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  1. Training toonight at Oslo Approach at 1800z. Wish you all welcome to Norways biggest airport
  2. Got my Approach training at Oslo at 18-20z tomorrow, would like to see all of you on my scope, either as a controller or as a pilot! Blue skies! Vegard Hauan
  3. Fly and See Santa Live Stream

    i Will try to stream at www.twitch.tv/theflightcaptain for Tromso tower
  4. [12th December, 17-23z] Fly and See Santa 2015

    Is the santa Web open? Merry Christmas!
  5. [Wed 16.12.2015, 18-20z] ENGM_W_APP Checkout

    Flott, da mangler vi i hovedsak DEL, så får vi fully staffed Gardermoen
  6. [Wed 16.12.2015, 18-20z] ENGM_W_APP Checkout

    I can take ENGM_W_TWR Good luck Håvard! EDIT: Unfortunately unavailable for personal reasons... Best wishes to the canditate
  7. Event suggestions

    But since we would get traffic to Molde, there's another problem. Molde is a an AFIS airport, and we always get people who don't know a sh*t about "Runway occupied". But Aalesund sounds cool
  8. Event suggestions

    As always, i vote for Tromsø and Bodø, since Molde have like 3(+) parking spots
  9. Event suggestions

    As always, i'm voting for something up north, with Bodø, Tromsø,Kirkenes og Alta. :)