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  1. How to set up towerview with vPilot, Euroscope and Prepar3d/FSX

    No, as i explained i see no airplanes at all, but it works when flying. ( I log in as a normal pilot to ESSA and see the airplane and livery just fine. But when i log out, start euroscope and then connect as towerview, i see no airplanes at all. )
  2. How to set up towerview with vPilot, Euroscope and Prepar3d/FSX

    What do you mean with "valid" AI Pack? That might be the problem. I have an free AI Pack that i have tricked over from FSX, and it works fine when im flying. When i use debug command, i get " SAS111 still no livery assigned after unit movement " or something along those lines. Screw it, i will just get Ultimate Traffic or some real AI addon later this month and try with that. Thanks
  3. How to set up towerview with vPilot, Euroscope and Prepar3d/FSX

    So , this thing still haunts me, and i cannot for the life of me get it to work. I got everything setup , everything works fine... EXCEPT, it doesnt show airplanes. It doesnt connect properly to the proxy. Here is what i noticed so far. Once i do .towerview in vpilot, it says im connected, but it doesnt show any nearby controllers, it doesnt show airplanes on the ground. ES DOESNT show any active proxys. If i open up ANOTHER instance of ES , which i usually do to have different views on different computers, then Active controllers pop up on vpilot, stays for about 30 seconds, then goes missing again. Still doesnt show any airplanes. and it only show one proxy in ES, which is the additional es client open. Now, i have went over the steps time and time again, and the only spot where im confused it that all places all where i google say that i must change the Vpilot to proxy server, which is also shown in a youtube video... but Vpilot doesnt have a Proxy choice under " network" . So im stuck. Hopefully someone can help me. Thanks,
  4. [Wed 7th Feb 18-20z] ESSA_TWR MAE CPT

    Stort grattis !
  5. How to set up towerview with vPilot, Euroscope and Prepar3d/FSX

    Got it, Thank you!
  6. How to set up towerview with vPilot, Euroscope and Prepar3d/FSX

    No, i have not been able to set weather on startup when loading a save. It goes straight into the settings chosen on save.
  7. How to set up towerview with vPilot, Euroscope and Prepar3d/FSX

    Thanks for the help, and i managed to fix it all and got the towerview working without issues. My issue now is current time/weather. If i make a save file, it will save with the time and date of when i make the save. is there ANY way to make this work so that it Always show current time and weather? Using P3D v4
  8. VATEUD web services temporarily unavailable

    Haha, Sorry but i could just imagine Controllers be like " SAS788 You are cleared to... But first, have you heard about this new Soup from Soups Inc. ? Its Fantastic! ... Stockholm Arlanda! In all seriousness thought, i think that the ability to donate should be highlighted. IM no stranger to donating to things i dont pay for but enjoy, but i was not aware of the need or possibility.
  9. [Mon 1st Jan 17.00-20.00z] ESGG_TWR training

    This is today! Starting off new the new year with my first Online session, appreciate any traffic and patience Happy new year Everyone!
  10. [Sun 26th Nov 17-19z] S2 CPT ESGG_TWR

    Grattis Drago, bra jobbat!
  11. How to set up towerview with vPilot, Euroscope and Prepar3d/FSX

    @Henrik Sonstebo i assume that you got it fixed already, but the floating tower is caused by camera addons, for me disabling EZdok fixed it. But to use the topic , i need help since i can't get custom viewpoint to work. Getting the actual tower viewpoint is no problem, but i cant change the viewpoint to another location. I am using FSX on Windows 10, and i am currently trying to change ESGG ( Landvetter ) towerview , on which i am using RC Design Scenery. I do as it says in the guide above, i create a mission and save it. I try to open the save and it works fine. but as soon as i make the slightest change to the Coordinates on the " simvars.0 " , the saved flight no longer appears when i try to load a save ingame. Any ideas on what i am doing wrong? The current tower location on ESGG is behind the building, so i cant actually see any stands or the runway, so i just want to move it to the other side of the runway.. seems so simple, but no matter what i try it fails. Please send help
  12. [Thu 16th Nov 18-20z] S3 CPT ESGG_APP

    Congrats! Knew you would make it!
  13. [Tue 7th Nov 18-20z] Training ESGG_TWR

    18z is 19 local nowadays right? Should be able to come fly out once. Good luck!
  14. [Tue 31st Oct 18-20z] S3MA CPT ESSA_APP

    Stort grattis Thomas!
  15. [Tue 31st Oct 18-20z] S3MA CPT ESSA_APP

    Hinner inte hem i tid, men lycka till thomas, det klarar du utan problem!