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  1. Other events thread

    VACC Estonia would like to invite all pilots to fly IFR/VFR or to overly Tallinn FIR on November 16th, 2017, when Rauno Maisa will be taking his Controller Practical Test (CPT) on Tallinn Control to achieve C1 rating. Evaluation will start at 17Z and will last for approximately 2 hours. Drzewiecki Design offers a very high quality version of EETN Tallinn Airport as well as the surrounding areas. You can find the summary of all EETN versions (FS9, FSX, P3D and XP) by following this link. If you wish to enjoy VFR flight around Estonia we've got beautiful FREEWARE Photoreal Sceneries and Vector data available at this link. The page is currently in Estonian only but Google Translate page translate should help you find way around the site! Welcome to Estonia!
  2. Scrolling in CFL list in ES

    That is interesting. According to Thales manual, there should be this "center" button, in our case mouse wheel. I will let you know if I find something about Swedish setup
  3. Scrolling in CFL list in ES

    Martin, you are wrong. It is now possible to scroll with mouse inside the lists. However some are still used to clicking or manual typing. Worth adding is that radar screen cannot be zoomed using mousewheel, only Range dialog or keyboard can be used for such.