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  1. Come join us on Monday, January 15th, as we hold a double checkout! Frederik Pedersen is up for his S3 checkout Christian Thomsen is up for his S2 checkout In addition to our weekly event, we are holding this, So take this opportunity to have two events combined, and help Frederik and Christian earn their rating by flying in and out of Copenhagen. We hope to see as many of you there as possible.
  2. [15th Jan, 19-21z] Double Checkout! S3 + S2

    Congratulstions to both Frederik Pedersen and Christian Thomsen on passing their CPT. A new S3 and a new S2 has been added to the Vatsim-Scandinavia family Well done!
  3. Come join us on Monday December 4th, as Mads Therkildsen is up for his S3 checkout In addition to our weekly event, Mads Therkildsen is going for his S3 checkout! So take this opportunity to have two events combined, and help Mads earning his rating by flying in and out of Copenhagen. The rest of the positions are staffed up as well, with Tower, Ground and Control online as well! We hope to see as many of you there as possible.
  4. Come join us on Thursday November 30th, as Mikkel Olsen is up for his S3 checkout Mikkel will be entering Copenhagen Approach (EKCH_APP) at 1900z and finish around 2100z. He will need your help for a successful checkout! So come all in your favourite aircraft, large or small. VFR or IFR, for a night of busy traffic and full staffing. We will be firering up CTR, TWR and GND for the checkout as well. We hope to see as many of you there as possible.
  5. [4th Dec, 19-21z] EKCH_APP S3 Checkout

    Congrats Mads! Well done!
  6. [Thu 30h Nov 19-21z] S3 CPT EKCH_APP

    Congratulation to Mikkel Olsen with his newly acquired S3 rating!
  7. Wednesday 8th of November, Ricky Petersen is up for his S3 checkout Please all come join to give Ricky som traffic, and an opportunity to earn his S3 rating! It will be from 1930-2100z
  8. [Wed 8th of Nov 1930-2100z] EKCH_APP S3 checkout

    Congratulations to Ricky Petersen on earning his S3 rating. Well done!
  9. [Wed 8th of Nov 1930-2100z] EKCH_APP S3 checkout

    This is tonight. We could surely use a lot of traffic
  10. Come join us Wednesday the 18th of October at 18z when S2 Candidate Daniel Dahl Andersen is trying to earn his rating as tower controller in Copenhagen. We will warm up at 1730, and the checkout will commence at 18z, lasting until 1930z. Supporting Control and Approach sectors will be online, so don't hesatate to come give Daniel some traffic to aid his road towards S2!
  11. [Wed 18th Oct 18-1930z] S2 CPT EKCH_TWR

    Congratulations to Daniel on a pass for S2. Welcome onbord!
  12. Appointment Training Director [ACCSCA2]

    Congratulations @Håvard Halvorsen! Best of luck, with the position
  13. Appointment Director of Copenhagen FIR [ACCSCA3]

    Congrats Mikkel! and thank you Christian for alle your dedication! Will not be forgotten!
  14. How to set up towerview with vPilot, Euroscope and Prepar3d/FSX

    did you update to the latest beta version of euroscope? that's needed.
  15. Vectors to Copenhagen - SPECIAL - BEST LANDING

    Live Streams will be available here: https://youtu.be/Mehc_Y2MOe8 https://www.twitch.tv/pilotmiguel
  16. Its August, and we are back with ”Vectors to Copenhagen”. As it is the first Monday in the month we have a speciel event, and this surely is a special one! It is time to show everyone else, the landing you have spent years perfecting! We will have a landing competition for every inbound into Copenhagen between 18.00z until 20.15z. Everything will be streamed in real time on twitch and on Youtube. This is how it works! Two real world pilots (737 rated, A320 rated) will assess the landings based upon several factors: Landing rate (Not VS. how smooth it looks) Centerline Tracking Precision of the touchdown within the Touchdown zone. Achieving 50’ above threshold. So come and bring your best landing on this next Monday. We will of course be fully staffed and waiting to see some beautiful landings!
  17. Training Director [ACCSCA2]

    Sad to see you go Kristian. thanks for the good cooperation, and hard work you put in for VATSCA. Hope still to catch you on the eastern side of Öresund once in a while.
  18. ED Assistant Stepping Down

    Good luck With The ATPL, and thanks for good cooperation over the years @Aleksander Storma😀 looking forward to see you up in the sky!
  19. Billund LEGO fly-in SPECIAL DISCOUNT!

    Billund Lego Fly-in is tonight at 1700z. Come with us and enjoy this very speciel little airport made by the LEGO company! Vidan Design has their acclaimed add-on for the airport on sale with 30% discount so, here is the chance to invest in this great airport and come for a flight tonight!
  20. ATC Bookings now via Vatbook

    This is indeed a great tool, well done! I was wondering about a small thing though. With so many position bookable, would it be an idea to first have a drop down menu to select FIR first, so you don't have to scroll through endless positions first? It is fine on a PC where you can just type the position, but from mobile devices it takes some time to find the position.
  21. Vectors To Copenhagen [Every Monday 18z-20z]

    We are very excited to reveal a new format, we are starting in Copenhagen Airport, in EKDK_FIR on VATSIM. This is a reincarnation of our weekly event in Copenhagen, which is a part of a renewal strategy for our FIR. We call it "Vectors To Copenhagen". The idea is to inspire people to come and enjoy the complexity, and flexibility of flying into Copenhagen, with everything from long downwinds, to short 6 miles approaches, all on vectors! We start this Monday 8th of May, and every Monday onward, at time 1800z, and until 2000z. These are the official event times, but we strive to keep controllers online a bit before and after! As a new feature the first Monday of every month (This one excluded) we will dedicate a special ops. This is everything from single runway ops, to domestic support, and best landing! We hope to see everyone there for some good and fun flying out of Copenhagen!
  22. [Thu 6th of april 18-19.30z] - EKCH_TWR, S2 CPT

    Congratulations to Frederik on earning his S2 rating! A big thanks to all the traffic and supporting ATC.
  23. Major event in Copenhagen?

    I was thinking would it then not be an idea to optimize events by appointing someone from each country to work together with event department, bringing ideas from the members to the attention of the event department. I think we tried this a while back in Denmark but was stopped. I feel, like Mikkel, we have been very short of events this last year in Denmark which certainly is taking its toll on the motivation, and while I appriciate the great work the event department is doing, maybe we could do something to make it easier for them. We are after all now a lot of quite big and trafficated FIR's
  24. Event suggestions

    Now with the new FLYTAMPA scenery for Amsterdam, a shuttle event between Copenhagen and Amsterdam might be a quite good idea? Maybe not right now due to the Oslo city pair, but later in the year that seems like a no-brainer
  25. Come join this Sunday as we have two students training for their next upgrade! Christian Frederiksen is doing a refresher on EKDK control, while Jeppe Kjeldsen is assisting him on EKCH TWR. Both are on the verge of being ready for checkout so dust of your regional or short haul aircraft for some domestic or regional flights and give these two something to train for!