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  1. Lukas Agerskov

    Event Suggestions and Ideas for 2018

    Had a talk with @Mikkel Lindgren a while back concerning a rather odd little event, which could be fun none the less. An Oil triangle event, which is the northsea oil triangle between Stavanger, Aberdeen and Esbjerg. Would be a nice opportunity to get the smaller airfields in play, especially since all three supports some sort of add-on scenery.
  2. Come all join us, as we are have an S2 checkout for Peter Toft on Thursday 12th of July. Bring out your plane, and join us in Copenhagen to give Peter some traffic, and a chance to earn his rating as Copenhagens newest controller
  3. Lukas Agerskov

    [3rd May 18z-20z] EKCH_APP Checkout

    Congratulations Daniel! Well done!
  4. We are once again delighted to bid you welcome to fly into Copenhagen, for our latest new controller Daniel Dahl Andersen. Daniel is up for his S3 rating and needs all the traffic he can get. So get your one of your aircraft dusted up, out of the hangar, and in to Copenhagen for a top notch service, and help Daniel earn his rating. We will be online from 18z-20z, and everybody is welcome
  5. Its DOUBLE CHECKOUT time. Wednesday 9th of May we have two students ready to fight for getting their rating Simon Larsen will be occupying tower, and Zacharias Dupont will be on Approach, and these two will try their best to earn their new rating. We could use all the traffic possible, so we hope each and everyone of you will pull an aircraft out the hangar and help these two students earn their rating
  6. Lukas Agerskov

    [WED 28th Mar 18-20z] EKCH_TWR S2 CPT

    Congratulations to Kristoffer on passing his checkout. Welcome to the team!
  7. Lukas Agerskov

    [Mon 19th Mar 19-21z] EKCH_TWR S2 CPT

    Congratulations to Jonas Berhøft on his new S2 rating. Well done, and welcome to the team!
  8. Time for S2 checkout as student Kristoffer Michelsen is trying for his S2 rating. Come take your favourite airplane and help Kristoffer succeed, giving him some traffic. Staffing will start up from 18z
  9. Time for checkout as Jonas Bernhøft is trying to earn his S2 rating. This will be in conjuction with Vectors to Copenhagen, so staffing will of course be as full as possible Come take your favourite airplane and help Jonas Succeed
  10. Lukas Agerskov

    CTP Airfield Applications 2018

    I honestly think we should stop saying "rogue" airfield. It was a misunderstanding, which was subsequently fixed by Event department, but this implies someone intentionally tried to overrule event department. Mistake was made, apology was issued, we moved on. I want to make clear that I did not have a problem with the selection and never implied it. I asked about it since it I was wondering why Arlanda was not selected since both the other airfields were used last year. In regards to voting, I am pretty sure it would create skewed polling since it will be the airport with most controllers and which would win every time. Everyone is going to vote on the airfield where they would be apart of it.
  11. Lukas Agerskov

    CTP Airfield Applications 2018

    Just out of curiousity, howcome Copenhagen is selected twice in a row for CTP? Seems a bit odd.
  12. Lukas Agerskov

    [21st Feb 1830-20z] EKCH_TWR S2 CPT

    Congrats! Well done!
  13. Come join is Wednesday the 21st of february as Martin Thorsteinsson is up for his S2 checkout. we will kick the event off at 19z, with the first controllers logging on and start examination at 1930. Come get your favourite aircraft and fly in to Copenhagen, helping Martin earn his rating.
  14. Time for another S2 checkout in Copenhagen. This time Simon Lund, is up for his examination, so we encourage as many as possible to take your favourite plane and join us in Copenhagen for his checkout. CTR & APP is of course staffed as well, with vectors to final given as always NBNB: A note, it is of course FEB 13th and not JAN 13th. Typing mistake on the banner
  15. Lukas Agerskov

    [25 Jan, 19-21z] EKDK C1 CPT

    Congratulations to Kevin on passing his checkout Well done!