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  1. Daniel Lange

    Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    This is a lot better indeed! As @Adrian Bjerke mentioned about having different versions of the logo, I think that's also very normal and standard to have. So the suggestion you posted now is the square-version. So now we at least need one long (wide) and maybe icon-only square I really like the FIR logos, they look nice! I also agree that it might become a bit too much text. What you can do is maybe write same styled as now, but: SCANDINAVIA NORWAY FIR Maybe consider if we even have to add the text there at all? And just keep "VATSIM Scandinavia"? Do we need to explicitly say which country/fir it is? What kind of marketing material do we imagine FIR-specific logos to be used, instead of global Scandinavia logo? Do we need FIR-specific logos? New enlightments for discussions @Navigraph: I totally agree this does not conflict with Navigraph in any way, I also see this as more of a paper plane than a compass.
  2. Daniel Lange

    Improved & Portable Euroscope

    New version released, v.1.1! Including edited vSMR for improved ground controlling, complete restructure of settings folders, sector file updates, new ATIS and more! Check out the download and complete changelog in the initial and 1st post of this thread! I've also changed this to be in English as our other colleagues in Scandinavia can try out!
  3. Daniel Lange

    Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    Yeah here you go
  4. Daniel Lange

    Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    I think focusing on the logo to be used independent from the text might not be a good idea, because it presupposes people know what the icon represents; and that's usually done with major brands like Nike and Apple for example, because everyone knows what the "swoosj" and apple represents. Of course we need to think about having a icon seperate from the text anyway, for example for tab-icons at the browser or shortcuts on your desktop, but that should not be the main logo. The main logo should have both a icon and text explaining what it is, such as "Vatsim Scandinavia" Since you say putting it next to the text gives it even more whitespace, I think you may misunderstood what I tried to point out. Here's a quick draft of what I ment: Now I totally agree this does not look good, but I think you get my thought and point that it takes less whitespace. Perhaps play around with different placements of the logo, I think it can be at least a notch smaller than you propose currently. An example of strict spacing is the QR sheet I'm working on, it's a lot of information that needs to go into pretty small space of a A4 sheet. Underneath you see your currently purposed logo is quite lot higher and less wide, so in order to make it a alright readable size, I had to size it up in proportions, and this creates a lot of height I can't fit in the sheet for example. Here at forums it would for example make the header/navigation quite more taller as well, creating more whitespace there. In case it's unclear: I'm not saying your design is bad, it is very clean, nice and well thought! I'm just trying to en-light points of view that I think are important to be discussed, and to contribute to a constructive discussion. It's important we do this if we're going to do a process of creating a new logo
  5. Daniel Lange

    Suggestion for new graphic profile / logo

    Looks very nice and thought through! I completely agree that today's logo needs a modernization. This is a very nice first draft/suggestion. You say the old logo: "It's also a very wide format, which can be challenging in different cases.", thought I think the suggested logo might be just as challenging format. Perhaps try to make to reduce the blank room by making the icon itself just next to the text, not over it and stretching far out - so the total height of the logo is reduced and space more efficient. It takes a lot of space right now which is quite valuable and makes it hard to put on let's say A4-paper material which is space-limited.
  6. Daniel Lange

    Improved & Portable Euroscope

    Jepp! Venter i spenning og skal få det oppdatert når den tiden kommer
  7. Daniel Lange

    Improved & Portable Euroscope

    Have you been annoyed by the default folderstructure in Eurocope? Or that you can't just easily move ES to another PC, because files are connected together in Documents folder or Program Files? Or wish a new tag family that focuses a bit more on making it more productive to control? Then Improved Euroscope might be something for you! Here I've assembled, and configured the newest Euroscope beta into a improved and portable version (can be shortcuted to IES - Improved Euroscope). It's important to point out that the updates for easier ground view, tags and such are not focused on realistic representation of systems in real airports, it's mostly productivity improvements based on my own experience, and perhaps how it maybe should look in the future. Anyhow, you still have full possibility to disable these functionalities and use IES as standard realism settings with the possibility of portability. What's the difference between IES and default Euroscope? Wherever you put it, it works without any install or setup, you can easily move it between computers without destroying or mess up settings. You can easily have you IES on a USB-stick. You can have the same Euroscope at all your computers, only one folder! You can also place it in Dropbox for example to make your life even simpler because of IES. By standard, the visual part with screen and scratchpad of NATCON (Used in Norway at least) is deactivated. The plugin is still loaded, as my new tag family uses information from it to generate the Arrival list and similar. My brand new tag family "NorDan", it reassembles a lot NATCON tag family, but I've added more useful information for planes on ground, like plane type and other things I thought was missing in NATCON. NATCON tags were hardcoded and very difficult to edit how they were displayed, that's why I had to create a new tag family. All NATCON functionality is kept for those who wish to use IES for portability but with NATCON. All plugins which are required to sit ATC in Norway are included and configured. Like ATIS and VCCS. By default you get pre-defined scopes for ENGM with ENGM_GND (vSMR version), ENGM_TWR_01 & 19 (draws correct SID/STARS). For you elsewhere in Scandinavia and like IES; feel free to make scopes/settings for your airports and send it to me, and we can try to build this into a more Scandinavian-diverse version - it would be cool if we could get the most major airports into one IES, making guest controlling even easier. No ear-rape start up sound, aka. no startup sound. Euroscope and/or sectorupdates should not override the tag families anymore due to the new settings structure. Changelog Download Version 1.0: Download here Euroscope: v. Sector file: v.58 (Norway) Version 1.1: Download here Euoscope: v. Sector file: v.59 (Norway) ____________________________________________________ Troubleshooting Does thing not work or behave weird? > Remember to run IES as administrator, or you might quickly run into trouble, especially if you put it in Program Files-folder. > Remember to setup sound input/output/PPT etc. > Load in the NorwegianDan profile, unless you don't want the Norwegian setting file. Installed on a new computer and the font is missing or looks weird? > Install Euroscope.ttf font which you find in the main folder.
  8. Daniel Lange

    New ES Beta, apr 2017

    It was released 1st April 2017, not now?
  9. Daniel Lange

    [25 March] CTP Westbound 2017

    Is it required to book a position, or just preferered?
  10. Daniel Lange

    Event suggestions

    An idea for event: Name suggestion: Fjord Shuttle Location: West coast of Norway, staffing the smaller airports that usually are not staffed. Type of traffic: Both VFR and IFR, I suppose Widerøe pilots will be happy
  11. Daniel Lange

    Euroscope and vPilot

    Use the command ".towerview" in vPilot to connect with Towerview If you're using P3D as your Sim (To sit in tower visually when connected): Start a flight Go to airport of choice Start a multiplayer session (in top menu) Select to sit in the tower Save the scenario for example "ENBR_TWR" Have fun Load the scenario last saved next time you sit in tower, so you don't need to repeat the process.
  12. Tomorrow I'll be having training on ENBR_TWR. All traffic welcome! Very happy if we get some VFR!
  13. Hello! I'm going to conduct my third online training at Flesland tower this sunday evening, 1800-2000z. With @Bjoern Helge Smaavollan as my mentor. Would be very greatful for traffic of any kind, including IFR, VFR, big and small planes and helicopters - though I prefer mostly VRF, as it's what I need to exercise a bit more on. See you then!
  14. Hello! I'm going to conduct my second online training at Flesland tower this friday evening, 1700-1900z. With @Bjoern Helge Smaavollan as my mentor. Would be very greatful for traffic of any kind, including IFR, VFR, big and small planes and helicopters. See you then!