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  1. [Mon 28th of May 17-19Z] ESGG_TWR Training

  2. Tomorrow evening, @Jakob Bohme is manning ESGG_TWR for some online training. Feel free to join us!
  3. [2 May, 17-19z] Sweden C1 CPT

    Så där ja! Grattis!
  4. [Thu 12th April 17-19z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

  5. [Sun Apr 8th 17-19Z] S3 MAE ESSA_APP

    Snajdigt, bra jobbat!
  6. [Sun Apr 8th 17-19Z] S3 MAE ESSA_APP

    I'll join on ESSA_TWR, added my booking. Lycka till!
  7. [Thu 22nd Mar 18-20z] S2 CPT ESMS_TWR

    Snajdigt, jag gratinerar!
  8. [Thu 22nd Mar 18-20z] S2 CPT ESMS_TWR

  9. [Sun 18th Mar 17-19z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

  10. [Thu 1st Mar 18-20z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    Välkommen i gänget!
  11. @filip laj will have online training at ESGG_TWR tomorrow, hence you're more than welcome to join!
  12. [Thu 1st Mar 18-20z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    Lycka till!
  13. @Jakob Bohme will be manning ESMS_TWR for some training tonight. Meanwhile, training will simultaneously also take place at ESGG_TWR so why not aim for a short hop between these two cities? Welcome!
  14. Having experienced a fair amount of " virutal " obstacles, it's finally time for @filip lajto man ESGG_TWR on his first online session, Monday the 12th of February from 18Z. Hence, you're than welcome to come fly in order to give Filip som traffic to deal with. Fly safe!
  15. [Wed 7th Feb 18-20z] ESSA_TWR MAE CPT

    " Yesterday, my MA-rating seemed so far away, now it looks though like it's here to stay, oh I believe in yesterday ". Tack allihop! (Hoppas ni har överseende med Beatles-referensen)