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  1. [Sun 18th Dec 18-20z] S3 CPT, ESGG_APP

    After 2 hours of CAT II, III and missed approaches I'm glad to announce that Victor Creutz will be joining our team of Approach rated controllers. Please join me in congratulating him on his new rating. Great job tonight, Victor!
  2. [Sun 18th Dec 18-20z] S3 CPT, ESGG_APP

    Do instrument approaches in 100m visibility sound like fun? Hop in your aircraft and visit us in the Göteborg TMA, online until 20z!
  3. [10 Dec 17-23z] Fly and See Santa 2016

    I'll be livestreaming my scope throughout the night: twitch.tv/radarcontact if anyone's interested </plug>
  4. [8 Dec 2016 17-19z] C1 CPT ESOS_CTR

    Radar Contact på den! Mycket bra jobbat, Max! Ses på FSS
  5. [Thu 1st Dec 18-21z] S2 CPT, EFHK_E_TWR

    Well done!
  6. [Sat 26th Nov 17-19z] S2 MAE CPT, ESSA_TWR

    Bra jobbat, grattis!
  7. [Sat 26th Nov 17-19z] S2 MAE CPT, ESSA_TWR

    Hade egentligen tänkt flyga ikväll men simulatorn strular, kan vara med på TMC istället!
  8. [Sun 20th Nov 17-19z] S2 MAE CPT, ESSA_TWR

    Indeed, well done Fredrik! Enjoy Arlanda! I look forward to working with you online
  9. [20th-21st August] BIKF_APP Triple Checkout!

    Well done, all of you!
  10. Cross the Pond Eastbound - voting open!

    Nice! Voted BOS and ARN
  11. [Sun 14th Aug 17-19z] ESSA_TWR CPT

    Grattis Thomas, bra jobbat!
  12. [Tue 19. July 2016 1800-2000z] EKCH_TWR/APP MA checkout

    Well done, Nadeem. Enjoy Copenhagen!
  13. [Monday 11 July | 17-19z] BIKF_TWR Checkout

    After some consultation with a local adviser I'm happy to say that Kevin's checkout has been assessed as a pass. Well done Kevin, enjoy S2!
  14. [Mon 11. July 2016 18-1930z] S2 CPT, EKCH_TWR