set 2 minutes as the default value for the plugin).
  11. Juha Holopainen

    TopSky plugin public beta

    The current version is now beta 10. Code-wise, the changes from beta 9 are minor. I have received two crash dumps related to beta 9, but unless I'm blind, they don't seem to be pointing to the right part in the code (the part where the crash is claimed to have occurred should not have been entered at all). Right now I'm looking at three different possible reasons for the crashes: the crash was caused by the plugin code, but somewhere else than where it's indicated the crash actually happened in EuroScope, and the plugin just got the blame for it (I have no way to find out if this is the case, but hopefully Gergely can. No word from him on it yet) the crash happened somewhere else, outside of the EuroScope process (not very likely) Beta 10 is an attempt to find the right part of code if the crash is caused by the plugin. It is compiled with most - if not all - code optimization turned off, which should decrease the odds of the debugger pointing to the wrong line in the source code when examining a crash dump. With the optimizations turned off, the plugin is both larger in size, and slower with all its inner workings. Due to this, the update to beta 10 is not mandatory, but highly recommended, as any crash dumps generated with beta 9 may not provide accurate information to help find the bug(s) in the code. Beta 10 should easily be fast enough to use on any normal situation. Also, if you are running more than one instance of EuroScope and one of them crashes, please save a log of the session from a non-crashed instance. It may contain some relevant information about the situation leading to the crash. Even if you haven't normally used multiple instances, you could open one in any case. It's not necessary to use procdump with the second instance as it's a bit of a PITA using it with other than the first instance, and it doesn't need to be used in any way unless the primary instance crashes, in which case the log from the second instance should be saved. Just make sure you connect to the network using the first opened instance (the one with procdump monitoring the process), as it's the most likely one to crash.
  12. Juha Holopainen

    TopSky plugin public beta

    I've now uploaded beta 9, download from the link in the first message. Two fixes in this build, both relating to CPDLC use. One fixes an issue where all time related items (list items, flight leg estimate times, etc.) in the plugin would be based on erroneous data if either of the two CPDLC message log windows were open with at least one message displayed. The other resolves a situation where if the CPDLC server connection failed, the resulting Warning message box in the center of the radar screen could not be closed until a new connection to the server was made.
  13. Juha Holopainen

    TopSky plugin public beta

    The download link in the first message now points to the current beta version. Beta 7 will continue to work until Nov 30th as the current version does not have any critical fixes, but update as soon as practical. Changes from beta 7: Graphical issue in the Create APL Window fixed Minor changes in the CPDLC code to how the connection with an aircraft is terminated on handoff or when dropping track FI setup CPDLC data file updated Manual sets updated As the whole CPDLC system is difficult to test offline and so few pilots use it on the network, I'd be interested to hear any feedback on how it works.
  14. Juha Holopainen

    TopSky plugin public beta

    A few words on using the beta on setups other than EE, FI or SE: In Denmark the SE setup can be used with one adjustment: the information in the TopSkyCPDLC.txt plugin data file is specific to Sweden, so it can't be used in Denmark. For other setups, TopSky.dll and TopSkyCPDLCsound.wav can be used anywhere, but the other data and settings files must be created specifically for the setup in question. For any setup, it is important not to mix the data and settings files between the release and beta plugin versions. The data files for the beta version contain information the release version can't use (attempting to use the beta data files with the release plugin will usually just cause error messages but in some cases even a crash). With the settings files, using the wrong version will lead to missing information and/or functionality.
  15. Juha Holopainen

    Scrolling in CFL list in ES

    With "scroll inactive windows" disabled, anyone should be able to scroll the menus as in previous Windows versions. With the setting enabled, the current release version of the plugin can't scroll the menus. The beta plugin can, but the code to achieve that isn't completely foolproof and the scrolling ability is occasionally lost. For anyone encountering this, it can be re-enabled by clicking on the colored square in the top left corner (left of the time value in the Global menu, that is...). The reason for this mess is that mouse wheel events aren't available for plugins so I just try to intercept the messages before they get to EuroScope.