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  1. Virtual Tower Presets,

    Hello! During the latest couple of weeks, I've seen some interesting tower views in some streams. So I thought why don't share them so people that are just getting started at least have some presets to go from. The ones that I will share will be almost identical to the real world except for Skavsta which is due that I could not find a source with the correct view. Both ESSA, ESMS and the ESGG tower views are made by @Max August Larsson Kuhla & help for ESSA we had @Andreas Inemanwith direct help and pictures from the real world tower. For installation remember to download the wx file too, you will change the weather but its a necessary file in order for it to work. ESSA View: ESGG Tower: ESKN Tower: ESMS Tower Feel free to upload your so this can expand to more airports ESGG TWR.fxml ESGG TWR.wx ESKN TWR.fxml ESKN TWR.wx ESMS TWR.fxml ESMS TWR.wx ESSA TWR.fxml ESSA TWR.wx
  2. [Sun 18th Mar 17-19z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    Thank you very much!!!
  3. [Thu 1st Mar 18-20z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    Lycka till! Självklart flyger man förbi en sväng!