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  1. Jon Roensholt

    [25 Jan, 19-21z] EKDK C1 CPT

    Bravo Zulu Kevin :-)
  2. Jon Roensholt

    VATEUD web services temporarily unavailable

    Well, if it has never been a problem, then I just misunderstood the whole tread about donations and the need of money to cover the cost. :-) Sorry - my bad.
  3. Jon Roensholt

    VATEUD web services temporarily unavailable

    I agree with Helge, The total cost of running Vatsim, should be visible to everyone, since it isn't receiving sponsorships. And let me just point out, not ALL sponsors need advertising running, just because the give sponsorships. And if IBM or DELL was in on it, a logo showing "powered by xxx" isn't THAT bad to look at. actually i thing it could give the organisation Vatsim, a little extra credibility, when someone like IBM, DELL or may Cisco was in for support - just saying. :-).
  4. Jon Roensholt

    VATEUD web services temporarily unavailable

    Aa fairly new active member but an old time-user, I think, and this is my opinion, That Vatsim ought to set op, if its not there already, a PR group, to look for sponsorships. I am also fan of the donation Idea, as this can keep ads out of the websites since sponsorships need something in return. But with the donation setup, it will then be the few, paying for everybody and that isn't fair. know it is a fine balance all in all, and i would love to hear comments from some of you, who have been into this many years and kind of knowing the Vatsim "rumble" and the organisation's opinion about the big question about financing it all. - Jon